Chapter 411:

Chapter 411: A Store and a Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 411: A Store and a Storm

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha continue to hide within the grocery store.

*The zombies have spread out through the store and Zeth and Sasha are still sneaking around*

Zeth: Now that we have lured them all in here, we need to get out without being noticed.

*As they sneak through an aisle, there are zombies on the other side of the shelves and one starts to climb on the shelf. Zeth and Sasha hear it and start walking faster to get out of the aisle*

*As the zombie grabs onto the top of the shelf, it loses its footing and pulls the shelf over trying to regain its footing which causes a lot of noise. Nearby zombies immediately detect Zeth and Sasha*

Sasha: No…

Zeth: We have to run again…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith have to deal with the corrupted trees outside. The trees release a barrage of bombs at them and they go inside a building to avoid them*

Emily: This is insane!

Keith: I’m not sure how we are going to get out of this!? And let me just say that this may be the craziest thing I have ever seen and it makes me feel like I’m having a drunken hallucination!

*Joe just has an intense look in his eyes but doesn’t say anything*

Keith: What’s with that look?

*Before anything else can be said, one of the trees hops down onto the street with another beam charged*

*Emily and Keith have a look of fear while Joe still looks intense*

*The tree releases the beam into the store and causes a large explosion in it. The three heroes run out of the store but they have taken a good amount of damage and are somewhat bloody*

*Joe is charging magic*

Emily: What are you planning to do!?

*Joe raises his arms upwards*

Emily: That!? But you just used a lot of magic on the tornado! Your body may not be able to handle that stress!

Joe: I have to.

*Just before the trees release more beams, a massive storm starts*

Joe: My hurricane will take them out.

*Strong winds and heavy rain throw off the aim of the trees and they all miss with their beams but do cause damage to the buildings. The trees on the rooftops struggle to stay on*

Joe: How about more!?

*Joe adds more power to his hurricane and finally the trees on the rooftops start to fall off. Emily and Keith are taking cover but soon the roads begin to flood as the water is at knee level*

Emily: We need to get to higher ground!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Rayna.

*Rayna continues to observe what is happening*

Rayna: What a powerful storm. It really shows how much of a legitimate threat dark matter is to them if they have to resort to this against trees. Zenos is going to be thrilled about this development.

*The water levels on the streets get even higher*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*In the grocery store, Zeth and Sasha fight off zombies as they run*

Zeth: We need to find a new way to get away from them!

*They then notice that water is starting to cover the floor*

Sasha: Water?

*Soon, waves of water blast into the grocery store and floods the entire place. Everyone and everything gets swept up in the quickly rising water*

Sasha: What’s causing this!?

Zeth: It has to be Joe! Is it a hurricane!?

*The forceful water pushes them all around. One of the mutated zombies wraps its whip arm around Sasha’s neck, trying to choke her*

Zeth: No you don’t!

*Zeth forms a Star Shard and cuts at the whip arm like a knife and eventually cuts it off which frees Sasha. Zeth grabs Sasha and uses his Chains of Heaven to wrap around a light near the exit of the store and, slowly, they start swimming there. Soon, they get to the outside while all the zombies are stuck in the store*

Zeth: We made it out with them stuck in the store.

Sasha: But this city may never be the same.

*As they float in the water, they look and see that this flood encompasses the whole city*

Zeth: I hope you had no other choice, Joe…


Narrator: Back with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily and Keith have reached a high floor in one of the buildings while Joe is in the water still adding more power to the storm*

Emily: You have to stop! There’s no way you can hold out!

Joe: I have to continue! I can wash out all of these monsters!

Emily: Don’t forget that Zeth and Sasha are somewhere in this city! At least cap it off!

*Joe has a shocked expression at this realization and stops adding power to the hurricane*

Joe: You’re right! I just felt this was the only way…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Miranda.

*Miranda jumps onto a rooftop to avoid the water. She is still holding her katana*

Miranda: They are fighting their hardest in this damned dark matter. They need to get out of here. Unfortunately, it may be a hopeless situation for this city…

Narrator: Joe unleashes a powerful hurricane in the city! It helps the heroes but will the city reach its end for good?

Chapter 411 END

To be Continued in Chapter 412: Those Who Once Poached