Chapter 0:

The New World

Lyceus Awaits

The New World was referred to the year 2150 and just as the name suggests the world had changed in more than one way. All the countries and their cities had been given new names by their inhabitants, even the map of the world had somewhat changed. Bridges were created between all continents, which were more larger and wider than one can imagine, so that all the world was connected in more than one way.

Cities had infrastructures on top of eachother in an organized manner and roads were made accordingly. Advanced tech and materials such as robots and nano-tech etc were used to make that infrastructure and were carefully planned by brilliant architects. There were cities everywhere which meant no more villages and the landscapes that had no city were not used for residence and were used for experiments and laboratories. Other ways were found for farming and agriculture.

Transportation was now faster than ever, vehicles could now float and fly. New vehicles came into being such as the TRANSPORTERS,  which came in different shapes and sizes some were in a box-like shape whereas others were open air and they quickly transported large number of people from one station to another, replacing the use of buses for transport so that buses could only be used for tourism around the country. Aircrafts also recieved new upgrades. Other means of transport such as rockets and spacecrafts were also created to explore and travel in space. In short, transport was way better than ever before and tourism became much more fun.

There were also underwater cities and transportation which worked similarly to the ones on land due to the advanced technology and construction techniques underwater.

Suits named INDIGO were created for the better of mankind but as good as they sound they were not compatible with everyone. These nano-tech made suits can be worn by everyone but fully adjusted and gave control to some, till this day nobody knows what are the specifications of the suit and what are the exact requirements for compatibility. They were built all over the world with cores that were powered by an unknown and mysterious white crystal which are very rare. As the suits were made of nano-tech they could adjust under any type of clothes clothes and became invisible if needed. Adding on, the suits changed its colour from grey and the core glowed when it was worn by the right person as a sign of compatibility. Furthermore, it gave the person unimaginable power and unique abilities, some exclusive only to that person.

While the world did become beautiful in its own ways it also became ugly and disgusting. The negative aspects at times outweighed the postive ones for local people. There were several problems such as crimes, corruption and distinguishment. As technology increased hacking became a worldwide issue. The weak were bullied by the strong, crimes against them were carried out openly. Only those in power controlled the worldly affairs rest had almost no say in it. The elites saw others as insects and pests. There were worldwide food shortages for the poor. Many poor people who couldn't afford to live in cities died living outside from hunger or illnesses caused by pollution, chemicals and radiations of the experiments. The world outside the cities was barren and ugly and the people living in it were refered to as outsiders and discriminated against. The ones who had a suit were treated more highly than others and the suits if in the wrong hands could cause a lot of problems. The police and law enforcements had less suits so it was hard to maintain order.

Organisations were developed some had wise leaders, some did not. A council was there for all the leaders of nations and organisations, the council was lead by The Head nobody knew who he was excluding the people who got orders from him personally and where he came from but he was a mad man with evil intentions to rule the world. The Head named the council The Body and he showed everyone in the world including many members that he was leading the world into its future whereas he was carrying out atrocities with some of the members. If that wasn't enough he was also known for having one of the strongest suits in the world if not the strongest.

A 17 year old boy, William Walker who lost nearly everything, knew about the flaws of this world decided to correct these flaws and take his revenge on The Head and his subordinates, under the name of Lyceus. Now it was upto William to reveal the true colours of this world and fix it.