Chapter 12:

The Detective Dies Already (2)

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

I must not let the culprit run away when the train stops, so I need a weapon. Let’s see if this guy has some weapon, Damian thought, while he walked to Watson and rummaged Watson’s clothes. I already recorded everything so it’s alright if I touch things now.

Damian found a syringe on Watson’s coat, and the fluid inside the syringe barrel wasn’t much. He removed the cap and observed the syringe. No gun, no knife. I don't know whether the fluid is poisonous, but this syringe is good enough because it’s sharp!

“Isn’t this a suicide?” Felman said, “Look, if we are not guilty, then that’s the only possibility. The detective also said that the culprit is in this room. That’s right, the culprit is the victim! He killed himself so it was also counted as a homicide!”

What? Damian thought.

“No, that’s wrong!” Elma pushed down Takeshi when Takeshi tried to sit.

“What? Why?!” Takeshi complained.

“Lend me your phone!”

“Uuh, no?”

Elma seized Takeshi’s smartphone and wrapped the smartphone in Takeshi’s right hand.

“The victim dies, and he holds the knife uprightly. Suicide is impossible! The knife wouldn’t be upright if he stabbed himself!” Elma asserted. She also wrapped Takeshi’s smartphone with her hands. Then Elma put the smartphone uprightly on top of Takeshi’s stomach.

“Wha-what are you going to do?!” Takeshi asked.

“Reconstruction!” Elma replied while she lifted the smartphone and her hands. “Haaaaaa!”

“Wait, wait, WAIT!”


“UGH!” Takeshi’s body was curled up when Elma struck hard his stomach with his smartphone. He released his smartphone and touched his stomach with both hands. “It HURTS!!” Takeshi shouted and wriggled.

“See? The smartphone, or any tool, is released, and then the victim is wriggling in pain!” Elma said and pointed her right index finger at Takeshi.

Felman messed up his hair. “Then, who is the culprit?!”

“Every criminal has a motive. Isn’t that right, Bunny?” Elma said and pointed her right index finger at Damian.

“That’s true!” Damian replied and pointed his right hand too at Elma.

“In many detective stories, every suspect somehow has a past with the victim. So let’s dig into our memories and tell our past with the victim!”

Woman, are you blending fiction and reality?! You often referred to fiction since we met! Damian thought.

“Uh, um, it’s true that I actually know the victim. He is Mr. Dick, a forex broker too,” Takeshi said while he sat on the floor.

Wait, are you serious? Everyone here somehow has a shady past with the victim?!

“I trusted his advice for my investment, but I got a loss!” Takeshi explained. “But it wasn’t much so why did I have to kill him?! I hated him, but I wouldn’t kill him for my own naivety!”

“Hmm,” Elma muttered and held down her hat. “He actually ever groped my butt in this train and smirked without saying anything!! However, I could just report that sexual harassment to the police if he did it again. It’s not necessary to kill him!”

Damian, Elma, and Takeshi turned their head to Felman. Felman was silent for a moment, and then he sighed and said, “He cheated with my girlfriend. I ever tailed my girlfriend and they went into a hotel together. That man groped my girlfriend’s boob and smirked.”


“So, doesn’t he deserve this?” Felman said, “He is an imperfect adult!”

“He does, but we don’t have the authority to execute him,” Damian said and blew his smoke. “So it’s still murder. Just hope that the judge won’t give us a harsh punishment.”

Elma, Takeshi, and Felman looked down. They prayed all of a sudden.

Damian took a wallet from the victim’s pocket, and he pointed the wallet at Felman. “Touch it,” he said.

“Why?” Felman asked.

“Let’s buy some drinks if there is money in it. It’s his compensation for our distressful situation.”

Felman laughed and grabbed the wallet. “There is money, but stealing is a no-no, Rabbit.”

“Yeah, but murder is also a no-no, Mr. Felman,” Damian said.

“What? I didn’t kill him! Where is your evidence?”

“The victim’s wallet has your fingerprint.”

“FUCK!” Felman shouted and banged the wallet to the floor. “This is a SLANDER!”

“Nah.” Damian blew another smoke and thought, If someone’s hands sweat and touch leather, they will leave their fingerprint after all.

“Let me elaborate my deduction to you.” Damian touched a button on his stomach, and then a BGM played.

“There are three hints.” Damian showed his right hand to others and counted with his fingers. “The first hint: although we found his death on our travel, it didn’t mean that he was killed when the train was moving,” Damian said.

Dun! Dun! Dun!

Elma, Takeshi, and Felman were surprised.

That’s obvious, you dumbass, Damian thought. “So the victim might be killed even before we boarded the train. In that case, everyone here is suspicious, including the driver.”

Damian threw his cigarette and said, “The second hint: it’s common, not surprising, that you go home with your coworkers in one bus or one car. But I don’t think a sexual assault victim will walk together with their attacker or a weirdo such as Takeshi will have the time to socialize.”

“What? Don’t judge me, okay?!” Takeshi complained.

“But that’s just a conjecture! You have no evidence!” Felman shouted.

Damian pointed at the victim’s wallet on the floor and said, “That’s the evidence.”

“FUCK!” Felman shouted again. “But that’s your fault!

“Then tell me, why did you go to the restroom? Didn’t you clean up after you killed Mr. Dick? There was a toilet in the station, but you went to the train’s restroom instead.”

“I went to the restroom of course because I wanted to do my business, God damn it!!”

Damian walked to the seat behind Felman, and he was trying to take Felman’s folded jacket, but Felman quickly took away the jacket from the seat.

“Why?” Damian asked calmly. “That is our evidence, isn’t it?”

“Ugh,” Felman gritted his teeth.

“The victim gripped the culprit’s hand to stop the knife, and he left a blood stain on the culprit’s clothes. That was why you folded and washed your jacket in the restroom. Throwing away your jacket was risky because it could leave evidence, so you kept it.”

“Hooooo!” Elma and Takeshi were amazed by Damian’s deduction!

Felman suddenly ran toward Elma and wrapped Elma’s neck with his left arm and his jacket. “Ugh!” Elma shouted, and he also wrapped Elma’s waist with his right arm. He said, “He deserved it! Just let me go! Forget everything! Or else, I’m going to finger her!!”

What the f*ck?! Damian thought. Why do I have to deal with these three idiots?!

“WAAAAA!” Takeshi shouted, turned around, ran away, and screamed, “SEEEEEEEX!” He tried to distract Felman!


Damian threw his syringe at Felman’s bare arm, and his sharp fingernail detached and followed the syringe’s path, so the plunger was pressed by the fingernail!

“What?” Felman released Elma and got down on his knees. “What did you inject into me?!” he asked.

“I don’t know, are you going to die?” Damian replied with a question.

“Oh… fuck this shit,” Felman said. He then hit the floor and lost consciousness.

“With this, the case is almost solved!” Damian said and pushed a button on his stomach. Then the BGM paused.

“Bunny, THANK YOU!” Elma shouted and lifted Damian.

“It’s not over yet, Ms. Elma.”

“Eeeh? What do you mean, Bunny?” Elma asked. “Oh, by the way, since your master is already dead, may I bring you home?”

Am I a kind of pet to you?! Damian thought. “That’s fine. But let me down first. We need to close this case.”

Elma put down Damian, and Damian walked to Watson. Damian then said, “Get up, Mr. Watson, iie, Dr. Easton Smith, you haven’t died, right? There is no way a mere knife will kill you, Number Two. I also checked your pulse.”

Easton smiled and opened his eyes. “I thought you were still an idiot and lost your memories, Number Ten,” Easton said.

“WHAAAAAAT? The DILF is still alive!” Elma shouted and gripped her temples.

“Someone must have fixed me. That was why I was able to wake up in that landfill with a clear mind. Though, I did lose my memories. However, through Ms. Hikari’s memory, I remembered you that time,” Damian explained.

“The only ones who can fix a cyborg's brain are you, Hikari, and that silver-haired woman.” Easton sat and asked Damian, “Then, what do you mean the case is not over yet?”

Damian pushed the button on his stomach again, and the BGM continued!

“The third hint: the victim’s aorta was barely nicked, so he might be alive after Mr. Felman stabbed him. He probably asked you for help, but you killed him instead. His left sleeve was a mess as if someone rolled it up and down, so you probably injected him with whatever was inside that syringe. Look, the syringe did something to Mr. Felman,” Damian explained.

“Mr. Felman was also confused when we found the victim for the first time, so it raised my suspicion that he had nothing to do with the victim’s condition. Well, I installed a good program in this body to analyze human gestures,” Damian said. “Mr. Felman’s motive is clear and reasonable. He tried to kill the victim due to his girlfriend. That was probably why you said the crime is simple and it can be found in the 21st century.”

Easton laughed. “You have a good grasp of any situation, as expected, Number Ten.”

“And you still love to play around as detective, Dr. Easton. That was a fake identification card, right?”


Damian lifted his chin and looked at Elma. He asked, “Ms. Elma, may I have a private talk with Dr. Easton in the next station?”

“Hmm, of course! Then we go home together, right? You are not his sidekick after all,” Elma replied.

“Sure, Ms. Elma,” Damian said. Well, who doesn’t want to go to a cute girl’s house?!

The train arrived at the next station and the curtain was closed. It was time for Damian to gather information and understand the current political situation in Verdandi. He doubted that Elma had any useful information after all.