Chapter 4:

The Origin of a Hero: Lyceus

Lyceus Awaits

There were many things that William and Axcel had to do for William to become Lyceus.

Axcel tried to wear a suit once but he was not compatible so he decided to be the manager of all data and information while William was completing missions out there. To further help William, he used to communicate with him while in a mission. He told him which direction to go and gave him postions of the enemies or targets to make the mission easier for William.

Firstly, for this they needed a proper hideout for themselves and in it proper equipment for Axcel to work with. It took them time but as dedicated as they were it was nothing for them. They made an underground hideout right under their house according to themselves and their needs.

Secondly, William now needed a mask and a name that would serve as a code name or what people would call him so that they could work in absolute secret. Axcel loved mythologies so he chose the name of a god from greak mythology, Lyceus. Lyceus was the second name given to the Greek god Apollo as he used to save flocks of sheep from wolves, basically played the role of a shepherding god. In this case the innocents William will save are the flocks of sheep whereas the evil ones that use the innocents or harm them are wolves.

Lastly, they needed a starting point and a plan. For that they had now planned that they would firstly pursue the fire manipulating suit wearer, to find out on whose orders he killed Warath.

It took them a year to do missions to gather intel, prepare and plan but they did find the one they were looking for. It was very hard to find him let alone catch him. He would not go down without a fight. This was a perfect opportunity for them to test how far they had come, which by the end proved that it was all worth it.

The suit wearer's name was Luther and was 32 years old. His personality was that of an arrogant, self centered and sadistic yet a coward man. His suit was orange and yellow in colour and an exception to his suit was that it had flamethrowers attached to it. His abilities apart from creating and manipulating fire were that he would not take damage from fire or explosions.

It was quite troublesome, the fight had almost been lost but the missions they had done for gathering intel, preparation and planning in between also helped them gain a lot of experience that's why they did win by the end. William also had the advantage of gravity and special claws that could even cut through fire. These advantages largely helped win the fight.

Their anger was unimaginable but they had to control it for the better. They interrogated the suit wearer and he spilled out that he is a hitman that was hired by the President. After that William destroyed his suit so that he could never inflict pain on others. After that Luther became an outsider as he used to waste all the money he earned on stupendous stuff.

The success they got overall got them even more motivated, ready and prepared for anything in their way. After the mission things started going steadily. A huge milestone of their journey was achieved.

They immediately started to gather intel on the President for their next main mission, now this was not an easy job. The data Warath gave Axcel before his death made everything a lot easier but it did not have complete information or enough information to capture them. The preparation for mission such as these took months and required other small missions such as interrogation and infiltration to be completed. The planning also took time but it took comparitively less time.

Finally one day, the chance to strike the President down came but things did not end well.