Chapter 5:

The Two who fear and the One who hates

Power of Fear

"Wake up love birds!" Kumojoshi woke Emi and Ketsuki up with her loud voice.


"My my, I did not actually think you both will actually be sleeping together~" 

"Do not mind her." Jin said," Let your love bloom even if others criticize the way your love life works, ignore them and move forw-" Ken smacked Jin in the head.

"Shut the fuck up and get to the meeting room." everyone quietly headed to the meeting room.

"Seriously, you all took your own sweet time to come, I got tired waiting." Yowa was furious and well, tired.

"Wait who were you again?" Ketsuki scratched his head.


"Hmmmmmmmmm.... doesn't ring a bell."

"He is the useless pessimistic piece of shit remember?" Kumojoshi winked at Ketsuki.

"Hmm Ahhhh! Now I remember."

"THATS WHAT MAKES YOU REMEMBER?!" Yowa almost fell off his wheelchair.

"Sigh. Ketsuki, today we will be telling you what we are up against and what are we going to do about it." Ken said, changing the atmosphere of the room. " Jin, speak."

"Indeed! My dear friend Ketsuki! You would be surprised to know that our goal and the enemy's goal are more or less the same. They want to rid the world of infected beings!"

"Let me guess. They want to exterminate the planet of ALL humans and hence there will be no infected right?" Ketsuki said with confidence.

"You are quite wrong sadly. They are not truly evil."

"Then why would we fight them???"

"Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, when humanity was at its early stages, a few decades after the death of the first human Adam. God granted one man, named Zeltachriz Sunshooter a  unique power .A power of the thing he feared the most, just like us. His fear was of not knowing enough. He thought life was too short and the amount to learn was limitless. After he gained that power he wanted to reshape the world into what he thought was best."

"W-wait but why did God even decide to give that power to him anyways?"

"Its because it was fun to him. Its like how some people have fun killing NPCs in video games. We are not real to him, just tools of amusement." Kumojoshi spoke with a pained voice.

 "In a few years Zeltachriz discovered immortality and how to grant this power of fear to others. He was granted many titles, the immortal , the brave ,but the title that was most known was Zeltachriz, The All Knowing. The only two foes most closest to his strength were Julius, the one who fears for God and Arthur, the one who fears against God. Though they were strong, they were no match for Zeltachriz. To balance the world God granted Julius and Arthur one jewel each. The jewels boosted their power tremendously . The jewel given to Julius was the Jewel of deed and the other Jewel given to Arthur was called the Jewel of sin. They hated Zeltachriz because he was granting everyone the cursed power of controlling their fears so they formed an alliance. Later this alliance wold be known as the alliance of Nevermore. They used the Jewels to make minions, demons of Arthur and angels of Julius and they set out to kill Zeltachriz. The battle was long but the alliance prevailed with heavy losses  and they sealed the power of Zeltachriz in the jewels, in his last moments Zeltachriz cursed at God saying "Why? Why did you betray me? I thought you loved me....I..was...." And then he perished, with clouds thundering as God's only response."

"But why does the power still remain?" Ketsuki asked.

"Excellent question!" Jin shouted. "That is why the conflict between Julius and Arthur began. Both think it is the other person still producing the infected. Which means that one of them could be lying or.."

"Zeltachriz is alive, right?"

"For now our goal is to kill these two and sadly all of us except one are weaker than all of their four elites." Ken said. "The Knights of the Round Table of Arthur and the Cycle of Months of Julius."

"So who is the one who can defeat such powerful monsters?"

"The only one they fear, the one you know very well...."

The entrance door suddenly opened and a woman entered the room with a halberd in each hand.

"Ketsu Mama is home!"

"Aina Douji, the Godslaying valkyrie and also your mother."

"WHAT THE FUUUUCK!!!" Ketsuki screamed from the top of his voice.

"Language Ketsu!"