Chapter 404:

Chapter 404: Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 404: Calm Before The Dark Matter Storm

Narrator: In Hell.

*The Dark Goddess, Dakame, walks through an open structure on a high elevation. She walks into an open room and sees someone standing in front of a rectangular table in the middle of the room*

Dakame: I came to wake you but I see that you are already awake… Scythe.

*A hand wrapped in bandages grabs the scythe sitting on the table. Scythe’s full appearance is revealed. His arms and hands are wrapped in bandages. His upper legs are scarred and his feet and lower legs look charred as if they have been in fire. He wears a short black robe that has spikes stabbed into his body. Various pieces of cloth cover his head and face, and there are chains wrapped around them*

Scythe: Because the one who tortured me has made his presence on Earth.

Dakame: That’s what I came to wake you about. You certainly are an interesting one. You hate Zenos for torturing you so why do you keep all of the evidence of his torture on you?

Scythe: So that I never waiver in my commitment to see Zenos dead.

Dakame: Well, now you have another chance to see that.


Narrator: On Earth, a few days after Zenos was unsealed.

*Zeth, Sasha, Emily, Joe, and Keith are visiting the city of Kunasha*

*Emily, Joe, and Keith enter the weapons shop. The male shopkeeper looks like he is in his late 40s. When the shopkeeper sees them, he looks completely surprised*

Shopkeeper: Whoa! You look like those kids I saw way back in the day when my father ran this shop! Yet, you barely look older!

*Emily rubs the back of her head while giving an awkward smile*

Emily: Yeah, we are. It’s a long story though.

Shopkeeper: You’re older than me yet look younger than me. Well, I won’t pry. If you have come to buy some weapons that’s what matters to me.

Emily: That’s what we are here for.

Shopkeeper: Take a look around. You will see that our weapons are more advanced than when you were last here four decades ago.

*The three heroes take a look around. Emily takes interest in a forearm wrapping that has a spinning electric blade on it*

Emily: What is this?

Shopkeeper: Ah, I see you have taken interest in our new Shock Blade. This has the ability to be helpful both offensively and defensively. It can protect your arm from attacks and, offensively, it can be used directly or, with channeling magic, can add the shock power to your weapon.

Joe: That sounds useful.

Keith: It probably costs a lot though.

Emily: I’ll take it.

Shopkeeper: Great! Just let me know when you are ready to check out!

*Emily, Joe, and Keith talk while looking around more*

Joe: While we are in the city, I would like to get Michael a souvenir.

Emily: I doubt we will have time to go back and give him anything.

Keith: Especially since we might find ourselves fighting this Zenos guy at any time.

Joe: Alright, fine. Is there anything else we need while in here?


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are at the house of Zeth’s stepparents*

Jack: I guess I will be going out to get groceries.

Miranda: Here is the grocery list.

*Miranda hands Jack the list*

Jack: I will be back soon.

Miranda: Take your time. We won’t be going anywhere.

Jack: Alright. I’m heading out.

*Jack leaves the house*

*Miranda sits back down*

Zeth: I… I have a feeling that things are going to be getting a lot more dangerous in the future. I don’t know if it will be good for you and dad to stick around here.

Miranda: You don’t need to worry about us. It’s us who are worried about you. You’re always fighting. We want you to stay safe.

*Zeth looks down but smiles*

Zeth: If I can keep everyone I care for safe by fighting, then that is what I will do.

*Miranda smiles*

Miranda: You may not officially be a member of the Eagle Clan but you may as well be an honorary member. Jack and I are certainly proud of you.

Sasha: And he is helping me to find a fulfilling life.

Miranda: You’ve done a lot for many people, Zeth.

Zeth: I just hope that once everything is done that everyone can be happy. No more conflict. That’s the future I’m fighting for. A future where Sasha and I can be together.

*Sasha blushes a little*

Miranda: You’ve come so far. I’m betting you will get that future.

Zeth: I sure hope so.


Narrator: Meanwhile, high up in the city on the roof of a building.

*Rayna, in person this time, is lying down and looks down at the streets below*

Rayna: This city is so beautiful. It will be glorious to cover it in dark matter. Everyone will become beings of dark matter. I think it’s time to get this show on the road. Let’s begin.

Narrator: The heroes spend the calm before the dark matter storm in Kunasha but little do they know that Rayna is also there and ready to cover it in dark matter!

Chapter 404 END

To be Continued in Chapter 405: Dark Matter Spreads