Chapter 0:

The Girl Who Decided To Lose It All

My Three Dying Rules

Setting: Empty boxing club gym

It was a warm evening, the moon already shined in the sky. The light bulb inside of the gym was buzzing and flashing. There was no other person besides a girl.

Girl: (inner monologue) Will I be considered a bad person if I do it?

The girl was sweating. She was wearing training shorts and a tank top. Her long white hair was tightened in a pony tail. The boxing gloves she wore were making a loud smashing sound every time she punched the heavy bag. She controlled her breath naturally but she was still panting from the high intensity training she willingly did.

Girl: (inner monologue) I wonder when the thought first crossed my mind. I have always been a happy child. Everybody was praising me for my behavior, grades, success, looks…

She keeps punching the bag. She throws her jabs and crosses; she makes pivots as the heavy bag is swinging, trying to attack her fit, fierce, yet delicate female body.

Girl: (inner monologue) But what success were they talking about? A few diplomas and awards I won during my elementary school days?

She increases the speed and intensity, hitting the heavy bag much harder, the drops of sweat fly around her every time her jabs, hooks and uppercuts land a hit.

Girl: (inner monologue) I have quite a lot of friends. They are all nice to me and we share the same interests. We are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs. My boyfriend supports me in everything I do, whether it is my studies, or my singing activities, or my boxing trainings. I love him very much and I feel like he loves me even more. I’m a happy girl.

The girl slowly decreases the intensity and as her phone’s timer reaches zero, a gong resonates throughout the gym, symbolizing the end of the round.

Girl: (inner monologue) I have so many hobbies, a great supportive family, friends and a boyfriend. I have a bright future ahead of me. So why…

She starts to pack her things, takes her phone and exits the timer app. She takes her towel from a bag and wipes out the sweat from her beautiful face. Her deep green eyes look empty and unfulfilled. She passes through the door from the gym, stops to turn off the lights but before that, she looks back at the black heavy bag one more time.

Girl: …why can’t I stop thinking about killing myself?