Chapter 4:


Dreams of Reality

       Again I had a dream so realistic, that I thought I was living it. I was a little shocked and confused as I was recapitulating what I just experienced. It was not like last time, I was calm because, in this dream, there was no person that I knew.

       Then It got me. I immediately started searching on my laptop about that ice hockey player. There was no news about him dying or being in an accident. I was scared that it might happen again. I was told not to go to school for obvious reasons.

       It was kind of late to think about what to do today, So I did all necessarily morning things and went for a walk around the neighborhood. While walking, I love to sit somewhere and just observe everything around me, how nature works, how animals are behaving... Sometimes I also watch children playing on the playground to get reminded of my childhood and how I used to enjoy my days with zero troubles.

       I think it is weird, so I don't do it very often. I was wandering around, not thinking about anything, making sure no one from my class saw me. When I came home, an unpleasant thing was discussed. I was told by my parents that next weekend a funeral will be taking place, so I should be prepared.

       They also said that it won't be anything big, so I don't have to worry. I basically slept thru the whole day, so I picked some food from the fridge and headed upstairs. Despite sleeping a lot, I felt so tired that I fell asleep in no time. I wasn't bothered because the weekend started with me going to bed.

       I got up when the body told me. I was told to stay home today thanks to recent events, which extended my weekend. I woke up kinda late, the entire day was almost gone. I decided to just go for a short walk to waste the rest of my time and call it a day

       I took my usual route, but today I sat on a bench by the playground because no one was there. I sat there, enjoying the air and the blooming trees above me. But a noise interrupted my relaxing session. A squad of parents and kids came to conquer my playground.

       I didn't move a muscle, because I didn't want them to think I am suddenly leaving because they came. The children ran to the sandbox near me and immediately began to build fortresses from sand.

       I don't like sand... it gets everywhere. I was watching the with one eye, mainly because I was a little interested in what they are going to build, and if they will start to create some story. That's what we as kids did. It only took like ten minutes until one of them asked me if I want to play with them.

       I thought that it might help me to not think about anything else, so I said yes. For the next two hours, I was sitting in the sand, playing with kids. When I was thinking about it later, I could not believe that I actually did it. I was supposed to invade their homes by destroying their creations from sand with many things they brought. Tanks, trucks, plastic soldiers... It was fun but very, I mean very exhausting.

       I was happy when their parents ordered that it is time to go home. I waited until they disappeared and began my march home. It got dark when I reached my house. I took a shower and went to bed because I was tired from this day. I checked my phone and then I realized that something is wrong.

       The date said the 3rd of September. I was sure that this exact date was yesterday. That was weird and confusing. I booted up my laptop to look at the date there because maybe my phone was broken. Nope. It shows the 3rd of September. I started recalling things I have done.

       I remember waking up very late after that dream and taking a walk to kill the rest of my time. It was like two similar days mixed together. I remember walking around, but I also remember sitting at the playground playing with children. It doesn't sound weird until you realize the date if those two days are the same.

       I even looked into my diary but the last time I wrote something in it was on the 2nd of September. I gave up on it and planned to ask my parents to arrange me a doctor's visit.