Chapter 407:

Chapter 407: The Difficulty Only Goes Up From Here

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 407: The Difficulty Only Goes Up From Here

Narrator: With the demonic katana in hand, Miranda makes her move.

*Miranda leaves through the front door of her house with the katana in hand. There are a lot of zombies in her front yard*

Miranda: It looks like I have to…

*Miranda dashes towards the zombies and slashes them all. Dark matter spews out of the wounds and the zombies collapse as Miranda continues moving*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha continue trying to dodge the beams that are released from the corrupted trees as more tree become corrupted*

Sasha: We can’t stay here!

Zeth: I know! Let’s use your Hell Serpent to escape!

*They hop back on the Hell Serpent and it tries to escape the park. As the Hell Serpent tries to escape, it takes multiple direct hits from the beams which injures it*

Sasha: Not good!

*Sasha unsummons the Hell Serpent*

Sasha: We must continue on foot.

*They keep moving while avoiding the beams from the corrupted trees. Unfortunately for them, they encounter more corrupted trees as well as some zombies*

*Zeth gets ready to attack as the trees charge up energy but a zombie on a branch above jumps down on him and grabs onto him. Zeth struggles to break free*

Zeth: Get this zombie off of me!

*Sasha punches the zombie but it barely budges which surprises her because she charged her punch with magic*

Sasha: This weakening dark matter is very annoying!

*Both Zeth and Sasha are then hit directly by beams released from the trees and are knocked back. The zombie on Zeth was destroyed though*

Zeth: Enough of this!

*Zeth angrily releases a Star Shine Blast at the trees that attacked them. The trees are right next to each other and the blast hits them both and explodes. However, the trees are barely damaged*

*Zeth has a look of fear*

Zeth: I think we are still getting weaker…

*The trees release more beams but Zeth and Sasha jump out of the way and run. The zombies chase them*

Zeth: We have to get out of this park!

*As they run, a group of five zombies stand in their way*

Zeth: Get out of the way! Chains of Heaven!

*Zeth releases chains with gold angelic symbols on them that wrap around the zombies. Zeth then uses the chains to throw them out of the way*

Sasha: Your chains changed?

Zeth: Yeah. Ever since Kazan was defeated.

*As they run, a corrupted plant wraps a vine around Zeth’s leg and holds him up in the air*

Zeth: Let go!

*Zeth tries to break free but before Sasha can help, a fidgeting zombie arrives. The top half of its body bursts and out comes a monstrous head, a whip-like left arm, and an axe-like right arm*

*The whip launches forward and wraps around Sasha’s right arm. It yanks her towards the zombie*

Zeth: No!

*The zombie readies the axe arm and then slashes with the axe arm as Sasha gets close. However, Sasha was able to bend back enough that she only got a cut on her left cheek and then uses her feet to push off the zombie and jump back*

Sasha: I’m okay.

*Sasha studies the zombie*

Sasha: (Thinking) I need to defeat the zombie and help free Zeth from the plant. I have to take into account my weakened state, however.

Zeth: What am I doing? I can just blast this plant!

*Zeth is about to release a magic attack down at the plant but more vines come up and wrap around his whole body which prevents him from being able to move his arms for a precise attack*

Zeth: Damn…

*Sasha starts covering both of her arms in dark magic. Her right arm forms a Hellhound head and her left arm forms a Hell Ape arm*

Sasha: Let’s see if you can handle this.

Zeth: But the Hellhound bites were useless.

Sasha: Just trust me.

*Sasha starts running towards the zombie. The zombie thrusts the whip arm forward. Sasha thrusts her Hellhound arm forward and the Hellhound head engulfs the whip which prevents it from being used*

*Zeth sees another mutated zombie coming towards Sasha from behind as the vine now covers Zeth’s mouth, preventing him from warning Sasha*

Sasha: Take this!

*Sasha uses the Hell Ape arm to punch the zombie hard and releases a lot of magic which blasts a hole in the zombie, causing it to collapse*

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and the aura starts to tear away at the plant*

Zeth: (Thinking) Why didn’t I think of this before!?

*Zeth breaks free and runs towards Sasha*

Zeth: Sasha!

Sasha: Huh!?

*The other mutated zombie slashes at Sasha as Zeth’s Raging Star aura starts to change colors*

*The zombie’s axe strikes but Zeth has caught it in between his hands. His raging aura is now a strong light blue color. It is Raging Impact Mode. With that power, Zeth punches the mutated zombie back*

Zeth: (Confidently Smiling) The difficulty only goes up from here. Maybe we should have flown out of here on your Hell Vultures.

*Sasha just smiles*

Narrator: Zeth has finally unlocked his father’s Raging Impact Aura that was given to him by Nofore via the mini-altar! Now he has more options offensively and defensively. Will it be enough to escape?

Chapter 407 END

To be Continued in Chapter 408: Nowhere is Safe from Corruption