Chapter 5:

Close Call Part 1

Lyceus Awaits

The death of the President caused a huge ruckus in the entire country. An investigation was carried out right away. The investigation opened all the similar but smaller old cases that were closed as there was no hope of finding the culprit. They were trying to find the connection between all acts regarding or linking to Lyceus.

The investigation could only find one connection which were the words carved on every important person's body, Lyceus Awaits.

Months passed by, everyone on the case got more and more frustrated. It was their luck that the one leading the investigation was met by a journalist, Gordon Lostwell.

Gordon Lostwell was a well experienced and smart journalist. He asked the investigation team and their head officer questions and details about the case. Much of it was classified information so the officers didn't answer some questions and didn't share all the details. Gordon insisted on helping but they declined. It was after Gordon said somethings quite interesting that the head officer got impressed.

Gordon: Have you thought that all the members who were carved were members of The Body? Think about it they were all important people, influencial people and were members of The Body.

Head officer: That isn't enough though. We don't know which members are exactly targeted by him and why.

Gordon: For that you have the statement given to you by the President's secretary a few months ago. The way he showed all that rage and killed the President, he isn't a messiah that he claims to be from his rage it seems as if he had a personal grudge against the President and the others he injured. It's clear this person is a suit wearer and can only be arrested by other suit wearers. Not meant to disrespect out country's forces but they lack of suit wearers.

Head officer: Hmm... interesting your theory is logical and makes a point. Furthermore as much as I hate to admit it, you are right about the forces. I think its safe for us to coperate further.

They discussed the case even more this time all details and everything was shared to Gordon. Gordon had an idea on how to take on Lyceus and he was fully prepared to share it.

Gordon: So what are you waiting for? This man can't be left free on the streets to kill those that literally run our country. Maybe its time we take the help from the Watchdog. They will surely come when they know one of their own was injured.

Head officer: You are right this thing will get out of our hands we need as much aid as possible.

The Watchdog was a team of suit wearers made for the ultimate security of the world and everyone in it no matter which country or race. It maintained peace in the world and prevailed justice. The President's secretary, Linda was also a part of this team. The team comprised of 11 members in total including the leader and founder, Nathan Gale. This case was a unlike any other the team had faced so 4 of the members including Nathan had to come. Linda was already in Argon so in total 5 members were present in Argon.

Meanwhile, William and Axcel carried on their intel gathering and missions to find The Head to end it once and for all. They knew about the investigation but they took it lightly until Axcel found out the members of the Watchdog reached Argon. Axcel knew about the team and its function but he had to dig deep for more information and profiles of all the members. It was to his surprise the 11 members were a force to be reckoned with and that Linda was also a part of it. All of the members had incredible achievements and had caught international criminals. They had also previously prevented global threats.

All of this worried Axcel, he tried to warn William but William as usual didn't seem to care about who got in their ways. William had already decided to carry on with their plans without getting distracted.

Their mission was to capture a business man that was illegally selling parts and core crystals of INDIGO suits. It was also an important mission as one of his clients was the infamous maker of ENIGMA suits, Ethan Guntur who was directly in cahoots with The Head.

The idea behind ENIGMA suits seems very good but the dark things about it and its origin are hidden from people. According to Warath's data, files and research that he gave to Axcel, enigma suits were corrupted and hacked versions of INDIGO suits. They were compatible with everyone but they slowly corrupted the person and were weaker than normal. It was also possible that they self destruct automatically at times. Normal people in the world didn't know about this and it was incidents related, they thought it was a good idea and praised it as they were compatible with anyone. Worst of all, Ethan Gunter was able to control the ones wearing it and could make them self destruct anytime he wanted to. Incidents that involved ENIGMAs were kept a secret due to the huge grasp of power Ethan and The Head had.

All the preparations were done and all information needed was gathered so now it was about time that the plan was executed.

Axcel: The plan is simple...

William: Yeah I know I just have to break in his house after taking out some bodyguards and then bring in the business man without hurting his family.

Axcel: But it's not that easy...

William: I know now you're just gonna say some stuf like you have to do this and that, be careful..  blah... blah... blah... I am not a kid ofcourse I will be careful but will do anything for the mission.

Axcel: *Sighs* Fine...

William already had been sent all the detail by Axcel so he went to marked loaction. The house was more of a mansion and the business man lived with his wife and two kids. There were also 2 maids and a butler but they were not to be harmed nor to be worried of. The security wasn't much this time so there were only 2 guards on the entrance and 2 more patrolling around the house.

Overall it was not a very hard mission so William took out the two guards on the entrance and sneaked in the house with no trouble at all. After that he made some noise in the house loud enough that only the business man and his wife could hear it. Then he waited for the business man to come out of the room to check.

After the business man came out of the room and checked there was nothing. The moment he turned back he was injected by a drug which would make him unconcious for hours. After that William sneaked out of the house and was on his way back to the hideout.

Just as he was about to reach the hideout, he was stopped by 3 members of the Watchdog...