Chapter 425:

Chapter 425: Dom’s Investigation

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 425: Dom’s Investigation

Narrator: Back with Master Dom in the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Dom is walking through the halls of Zenos’s lair. He enters a room to find Poleon sitting on a chair. Poleon moves his right hand to where his left arm used to be which was ripped off by Harmona*

Poleon: My arm… My tail… gone.

*Poleon notices Dom*

Poleon: What do you want?

Dom: Please excuse me sir but Lady Rayna wanted you to go speak with her.

Poleon: What could she possibly want?

*Poleon gets up and leaves the room*

Dom: (Thinking) Now I can begin my investigation.

*Dom leaves the room and goes back through the halls*

Dom: (Thinking) I’m one of the strongest humans alive but I wouldn’t stand a chance against these deities. I don’t doubt that the forces of Heaven will attack this dimension in the near future. It would be a great benefit to them if I can get any information about this place and the deities in order to help them.

*As Dom walks through the hall, he encounters two female deities. One of them has short green hair with her bangs making an upside-down V shape. She has a gray butterfly gem on her forehead*

Narrator: Deity of Insects – Catila.

*The other female deity has upper back-length white hair. She has a sparkly white snowflake gemstone on her forehead*

Narrator: Deity of Snow – Wintry.

*The two deities look at Dom*

Catila: Oh, you must be one of Rayna’s puppets. What are you doing here?

Dom: I was just fulfilling Lady Rayna’s request to call Poleon to her.

Catila: Well, carry on then.

Wintry: Try not to get lost on the way back.

*Catila and Wintry continue on past him and then Dom continues walking*

Dom: (Thinking) I need to also not act surprised or nervous. I can’t afford to be discovered that I’m not under control anymore.

*Dom soon comes across an open door and looks inside. He sees a male deity training. The man is bald with a red flame gemstone on his forehead. He has a muscular build*

Narrator: Deity of Fire – Jet.

*Jet powers up which creates flame hair on his head. He releases a wave of fire at a target dummy*

Dom: (Thinking) I might watch for a bit to see what I can learn from him.


Narrator: Later.

Dom: (Thinking) That should be enough investigating for now. I should return to Rayna for now.

*When Dom enters Rayna’s room, he finds that she is not there*

Dom: (Thinking) Did she decide to go talk with Poleon in a different room?

*Dom notices something*

Dom: (Thinking) Wait, is that an opening? I don’t remember this room leading to other rooms.

*Dom goes through the opening in the room and it takes him down some stairs to a secret room. He enters the secret room and sees some papers and maps on a table*

Dom: (Thinking) What are these?


Narrator: It’s now been 10 days since the heroes started training. Let’s check in to see how they are doing.

*Easia has no problem handling the zombies with her fairy magic. Her fairy dust also has no problem slowing the zombies to a crawl*

*Raider is much more powerful and he can destroy many of the monstrous insects at once*

*Keith looks more muscular in his demonic form as he now can punch holes into the bulky bipedal lizard monsters that he fights*

*Emily runs through the tunnels of the caves she is in, using her different weapons against the centipedes. She has no problem killing any of them*

*Joe has the weather on the island he is on under control and uses it with his power to overpower any creature that tries to attack him. Nothing is even able to get close to him anymore*

*Sasha is ripping off the head of one of the tiger-like monsters using just her bare hands. No more of them come after her as there are a lot of tiger monster corpses around her. She is covered in dirt and blood*

*A bear monster charges at Zeth. Once it gets close, Zeth simply flicks it on the forehead with his index finger. The flick causes its skull to crack. Zeth follows up with a chop that cuts off its head completely*

*Zeth jumps on top of a tree and looks out towards the field*

Zeth: Let’s see just how much stronger I have become.

*Zeth starts charging magic into his hand. He then releases a Shooting Star towards the field and it crashes into the field, causing a huge explosion. The attack left a decently sized crater in the field*

Zeth: Is that enough?

*Zeth powers up even further and goes into Raging Star Mode. He then jumps off the tree and heads towards more monsters*

*Zeth punches the first monster that he encounters. The punch is so powerful that the monster becomes completely obliterated. He continues doing that to the other monsters he encounters too*

Zeth: Oh yeah! I’m so close to being finished!

*Zeth has left a trail of destruction behind him, showing just how far he has progressed since he started his training*

Narrator: What exactly did Dom find? The heroes also get closer and closer to finishing their training.

Chapter 425 END

To be Continued in Chapter 426: Official Members