Chapter 5:

Let it go

Dreams of Reality

9th September 2456

       Today was wild. One of our classmates will be expelled from school. I honestly don't mind it. He is the classic class clown, but can't keep his emotions at bay. There were many incidents of him hurting someone in so many ways, that it was time for him to go. Not to mention that he is constantly arguing with teachers about literally nothing.

       This time even I would say that he went too far for no reason. I don't know if that was a rumor, but I've heard that he beat up a guy who was like 3 years younger than him. That's pretty messed up. Now I don't have to wonder why an ambulance was here today.

       Something telling me the reason behind this incident is a misunderstanding or his inability to take a joke. Oh thank god that I am not like this. But that's not my problem. Anyway, I was at the doctor, as I believe mentioned last time and sadly, he did not find anything strange.

       Or maybe is that a good thing? He barely checked me as I thought I would need, so I asked if I could go for a brain test because I don't think my issue came from my physical side. Thankfully he had no problem with that, but he was curious why suddenly I want this.

       I wasn't really in a mood to open up to someone, especially not to my doctor. I convinced him quickly with lies like I am curious, or that I don't feel well. But I am a little scared of this brain check. I saw in movies that you lie down and they put your body into some round thing or you have cables all over your head. I didn't know what to expect, so I did some research on the internet to see what should I expect. I barely understood anything, so all I learned was what the machines looked like.

14th September 2456

       It is finally after my examination, and it was terrifying. I think I discovered that I don't like confined spaces. The doctors there said that there are no problems in my head and that was a little disappointing. I hoped that all this would give me an answer about my problem, not a reassurance that I am healthy.

       I started getting very desperate so I said to them that I can't sleep very well sometimes because I have very weird dreams. It worked because they started asking about things like which dreams I have. I said I don't remember them, so they gave me a thing that looked like I phone with a LOT of cables connected to it.

       They instructed me that I should put these rubber things on my head. The second doctor who was standing next to him said that I need to get rid of the hair which I have now. I freaked out a bit because I don't like short hair, and I've been growing the top for like a year now.

       But they calmed me down when they said that I only need to cut the sides. Honestly, that's what I need now, it's getting a little too long. I walked from the hospital more victorious than I thought I would.

       I believed that this little case will be the key to the solution to all my problems. I showed it to my parents so they won't ask me about it if they would see me sleeping with cables all around my head. I lied that I have it out of curiosity, but the real reason was much worse.