Chapter 414:

Chapter 414: Rejoined At Last

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 414: Rejoined At Last

Narrator: Just outside the city.

*The troops Harmona sent to Kunasha, along with Kurt, arrive on the outside of the dark matter field covering the city*

*Kurt is in shock*

Kurt: Unbelievable…! This isn’t some small amount of dark matter! This dark matter is covering the entire city both horizontally and vertically!

Commander Zupek: Let’s get in there!

*The troops move towards the dark matter but find that they are unable to pass through it*

Commander Zupek: What!? Dark matter is not supposed to be solid!

*Kurt looks at the wall of dark matter with intrigue*

Kurt: Let me examine it.

*Everyone looks at Kurt as he walks up to the wall of dark matter. Kurt puts his hand on it*

Kurt: I see…

Commander Zupek: What is it?

Kurt: A magic barrier was added onto the edge of the dark matter. The dark matter itself makes it difficult to be able to tell that it is there other than that you can’t pass through it.

Commander Zupek: Good work. Now we need to destroy it. Prepare to attack!

*The angels start releasing magic-based attacks at the barrier. However, not even a dent is in the barrier from the attacks*

Commander Zupek: No damage at all? We’re going to need a lot more firepower.

Kurt: This barrier was put up by someone extremely powerful, that’s for sure.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona is writing a response letter to the Dark Goddess’s letter requesting a truce*

Diamond: So what did you decide?

Harmona: I accept her truce.

Male Advisor 2: But what if this is just a ploy to get us to let down our guard?

Harmona: I don’t think it is.

Female Advisor 1: Why?

Harmona: Dakame is not a fool. She must know that Zenos is stronger than even her. She understands that fighting each other while Zenos is around is a terrible idea.

Male Advisor 1: Which is how we feel. It’s best to take out a common enemy first.

Harmona: And both sides can attack Zenos. That will be our best bet in addition to finding out what his weakness is.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Miranda.

*Miranda jumps back to the ground as the water level lowers enough*

Miranda: Please at least let the Eagle Clan capital building be okay.

*As she runs, she encounters a horde of zombies. She readies her katana to attack*

*Miranda begins rapidly slashing her katana at every zombie she comes across. Dark matter gushes from all their wounds as they collapse and then Miranda starts running again*

Miranda: (Thinking) No time to waste!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily is still with the exhausted Joe in a room as the zombies pounding on the door finally break in. Emily pulls out her shotgun and starts shooting at the zombies, hoping to hold them off but it isn’t doing much*

Emily: It’s not enough!

*Keith enters the room behind the zombies and takes advantage of that fact by punching and kicking them out of the way. He then grabs Joe*

Keith: We’re jumping out the window.

Emily: Just be careful with Joe.

Keith: I will.

Joe: Don’t treat me like I’m fragile.

*Emily and Keith, who is holding Joe, jump out the window and land a few stories down. The zombies then just simply start running and falling out the window*

Emily: We just jumped a few stories down. Really puts into perspective how high the flood water got from Joe’s hurricane.

Keith: We need to keep moving. Come on.

*Keith lets go of Joe and then they start running. Unfortunately, Joe is still exhausted and is unable to run fast which allows the zombies to have no trouble catching up to them*

Emily: This is why you don’t exhaust yourself using two strong storm attacks in a row!

Joe: I’m sorry, okay!

Keith: It looks like we can’t run. We have to fight.

*They stop and turn around*

*As Emily faces the zombies, she feels vampiric hunger*

Emily: (Thinking) No, not now! I can’t get blood now!

Keith: Not enough time to get off a Demonic Burial Cannon!

*Keith tries punching the zombies but after a few punches, a zombie then punches him which knocks him back a bit*

Keith: Oh no!

*Suddenly, from behind and above, a Shooting Star comes flying in and blasts through the horde of zombies which blows them all back*

*Keith, Emily, and Joe turn around to see Zeth, Sasha, Raider, and Easia on the roof of a short building that was behind them. Zeth released the attack*

Zeth: I used a lot of magic for that attack but it was necessary.

Keith: Glad to finally see you guys!

Sasha: And we’re glad to get here just in time.

*Joe and Emily look at the other two people with them and realize who they are*

Emily: What are the poachers doing here?

Zeth: I’ll explain. Just get over here.

Narrator: The heroes are finally reunited! Together, can they stop the dark matter?

Chapter 414 END

To be Continued in Chapter 415: Zombie Cooperation