Chapter 413:

Chapter 413: An Unexpected Request

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 413: An Unexpected Request

Narrator: In an unknown location.

*Two people walk up some stairs enclosed by black walls with glowing strands of light blue and purple energy strands. They soon reach the top and push open the double door*

*In the room they have entered is a large arena area with glowing strands of light blue and purple all over the floor and walls*

*In the middle of the room with both colors of energy circulating everywhere is Zenos*

Zenos: What is it, Randle and Barren?

*Randle looks young and is about as tall as the average adult male. He continuously chews on what looks like purple gum but his face also glows purple and makes the short hair on his head stand up straight, glowing purple as well. On his forehead appears to be a deity gem with a broken bottom half. All that is seen of it looks like two bent leaves. As for Barren, he looks more like a middle-aged man with tanned skin. His gray hair isn’t long but is somewhat wavy. On his forehead is a deity gem showing vertical wavy lines and a small sun. He is 6 feet, 10 inches tall*

Randle: We came to let you know that our first target has been successfully covered in dark matter.

Zenos: Excellent. Over the next few weeks, I want dark matter to continue to be spread over other targets.

Barren: Yes, my lord.

*Randle and Barren bow and then leave the room*

Randle: One thing I don’t get is why are we spreading dark matter through the mortal world? It’s not like that will accomplish Lord Zenos’s goals.

Barren: It may not be completely known but one thing that is clear is that it is done with the intention of creating feelings of hopelessness among our enemies.

Randle: Hmm. I guess that makes sense.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona watches as her troops go down to the mortal world to save the city of Kunasha*

*Kurt runs up to Harmona*

Kurt: Please allow me to go to. I want to save my friends.

Harmona: Very well. Proceed.

*Kurt is then sent to the mortal world as well*

*In a hurry, Diamond rushes over to Harmona*

Diamond: My Goddess!

Harmona: What is it?

Diamond: It’s a letter from the Dark Goddess.

*Harmona is shocked*

Harmona: Say what!? We need to go inside before opening this!


Narrator: A little bit later.

*In a room with Diamond and some advisors. Harmona gets ready to open the letter*

Harmona: What could she possibly have to say?

*Harmona opens the letter and has an extremely shocked face as she reads it*

Harmona: This can’t possibly be real!

Diamond: What does it say?

Harmona: It says “Dear Harmona, as you already know, Zenos, the Deity of The End, has been unleashed. Even we down here in Hell acknowledge how much of a problem he is. You will find my request shocking and maybe unbelievable but I am proposing a truce between our two sides until Zenos is dealt with. I shall be awaiting your reply. Sincerely, Dakame.”

Male Advisor 1: I never thought I would see the day…

Female Advisor 1: But can she be trusted?

Male Advisor 2: We may have to. We don’t have the resources to fight both Zenos and the Dark Goddess at the same time.

Diamond: What will you do?

*Harmona looks as if she is in deep thought*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*The Dark Goddess holds a Council of Demons meeting. This is the first one shown in which Scythe attends*

Zepto: Nice of you to join us this time, Scythe.

Sherra: Don’t tempt him, Zepto.

Zepto: *sighs* Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Dakame: Enough of the chatter. We’ve got business to take care of. The purpose of this meeting is to set up an assault against Zenos.

*Almost all of the council members look intrigued with the exception of Scythe who already knows what is going on but his face is covered anyway*

Korobu: I’m certainly interested in going against Zenos. It would also give me an opportunity to finally kill Poleon once and for all if what Vollmond has reported is actually true.

Dakame: Here is what I have decided. I will create two teams of four and those teams will enter the Dimension of Deities and, ultimately, the Dark Matter Dimension.

Kogen: You’re not sending all of us?

Dakame: No. I need some of you back here in case Zenos launches his own assault against us.

Misha: Launch an assault against all of Hell? Would he really do that?

Dakame: That’s the thing with Zenos. He doesn’t fear anything. If he felt an assault against Hell would help him succeed, he will do it.

*Misha looks a little nervous from that response*

Misha: Just how powerful is Zenos?

*In a close up of Dakame’s face with a grim expression, she speaks equally grim words*

Dakame: His total power is greater than mine.

*Most of the Council members are shocked*

Zepto: Impossible! That strong!? But how!?

Dakame: He is over 4 billion years old. He also has some powerful deities as allies. That’s why I’m sending you council members in instead of less notable demons. Once you have carved the path to Zenos, I will then fight him myself.

Kopmon: But how will you win if his power is that great?

Dakame: I said his total power is greater than mine. That doesn’t mean I can’t devise a strategy to keep him from using his full power. I also would like to mention that I sent Harmona a letter requesting a truce.

*The council members are surprised*

Dakame: Before you all react. You need to know that killing Zenos is crucial. There’s no way we can do battle against Heaven without dealing with Zenos first. Now, it’s time to tell you the teams. I have already decided what they will be.

*The council members look anxious wondering what the teams will be*

Dakame: Team 1 will be led by Scythe with Kogen, Kopmon, and Sherra being a part of his team. Team 2 will be led by Hamura with Korobu, Gentorious, and Grom being a part of his team. That means that Zepto, Sane, Misha, Vollmond, and Helen will stay in Hell on the defensive. I expect the five of you to be ready for anything. Do not assume that we are safe here in Hell.

Council Members: Yes, my goddess!

Narrator: The Dark Goddess has sent Harmona an unexpected request while she also sets up teams to deal with Zenos!

Chapter 413 END

To be Continued in Chapter 414: Rejoined At Last