Chapter 13:

The DILF's Maneuver

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

I guess he put the knife uprightly to misdirect others from the victim’s left sleeve, Damian thought. But that knife hurt himself instead. Dumb.

Damian and Easton took a seat a bit far from Elma’s seat at the station. Easton took another cigarette from his coat and said, “Coincidentally, I need to talk to you, Number Ten.”

“How did you know that I’m Number Ten?” Damian asked.

“An intelligent robot wouldn’t travel without its master. So either you were a cyborg or an AI that was controlled by someone, and you were the only one who would have a funny robot, Damian Ford.”

Am I a weirdo?! Damian thought. “Then, are you going to kill me, Dr. Easton?”

“Why must I? When Number Four asked the other Ultimates to hunt you just because of her intuition, Anastasia vouched for you. Do you think people will support some brat or the daughter of the President?”

Is Anastasia Dent’s daughter...? And why did she vouch for me? No matter, she isn’t an enemy, that’s what’s important. Anastasia was probably the reason why that loli didn’t investigate me during the past two months although my disguise could be busted easily. Wait a minute. Damian asked, “What date is today? I don’t remember anything since that chaos in the city.”

“It has been two years.”

What the f*ck.

Easton blew his smoke and reminisced. “Gabriel Taavetti, our Vice President and the chairman of Gabriel Foodstuff Trading, and Xerxes Schaffer shut down the government servers to restore security and order. They called you Hacker-X and began to manually supervise the watchdogs every week, but that was just a way Gabriel and Xerxes’ men snatched some money because they didn’t supervise much and there was money for supervisions.”

“Are you saying Xerxes isn’t corrupt?”

“Xerxes is a modest materialist, so as long as he is safe and isn’t poor, he is satisfied. He doesn’t care about people, and he is also crafty. He knew how to keep his power. That was why he let his men and Gabriel snatch some money through the government, and no one dared to fight him because he had a strong military power.”

Holy sh*t, it is nepotism at its peak! This probably explains how Xerxes persuaded other troops to be under him: the military officers just wanted to suck up to him! And that soldier likely waved a white flag so that was why he was unarmed, and he could come to me and Dent. Damian asked, “How did Xerxes conclude that the chaos was a rebellion by a hacker?”

Easton laughed. “First, there was no human soldier who stirred up trouble. Xerxes verified it. Second, Zach was a bisexual, and he had a secret relationship with one general who was missing. Xerxes knew about this, so he thought it was fucking impossible that they fought each other.”

Sh*t, how could I know about that?! Some people don’t announce “I’m taken <3” on their profile! But I think Xerxes was still impudent because he dared to take action without the President’s order. In that case, I don’t think I can negotiate with Xerxes.

Damian scratched his head. “So, what do you need from me, Dr.?”

Easton replied: “There were many demonstrations in the past months. Those civilians and university students complained about foreign investments because foreigners invested in our industries and damaged our domestic industries. They also complained about the death toll of people who were considered imperfect adults.”

“Demonstrations won’t do much without military support.”

“Nah, a commander supports them.”


“I have been visiting many campuses to give those demonstrators an incentive and guarantee of safety.”

Omae ka?! So you are the provoker!! Damian asked, “Aren’t you just a military doctor?”

“With Xerxes’ advice, Gabriel founded OC-IPA, Operational Command for the Implementation of Perfect Adult. To accommodate rational democratic people, Gabriel appointed me as the commander, but he chose Xerxes’ man as the vice commander. Still, I have the authority to imprison or execute anyone who is suspected as an imperfect adult or just troublesome. I also have the authority to ban any demonstration and other authorities.”

Isn’t that very powerful? Dr. Easton can be a reliable buddy! Unfortunately, I don’t want to fight anymore. Damian turned his head to Easton. “Do you need a robotic force?”

Easton smirked and replied, “Anything you can provide to protect those demonstrators when we escalate things.”

Damian looked at his surroundings. I installed a human presence sensor and radar on him, so I don’t need to worry that someone eavesdrops on our conversation, but still, isn’t he too careless?

“What the f*ck is rational democratic?” Damian asked.

“People who are religious as Dent, but disagree with Dent’s cruelty and strictness.”

“Doesn't Dent worship rationality?”

“His belief asked him to be rational, to follow one's reasoning than one's emotions, so technically he is a religious person. You can probably guess his belief.”

“Yeah, but there is a verse that said one should not forget their happiness in this world while they pursue the afterlife, so I don’t think Dent is correct. He bans anime!”

“Just because you are correct, it doesn’t mean you are right, Damian.”

“Dr. Easton, do you become dumb?”

“I’m a cyborg. If I’m dumb, I blame my engineer, and my engineer is you, Damian.”

Damian and Easton looked at each other for a moment, and they laughed.

“Alright, I get the gist of your plan. However, sorry to disappoint you, Dr. Easton. I have no motivation to fight. Do the dogfight between yourselves.”

Easton pressed his cigarette on the seat beside him. “I suggest you form an affectionate bond with someone and observe their life during this time. You probably will find your motivation, Damian, as I did because of my daughter. I cannot stand to watch my daughter become a lifeless doll. She is still a child, for God’s sake, she needs to play, not behave like a perfect adult.”

Easton took a paper and pen from his coat, and he wrote his contact number. “Contact me if you change your mind, Damian,” he said, and then he walked away. There was a knife on his back, but he didn’t look care about it.

“Bunnyyyyy!’ Elma waved her right hand and walked to Damian.

Dr. Easton, do you think I can form an affectionate bond without a d*ck?! Damian thought. Then he stretched his arms toward Elma.

Elma lifted Damian and hugged him: she put him on her shoulder.

Damn, I become a baby!

Damian and Elma got out of the station and was going to Elma’s house through a dead street.

I guess Dent had killed many people through his generals, and perfect people had to wake up early for work. That’s why the streets are dead as usual, Damian thought.

Damian imagined he heaved a sigh, and he thought, Damn it, I cannot feel her boobs with this body! Damian moved his right foot back and forth to Elma’s boob.

“Bunny, that’s ticklish!” Elma said and giggled. “Bad boy, stop it!” She was so cute!

Thus Damian started his mundane life with Elma. Yes, after he was tired of the action genre, he tried cohabita- no, the slice of life!



Once again, with the street as the time reference,

“Bunny, that’s ticklish!” Elma said and giggled. “Bad boy, stop it!”

Thus Damian started his mundane life with Elma. Yes, after he was tired of the action genre, he tried the slice of life!
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