Chapter 409:

Chapter 409: Problems With Wildlife

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 409: Problems With Wildlife

Narrator: Emily, Joe, and Keith all find themselves up against corrupted bugs!

*Joe, Emily, and Keith look as the corrupted bugs start to come towards them while zombies pound on the door*

Joe: This is just wonderful… Ugh.

*A horde of ants begin charging up to attack and release a barrage of small energy blasts*

Emily: Ants too!!?

*The heroes can’t dodge them all and take a good number of hits*

Keith: I never thought I would need to worry about getting hurt by ants!

Joe: They certainly hurt but only as a collective! We need to destroy them without destroying the room!

Emily: Leave that to me.

*Emily takes out her shotgun and starts channeling magic into it. She shoots at the ants and, with the shells having channeled magic in them, they easily destroy the ants even without direct hits*

Emily: That takes care of them!

*A horde of corrupted wasps fly around the room and start releasing energy attacks from their stingers*

Joe: Oh goddess, not wasps!

*Emily tries shooting her shotgun at them but, to her shock, they are able to fly out of the way*

Keith: I need to be ready to release another attack when the zombies break into the room. Stop these bugs from pelting me with constant attacks!

Emily: I know! Their small size and quick speed allow them to evade my shotgun shots!

Joe: Hurry, because I don’t know what to do about these spiders!

*The spiders are all crawling on the ceiling to attack from above*

*Suddenly, an axe arm chops a hole in the door*

Keith: Hurry!

*In desperation, Emily shoots the spiders off the ceiling and Joe forms water in one hand and lightning in the other*

*Finally, the zombies break through the door and start running in. Keith and Joe release their attacks at the same time which causes an explosion that destroys the room*

*With the walls and roof destroyed, the bugs and zombies are killed while the heroes made it out with only minor scrapes*

Joe: Let’s get out of here.

*Suddenly, a whip arm wraps around Emily’s neck from behind and pulls her away*

Joe: Emily!

*Waiting at the other end of the whip arm is a mutated zombie that also has an axe arm. Emily desperately puts on her newly bought Shock Blade on her right arm. As Emily is pulled within chopping range, she uses the Shock Blade on her forearm to not only block the axe but also cut off the arm. Emily breaks free and cuts off the zombie’s head too as Joe and Keith arrive*

Keith: Looks like you didn’t even need our help. You are very skilled as always, Emily.

*After reaching Emily, the three of them are back on the streets but they are surrounded by more zombies*

Joe: Things just keep getting worse and worse.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is still on her vulture as the corrupted eagles chase her in the air*

Sasha: You’re such pains!

*Sasha does a vertical loop on her vulture and then ends up behind the eagles chasing her. Sasha forms a dragon head on her right arm and releases a beam of dark energy from its mouth. She gets a direct hit on some of the eagles and kills them*

*The other eagles are now aware that she is behind them and do a horizontal loop to get back behind her and continue the chase*

Sasha: (Thinking) Another simple loop isn’t going to fool them again.

*Sasha then does a sharp 90-degree turn around a corner of a building. The eagles follow but don’t see her. They are then blasted out of the sky by a dark beam now that Sasha is behind them again*

Sasha: Doing a loop that they wouldn’t see was the key. Now to go help Zeth.

*Zeth is being chased by zombies on the street and Sasha spots him*

Sasha: Hold on!

*Suddenly, she and her vulture are blasted by a large beam. As the vulture starts collapsing, Sasha looks to the top of a building and sees a corrupted tree*

Sasha: How did a tree get on top of a building!?

*She then sees that its roots are like legs*

Sasha: Did it mutate to be able to walk!?

*The vulture starts to fall too fast*

Sasha: I need to slow my fall!

*Sasha forms a Dark Spear and thrusts it into the side of a building that she is next to. It slows her fall but the spear tears through the building so it only slows by a little bit*

*Nevertheless, Sasha lands on the ground but she is also bleeding and injured*

Sasha: (Annoyed) I’m going to hate wildlife after this experience, aren’t I? Hold on, Zeth! I’m coming!

Narrator: Joe, Emily, and Keith have dealt with their bug problem but now find themselves surrounded! Sasha has defeated the corrupted eagles but must continue on foot to help Zeth.

Chapter 409 END

To be Continued in Chapter 410: Starring in a Zombie Movie