Chapter 423:

Chapter 423: Ebo’s Belief

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 423: Ebo’s Belief

Narrator: In the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*In a room in Zenos’s lair, Rayna sits on a chair, dipping her hand in a magic substance. She rubs it on the long-cut wound she got from Miranda. She looks internally angry*

Rayna: That woman… Just who is she? How could she deal me such a blow?

*Rayna flashbacks to Miranda’s appearance again for a moment*

Rayna: No mortal could possibly have the power to do that. And even if a mortal did manage to land a lucky hit on me, it would have fully healed by now. She had the intent to kill. If I didn’t back up at all, she could have dealt a fatal blow. Her power being on my level isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that she is that powerful and I have no clue about her identity, her abilities, or where she even is or has gone to.

*Rayna continues rubbing the substance on her wound. Dom is also in the room*

Rayna: Dom, I want you to go find Poleon and tell him to come to this room to meet with me.

Dom: Yes, my lady.

*Dom leaves the room. He has a barrier around him to protect him from the dark matter. He starts thinking*

Dom: (Thinking) Little does she know that I have broken free from her control. I will do as she says and then I will start my own investigation while I pretend that I’m still under her control.


Narrator: In the Dimension of Deities.

*Dakame’s forces continue to negotiate with Ebo, the Deity of Portals*

Ebo: So, you’re saying that Zenos is now able to expand out of the Dimension of Dark Matter?

Scythe: That is correct.

Gen: Now, let us through.

Ebo: …I won’t.

*Korobu charges his magic to threaten Ebo*

Korobu: You will.

Ebo: Ha! What are you going to do? Kill me? Then you definitely won’t get through.

Hamura: Why are you so hesitant? It’s not like you are risking your life.

Ebo: Because it would be a pointless loss of life on your part. You can’t beat Zenos.

Sherra: That won’t be our job. Our goddess will be handling that.

Ebo: Pfft. Get real. No one in Earth’s Heaven or Hell or even in this dimension has more power than Zenos.

Korobu: We’ve already been made aware. But battles are more than pure strength. There is also strategy. Our goddess can still defeat him.

Ebo: You haven’t seen what I have or been through what Scythe has.

Kopmon: Explain.

Ebo: A long time ago. After I became the new official Deity of Portals, I was interested in going to all the dimensions related to the Earth. Scythe was a friend who was willing to tag along with me.

*Ebo has a flashback*


*In the flashback, Scythe isn’t fully covered like he is in the present. He has a very muscular build. He has upper back-length black hair and a little bit of facial hair. He had Dark Divine Eyes. He looks like a generally happy person*

Ebo: (Narrating) I would soon learn that I was naive in my thinking that every place would be safe just because I was the Deity of Portals. Everything had come crashing down when we went to the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*In the flashback, Ebo and Scythe barely walk around before they are confronted by Zenos*

Zenos: That’s a nice portal you used. Mind if I use it too?

Ebo: Who are you?

Zenos: Just someone that is trapped here. This is my dimension and yet it has been completely sealed. Your portal would allow me to leave.

*Zenos walks towards them while smiling*

Zenos: Come on. Help a guy out.

*Scythe looks concerned*

Scythe: This guy makes me feel uneasy.

*Zenos’s smile becomes more sinister. Scythe then immediately pushes Ebo back into the portal as Zenos tries to attack. Ebo starts shouting as the portal closes*

Ebo: What are you doing!?

*Scythe is pierced in the shoulder by Zenos’s hand as the portal closes*

Zenos: I was about to kill you but now I need you to get that portal back. Make it again.

*Despite the wound, Scythe smiles defiantly*

Scythe: I’m not the one that made it in the first place.

*Zenos looks angry*

Zenos: You’re going to regret this.


*In the Dimension of Deities, Ebo is freaking out*

Ebo: I can’t just leave him there! I have to go help him! Can I use my powers to detect him!?

Ebo: (Narrating) It took me a few days but I finally was able to detect him.

*Ebo quickly comes out of a portal in an unknown room. He quickly grabs Scythe off of a table, goes back into the portal, and then closes it*

*Zenos shows up in the room too late. Angered, he punches the wall next to him which destroys it*

Zenos: You bastard…!

*End of flashback*


Ebo: Scythe had been horribly tortured. Going through so much pain but kept alive so that it doesn’t end. He hasn’t been the same since then.

*Ebo looks at Scythe*

Ebo: This is the result of going up against Zenos.

*Ebo then looks back at the others*

Ebo: Scythe is one of the strongest beings that I know of and he was nothing more than a torture subject for Zenos to take his anger out on. Do you understand now? You can’t beat Zenos. The best you can do is just reseal his dimension. Zenos is unbeatable. That is my belief.

*Scythe steps forward*

Scythe: We must go.

*Ebo is shocked*

Ebo: But why!? Why throw your life away!?

Scythe: I don’t think it’s as hopeless as you think it is. And even if it is, I would much rather go down in battle. He took away my honor.

*The others still look determined*

*Ebo finally starts to lose his resistance and takes a breath*

Ebo: …Alright. Fine. I will make you a portal to the Dimension of Dark Matter. If I’m to expect the Dark Goddess to show up here at some point, then I’m just going to make it via potion. It will take some time. Just know that once I send you there, I’m closing the portal. You will have to find your own way back.

Scythe: Understood.

Narrator: Ebo has decided to let Dakame’s forces to the Dimension of Dark Matter! Will they succeed in their goals?

Chapter 423 END

To be Continued in Chapter 424: Training Advancement