Chapter 410:

Chapter 410: Starring in a Zombie Movie

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 410: Starring in a Zombie Movie

Narrator: As the chaos unfolds in the city, Rayna continues to keep her eye on it all.

*Rayna is still in a high place in the city and observes what is going on*

Rayna: This is very entertaining I must say. Their bodies struggle to adjust to the dark matter. Even these dark matter corrupted mortals are giving them a difficult time.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth punches a zombie with a magic-charged punch and knocks it back, but then a different zombie swipes at him to knock him down despite being in Raging Impact Mode. Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: Now they can hurt me even when I’m in Raging Impact Mode!?

*A bunch of zombies then lunge at him but they are blown away by a powerful beam of energy from Sasha surrounding her body with a magic dragon head. Zeth looks over in her direction*

Zeth: Thanks!

Sasha: You’re welcome. Come on. We need to move.

*Sasha grabs Zeth’s hand and helps him stand up*

*They hear a zombie roar and then turn around to see a horde of zombies headed their way*

Zeth: Well, that’s not good!

*Zeth and Sasha run through the main streets of the city with the horde of zombies chasing them*

Zeth: It’s like we’re starring in a zombie movie!

Sasha: How are we going to stop them?

Zeth: First, we need to escape from them.

*Zeth sees a grocery store*

Zeth: Let’s head in there!

*They run through the parking lot and, luckily, the zombies are slower than them*

*Zeth blasts open the door and they head inside*1

*Zeth ends his Raging Impact Mode to stop the source of light coming off his body*

*The zombies start running inside while Zeth and Sasha hide behind a shelf*

Zeth: We are going to have to play this very carefully…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith are surrounded by zombies on the streets*

Emily: Any ideas on how we are going to get out of this?

Joe: I have an idea.

*Joe charges up a lot of magic and then the zombies go on with their attack. Joe covers the street in front of them with ice. They push the zombies which make them slide into other zombies. In addition, the slippery surface makes them fall down which gives the heroes a chance to escape*

*The zombies are now all coming from the same direction so Joe turns around and charges a lot of magic in both of his arms*

Keith: What are you doing?

Joe: I’m going to stop them! L3 Tornado!

*Joe releases his tornado. The tornado goes straight for the zombies and picks them up and begins to tear at them*

*As the tornado moves, it not only tears at the zombies but also starts causing structural damage to the buildings*

Joe: With this, we should be safe for a little while.

*Suddenly, Joe is hit by a beam of energy from above and takes a good amount of damage*

Emily: What just happened!?

*Keith points to a building rooftop*

Keith: Up there!

*A corrupted tree on the roof of a building is what shot at Joe and it releases another beam but the heroes dodge it*

Emily: Even trees can be corrupted!? That’s crazy!

*Suddenly, more corrupted trees show up on the rooftops in the area, all prepared to attack*

*The heroes are in shock*

Joe: That’s not good!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have taken their battle to a store while the others now have to deal with the corrupted trees.

Chapter 410 END

To be Continued in Chapter 411: A Store and a Storm