Chapter 424:

Chapter 424: Training Advancement

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 424: Training Advancement

Narrator: It’s been 7 days since the heroes started their training. First, let’s check in on Easia.

*In the graveyard, Easia gets herself surrounded by zombies. She charges magic into her right arm and legs. Magic fairy wings appear from her back*

Easia: Take this!

*Her fairy wings release dust that slows the zombies’ movements. She uses the charged-up power in her right arm and legs and rapidly attacks all of the zombies near her, taking full advantage of their slow movement. The blows have a strong enough impact that some of the zombies are blown into more pieces*

Easia: This is more I like it! My attacks are doing so much more damage now.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Raider.

*Raider is in the spooky forest full of insects. His body is heavily transformed to make his appearance more bug-like while still being humanoid. He now starts to easily kill the bugs he was struggling with on the first day*

Raider: Come on! I will take on all of you!

*He leaps from insect to insect while punching them with enough power to smash them*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Keith.

*Keith stands on a platform in the lava river. He is in his demonic form. He goes into a portal as the ground beneath him crumbles. He then comes out of a portal behind a bulky, bipedal lizard monster and uses Demonic Burial Cannon on it. The monster is obliterated but more show up*

Keith: I give you monsters a lot of credit. You guys really do enhance my training.

*Keith goes into another portal. He comes out to the right of a monster and continuously punches it. His punches become more and more effective*

*After finishing his attacks, Keith goes through a portal. He is able to continuously go through portals with great speed and attack the monsters one by one*

Keith: This is getting easier and easier as the days go by! This training is really paying off!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily is in the caves with the centipedes coming after her. She dual-wields her Shadow Sword and Ability Sword. She is able to cut through the centipedes with her swords now*

Emily: I wasn’t able to cut through them at first but now it seems so simple. I must have improved a lot!

*As more centipedes come up from the ground, Emily puts her swords away and switches to her Ball & Chain. She slams it into multiple centipedes and then takes out her shotgun*

Emily: I’m giving all of my weapons a test run!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Joe.

*Joe fights the large bird and the giant crabs on the beach of the relatively small island. Joe uses his weather magic and causes a tidal wave of dark matter water to crash down on the bird. He then uses a lightning bolt to strike the bird, finishing it off*

*Joe then forms razor hail around his right hand. He jumps on top of the giant crab and starts repeatedly stabbing it with the razor hail. The crab tries to crush Joe in between its claws but he jumps up to dodge and then slams his razor hail-covered hand down into the crab. This time, he pierces it*

Joe: Nice!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha, along with her Hellhounds, fight against the tiger-like monsters in the area with a lot of trenches. Sasha is quite dirty but no longer gets her feet stuck in the mud. Sasha is in a feral-like state as she charges towards the tiger monsters. Her Hellhounds pounce on them*

*Sasha puts one hand on a tiger monster’s upper mouth and her other hand on its jaw. She pushes and ends up snapping its jaw. She then smashes her fist down onto its head to finish it off. She moves on to the next tiger monster*

Sasha: Yes! Come on!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth stands in the spring again as many bear-like monsters rush towards him. Zeth forms a lot of Star Shards and throws one at each monster. The star shards tear right through all of the monsters which causes all of them to collapse*

Zeth: My Star Shards are even better now!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Major Smithy and Major Tarres.

*Major Smithy and Major Tarres continue to monitor the heroes’ progress in a room with a bunch of computers and a large screen on the wall. Commander Moss walks into the room*

Commander Moss: How are they coming along?

Major Tarres: Quite well, actually. They are on track to becoming the valuable assets that we hoped they would be.

Commander Moss: Good. How much longer do you think they will take to complete their training?

Major Smithy: At the rate they are progressing, probably within the next week.

Commander Moss: Hopefully, that turns out to be accurate. We need them ASAP.

Major Tarres: Why?

*Commander Moss has a serious expression on his face*

Commander Moss: The dark matter is starting to spread.

Narrator: The heroes continue to progress with their training but Zenos won’t be waiting for them to put his plans into action!

Chapter 424 END

To be Continued in Chapter 425: Dom’s Investigation