Chapter 20:

A Lovely Dance

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Yamato had worn his new suit. While he was waiting for Fumikazes’ going out of the house, he checked his necktie was correct or not in the driving mirror. Then he thought a necktie didn’t suit him. He took off the necktie and loosened the collar of his shirt. That looked better to himself.

When he saw the movement on the door, he got out of the car to welcome Yuu. First he saw Eita and laughed so hard. Since he saw Yuu right after, he stopped his laughter. Eita didn’t care about him and got in the car. Yamato was still chuckling.

One of the bodyguards said “We have never seen Eita-sama in a tidy, closed and tight kimono before,”. Yuu looked behind his grandson for a while. “In this era, to understand women is difficult, I admit it,” he muttered. Then he turned to Yamato and added “I don’t understand this brat dressed tightly and properly to impress the girl or disgust himself. Usually, I haven't been able to figure out if his clothes were bathrobes or kimonos,”.

Yamato, who was trying to hide his laughter, made a facial expression as if he wanted to say he didn’t know the reason and opened the car door for Yuu.

Last night, Yuu had called for Eita and ordered to meet a girl who was the daughter of a businessman who was invited to Kobe’s birthday party. Kurenai Group of Companies Young Lady, 19 year old girl Kurenai Yuki was a bride just like Yuu wanted for Eita.

Having a partnership with this righteous company which was in a good relationship with dark families and companies was going to benefit the Fumikaze Family. Both families were willing to establish kinship.

According to Yuu, the only matter was Eita’s liking the girl. Eita’s being disliked by the girl was impossible. When Eita heard that, he had made fun of Yuu by saying “My grandfather trusts in me so much,”. In response to this, Yuu said “I trust in my genes,”.

Yuu was aware that he could not force his grandson to do anything. He had no hope about this matter but he knew that trying didn’t harm. He wanted him to think about it. He tried to make Eita lean towards getting married to a girl who benefited the family. But Eita showed his unwillingness with his face.

While on the way, Yuu looked at his grandson who was watching the outside of the car, by rolling his eyes. “Is that woman you see regularly more important than this?” he asked in his mind.

When Eita saw the cars in front of Kobe’s house, he whistled. While he was getting in the entree, he said, “Wow! I guess we will see this crown at his funeral again.” Yamato chuckled.

Kobe’s voice which was saying “Don’t kill people as you wish,” was heard behind them. Then he ignored them and greeted Yuu. He took Yuu to the saloon.

“I did a good thing by making him angry as soon as i arrived,” Eita said and went to the saloon.

Yamato entered the saloon, too. He was about to go behind Eita but he saw Sakurai Family on the corner. First, he went to Ando and greeted him. He sat next to Ando and whispered something into Ando's ear. Ando chuckled.

Eita saw this from the place he sat. “I doubt they gossip about me,” he thought. Then he greeted someone who he knew before.

After mocking Eita's tightly clad outfit, Yamato suddenly turned serious, "Ando-sama, it's a question of why Eita dresses like that, but I think you should keep an eye on him." he said. Ando “Why is that?” he asked.

“Friendly mixed meetings like this are a real matchmaking place,” Yamato mischievously said. “Eita-sama may be trying to protect himself,” he added.

“I think he knows how to protect himself as an adult,” Ando said and chuckled. Yamato knew that he could not anger Ando as easily as he had angered Eita, but still he continued his efforts without giving up.

“Didn't hear it from me, but this time Yuu-sama broke the intent,” he said. Then he greeted Ando and left. Ando, ​​without losing his composure, without breaking his smile, greeted him and turned towards his grandfather and continued the conversation from where he left off. But the last thing Yamato said distracted him. There were more female guests in the hall than in any meeting, and it seemed to Ando that everyone was looking at Eita with that sentence from Yamato. He continued the conversation, trying not to pout.

After straightening her hair in the mirror, Kurenai Yuki glanced at the outfit she was wearing. She had beautiful make-up and her hair accessory was gorgeous. But her kimono was the same color as the maids in Kobe-dono's house. She didn't mind this, but she was annoyed that another guest, an uncouth woman, was voicing this in public.

“A good eye can tell to themself that the fabric of the kimono I am wearing is of high quality. It's her own stupidity to confuse it with theirs," she muttered. But the woman's joking talk in public had touched her nerves.

The situation was salvaged when, as she was about to leave with a pout, when she turned around, a young man greeted her, guessed the fabric of her kimono, even her tailor, and praised her and her outfit. She did not know the young man who saved her, but seeing how well that young man read the situation, she warned herself not to lose herself quickly, to act maturely, and came out of the toilet.

After the cake was served, most people at the party dispersed in the garden or other halls. Yuki hurried to the main hall to find where her father was, but she could not see him. She didn't want to get scolded by her father for being late.

Her father had said he would introduce her to the young boss of a yakuza family tonight, and had asked her to look at that person as a husband-to-be. Being the junior heir to a large corporation, she always predicted that she would make such a self-interested marriage. She didn't mind that much. However, what she heard about the yakuza boss, who was wanted to be introduced to , was a very fierce and fearful person. This frightened her a little.

She was somewhat relieved, however, as she overheard the female crew at the party praising him. She went into the next room to look for her father. As she could not see her father, she was just leaving the room when someone said to her, "Can you take a look?" she was startled by his call. She turned and looked in surprise at the informal addressee.

How dare he call her that? It was a neat-looking young man in a tight-fitting kimono calling out to her. Without breaking his agitation, the man said, “There is no drink left in the room. Could you bring me some, please?" he asked. Yuki swallowed with all her patience, but her face darkened.

The man in front of him did not understand the situation. “Do you have something?” he began to approach her. Then Yuki's father Kurenai Gegai entered. “Yuki, my child. I was looking for you too!” said. He hadn't noticed her daughter's mood. Then he looked at the man and said, “Oh, the Fumikaze-donos are here too. So you've met." Eita froze.

The girl left the room without saying anything. Nothing could be heard in the room but a faint chuckle. Everyone looked in the direction the chuckle came from, Yamato.

Five minutes later, Yuu and Eita were sitting side by side across from Gegai. They explained the situation to the father, who did not understand the situation. Then Yuu, holding Eita's ear, said, "I apologize on behalf of my granddaughter who confused your daughter with the maids at home because of her kimono."

Eita continued to look silly. Eita had no idea what punishment awaited him at home. Eita sighed and bowed his head in seriousness. "With your permission, I'd like to personally apologize to your daughter," he said. Then he left the room.

He sighed, scratching his head in the hallway. He had no idea where she was going, he checked several rooms. He couldn't see. He saw Ando in one of the rooms, but he did not go inside so as not to waste time. Ando, ​​on the other hand, saw his worried face and wondered what had happened.

Yuki had no idea what kind of room she had thrown herself in with that anger and resentment. It was definitely a room closed to guests. She squatted in the corner with her head between her knees.

She knew she wasn't mature. She was angry with herself, but her anger at the prospective husband who had mistaken her for a maid was at the highest level. Noticing a knock on the door behind her, she reflexively stood up and wiped her tearful eyes. She turned to look at the door as it opened. It was the person who had just pissed her off.

Eita tensed a bit when he saw the angry eyes. But he closed the door behind him with a fake smile. If the girl started yelling at him, he would admit it, but it wouldn't be nice for the other guests to hear.

He was about to apologize but the girl suddenly said, "Impossible," in a trembling and angry voice. Eita did not understand. The girl turned towards him and said, "I would never marry a rude, uncouth thug like you." Eita lost his control.

“I don't want a woman who has a heart for such a childish reason, and who has a bad temper,” he said. “It is not my fault that you were mistaken for the servant. You're just wearing the same kimono." he added. When the girl heard this, she got even more angry. “Now we're fucked…” Eita muttered, seeing the volcano growing inside the girl, forgetting that he had to apologize first.

Ando continued his conversation inside, but his mind remained on Eita, who looked worried. Was he really going to be introduced to a girl here?

Ando left the room pretending to go to the bathroom. He searched for Eita in several rooms but could not find him. After checking an empty room, he began to think at the door of the room. Since Eita was born and bred in this realm, he was a well-to-do young boss who had established a certain order in his own family, and he could now be expected to establish a home for him.

Meetings like this were also the perfect meeting place, as Yamato said. His morale was broken. Eita might one day say he needed to settle down and want to break up with him. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a noise from the next room. He ran to open the door to the next room and stared at what he saw for a moment.

Yuki jumped on Eita with a flying kick and knocked down Eita, who was trying to defend himself. Her eyes were blazing. She had forgotten the ladylikeness she was supposed to wear. “Fumikaze-dono, I want you to know that I am an advanced judo fighter,” she said. Her arms looked like murder weapons.

Eita tried to calm her down, “Kurenai-dono! No, Kurenai-sama! Calm down, please. S-Sorry! We will disturb the guests!” he said. Even though he said that, Yuki, who was lost, got caught in Eita's throat.

Eita felt that she was seriously meant to murder him. This woman could be the deadliest woman he had ever seen in his life. Still, he gathered himself and climbed on top of Yuki to sway and contain him in one swift move. Part of her kimono had been undone as they struggled.

At that moment, the door opened. Eita and Ando made eye contact. Yuki, who was trying to get out of Eita's bottom, also recovered her mood with Eita's startle. She looked up at the door behind her. She saw the young man who had saved her by praising her kimono in the early hours of the evening. Then she looked at Eita's face, who was staring at him with fear, then the marks on his neck and exposed chest, "I-Is that a bite mark?" she muttered.

Ando left before Eita could speak. Eita, who was staring at the door with his arm outstretched, suddenly got up from Yuki, fell to the ground, and started beating, punching the floor. "Damn." he was saying.

Yuki did not understand the matter at first. Then, thinking about the position they were caught in, "It-It can't be," she said. Eita stayed like that for a while, then got up and sat down. He took one hand to his head. Yuki got up and sat down first, tidying her kimono. Then she looked down at the floor and muttered to herself, “So… He was… It was a man… A man with a man…”

“Kurenai-kyoshidono…” Eita said to clear her confusion. Yuki turned to look at him. Without looking up, Eita said, “I'm really sorry for the situation we're in, but believe me, I just got the maximum punishment.” he said. Yuki stammered, “N-How so… The gentleman just now…Indeed…”

Eita interrupted her, saying “Yeah, I will probably be dumped by the love of my life.” Then he lifted his head and looked at her. “I was going to explain the situation to you at the most convenient time after being introduced in the family setting, but I made you angry because of my own carelessness.” he continued.

Yuki looked down at the ground, “I'm sorry too, for not being able to control my anger.” she muttered. Eita stood up. “I'll apologize properly another time, but first I need to clear up this misunderstanding. Excuse me…” he said and left the room.

Ando calmly walked towards the main hall. He was going to find his grandfather and ask him to leave early. He couldn't wait for Eita to stop him and explain things in this crowd, but it hurt that he hadn't followed him right away.

He saw his grandfather and Kobe in the main hall. Next to them was Yuu, whom he had seen once. All three of them had been good fun. He greeted respectfully. When Ryunosuke saw Ando, ​​he said, “Ando! Come join us.”

Ando sighed, “Thank you, but I can't drink much because I have work tomorrow, you know.” he said. Then he turned to Kobe and "Kobe-sama, please stop him from drinking too much." he added.

“This is the first time I've seen your grandson, Ryunosuke,” Yuu said. Ryunosuke was surprised, “Is that so? However, as far as I can see, they get along quite well with your grandson.” he replied.

“It was, but come to our house in the meantime, son.” Yuu said. Then he turned to Ryunosuke and put his arm around his shoulder. Ryunosuke hugged him too. "It's like the old days, isn't it?" he said.

Kobe chuckled. "Oh, I remember," he said. He took another sip of his sake and said, “When you two were young, you swore you were blood brothers on my birthday again, and promised to get your children married.” he added.

Yuu laughed and said, “I remember, but after this senile’s wife passed away, he never remarried.” Ryunosuke sadly said, “That promise also flew away.”

Yuu happily placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “Not at all! Let's leave a legacy so that our grandchildren can marry off their children." Ryunosuke responded with a rather unexpected laugh. Ando was surprised that his grandfather was drunk enough to laugh like that.

Ryunosuke shook his glass for a moment and watched. Then he sighed, “I don't think they left it to their own children.” he said with a smile. Ando didn't know what to say. He was terribly embarrassed. He didn't know that his grandfather was aware of this. Still, the way he said it meant he agreed. However, he asked permission to calm down and left the room.

He threw himself into the garden. He wanted to move fast. He didn't want anyone to see where he was going. He quickly crossed the bridge. He passed the cherry trees, too. In passing, he also remembered seeing Eita for the first time before him as a yakuza boss. Beyond the cherry trees were quite old walnut trees. He leapt agilely, climbed one, sat down on one of the branches, and lost himself in his thoughts.

The first thing Eita did after leaving the room was to go to the foyer. He asked the attendant at the door if Ando had gone. Ando had not left the house. He still had the opportunity to find him. He thought about where to go. Cherry trees came to his mind. He quickly headed in that direction.

There was only one group in the garden. Ando was not among them. He couldn't see anything as it was dark on the other side of the bridge. Yet he went that way. He wandered under the cherries. Ando wasn't there either. He advanced as far as the walnut trees began.

With a sigh, "You didn't come here either, where are you?" he muttered. Then he was hit with a walnut on his head. Then Ando said, “You didn't search well.”

“Ando!” Eita happily shouted. He was hit with another walnut on his shoulder. But he was not defending himself. He came under the tree where the walnut was thrown and said, "If you are going to take your anger on me, you can throw all the walnuts in the tree."

“Who was angry with you?” Ando wailed, but Eita took another nut on his head. Eita crouched under the tree and “But let me explain too, please.” he said. There was no response from Ando for a while. Then, in a calm tone, "I'm listening," said Ando.

Eita didn't know where he was sitting in the tree in the dark, but speaking into space, he told what had happened from the beginning. Ando especially laughed where he mistook the girl for the maid. After Eita's story was finished, he lifted his head towards the tree and said, "You forgive me, right?" he asked. He was hit with the last nut on his forehead.

Ando slowly descended from the tree as Eita rubbed his forehead. He jumped from the nearest branch to the ground. Eita turned to look in that direction. Eita had a stain on his forehead as the shell of the last walnut he threw had cracked. With a chuckle, Ando approached Eita and wiped Eita's forehead with a handkerchief he took out of his pocket. "This stain won't go away quickly, '' he added. After making sure that he was thoroughly cleaned, he took a serious tone and said, "Eita…"

“Yes, Sir…” Eita swallowed, as if the final verdict was being given at the trial. “Are you sure?” Ando asked with a worried face. Eita did not understand what he was asking. "From what I told you?" he asked.

Laughing, Ando walked away from him and turned around. He took a deep breath and said, "We'll both be expected to start a family." He took another breath. “Even though there is still time for me, there will be many waiting for this from you. As long as you're with me, you won't be able to start a family or be a father. After all, I can't give you a child." he added. Eita froze. He thought he was trying to prove to Ando that he hadn't cheated on him. But Ando already trusted him with this. There were other things that worried Ando.

He started laughing. Ando looked at him, wondering what he was laughing at. “Don't just think about me, idiot. I can't give you children either. But I don't agree with the idea that we can't be a family." Eita said. He slowly approached Ando and hugged him. In a gentle tone, he said, “I spend the most peaceful and beautiful times when I am with you in that tiny apartment. I feel like I belong there with you. Isn't that what home means?"

Delighted by what he heard, Ando hugged Eita too. Eita cast a mischievous look, “Besides… Shizuku-san has a lot of kids to give us.” he said. Ando laughed. Then, closing Eita's open bosom tightly, "Your bite marks are visible." Ando said. Eita laughed too, “It's so tight.” he lamented.

“We would like to show everyone that it belongs to me, but we also have to think about the reputation of the family,” Ando replied.

"Shall I write 'Belongs to Ando' on my forehead?" Eita asked. Ando laughed. He placed a kiss on Eita's forehead. "There's no need. I'll tell you when necessary." he said. They hugged each other tighter. Eita stroked Ando's hair and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

“We have to go back.” Ando said but he didn't cut his smile. Eita sighed and said he didn't want to come back. “Don't be coy, come on.” Ando said.

They walked up to the bridge holding hands. Then, to avoid attracting attention, Eita first entered the house through the garden. On his way to the main hall, he saw the Kurenai Family leaving the party in the anteroom.

Kobe turned to him and said, “Eita, you're just in time. Come and say good-bye to our guests.” Mr. Kurenai laughed and said, “I am so glad that the children resolved the misunderstanding in a civilized way.”

Eita couldn't say anything. He was looking at the little witch Kurenai out of the corner of his eye. Turning to the girl, Kobe said, "I hope this party will lead to a good friendship between the two families."

Yuki turns mischievously, “Fumikaze-dono and I are sure to be great friends. But…” she said. She waited for a while and waited for her father to come out of the foyer, then turned her mischievous smile into a sly smile and said, "I prefer a gentleman like Young Sakurai to marry over Fumikaze-dono." She said goodnight and left without waiting.

Hearing the incident, Yamato was punching the wall to suppress his laughter. Although Eita said goodbye to her with a smile, the prominent vein on his forehead showed that he wanted to kill the girl.

“You meddlesome witch…” he muttered. At that moment, Ando, ​​who was coming towards the doorway, was looking at Kobe, Eita and Yamato, who burst into laughter, because he did not understand the event.

“Ando-chan!” Kobe shouted when he noticed Ando. He put his arm around his shoulder and led him into the main hall. “It would be an honor for you to get yourself a daring bride and steal that candidate from Eita!” he said. Eita was deeply offended. “Like I care!” Eita said and entered the main hall behind them.