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    Hello! Hope you enjoy the reads. Like, comment, criticize. I enjoy reading works as well!
    Hello there, I am TheHardWorkingStudent and I enjoy writing and reading Isekai, Fantasy, Action, Mytery and much more.
    •ﻌ• Female/Asian •ﻌ• Fond of Girls Love/Yuri stories •ﻌ• Adore cats •ﻌ• First novel written: Unconsciously Interested ﹏❀﹏﹏❀﹏﹏❀﹏ *Clears throat* Aherm! Having just started writing and with much to learn as well, I'm not really sure how to offer constructive comments to a story, so I probably won't give any critical remarks if I happen to read your story (maybe just a suggestion if I feel like I need to). Moreover, I'm not a native English speaker. (⁎⁀⎵⁀⁎) Reading a story only puts me into reader and supporter mode, not a critic. Nevertheless, I seriously read stories, and sticking to them means I like them. ﹏❀﹏﹏❀﹏﹏❀﹏ •ﻌ•PS:•ﻌ• I do all the artworks of my novels, but I’m not really skilled at doing digital art, so please cut me some slack if the images aren’t up to your standard. Also, sharing and liking my work would be greatly appreciated. It will serve as a source of inspiration for me as I continue to work on it. Arigatō gozaimasu. . . (✧▾✧)
    A doofus who likes Japanese cartoons and comics and writes silly stories because the world can always use more humor. Creator of the webcomic Bodysuit 23.
    Shall i really introduce myself here???! OH! Nah... I will just skipp on that offer! Just think of me as a man who couldn't forget his childhood dream and that to write a novel that gets the praise of a lot of people... I'll be trying to do my best in creating the best best content so that you enjoy the time you spend reading my stories!!! Mail:
    A makech is a bejeweled beetle. I'm just a writer. --- makech17 @ instagram&twitter
    Pearlyn M. / Female / 20+ / Asian Oh no the mattress-
    It has to be this way.
    Gamer who likes reading light novels and manga
    Just a student trying to write :) My email:
    Hello!! This is Alfir speaking! It's not like a bio needs a mic check, but meh~ I am doing it anyway... mic check, mic check, this is Alfir do you copy? Noob author on the mic over. My demands are small--- read my work, give me some honey, do some comments, make our lives a bit livelier, give me honey again, smile, don't forget to follow... Aaaaah... That's too much ain't it? Well, suit yourself, and have a happy reading. I am not forcing you, really... It's not like I'll kidnap your relatives and stuff them into a bag, and drop them in a river with a boulder on top of 'em... really... It's not like I can hack into the net and extrapolate your location from their... really... Just saying, read my novels... or not?
    Artist and Writer~
    Ko-fi's linked in the description, please buy me coffee Aspiring writer since 20th May, 2021. (Just putting it here so I don't forget)
    I write Light novels (webnovels) for fun. I try my best to post as often as I can, which can range from weekly to sometimes multiple times in a week. I mostly do fantasy stuff or work on supernatural ideas. Basically if it's not normal I love it! I look forward to any interaction between the community and myself.
    Sometimes people need a high-five. In the face. With a chair. I post way to long reviews Buisness:
    Naught more than a humble teller of tales...
    I write stuff.
    I am a veteran Pervert, looking to train my younger generation. The School of Perverts is opened.
    A bored engineer who wanted to write a little bit as a hobby with the dream of giving up on being an engineer.
    Your friendly, broken-hearted, hopeless romantic.
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