Chapter 33:

glimpse of danger

love sick delinquent

Are you following me?"

''i thought you and nicol having a date''

'is that so?''nicol looked at me with disgusted look

what the hell?he turned around silently leaving me and reiji behind

''leave him be katarina.lets go out on a date''reiji cheerfully grabbed my hands drag me straight into a boutique when i saw a beautiful pair of shoes on the display

i poke it on my finger''beautiful''i whispered when a girl snatched it away from me

reiji came rushing at our direction and immediately snatched the shoes from the girl''katarina want it so you can't have it''she said as she protect the shoes by stretching her arms in the air

a sales lady came to us''oum miss...that shoes was already reserved for miss polly''she politely said but reiji stubbornly not going to hive the shoes

'oum can give it back''i said as i smiled awkwardly at reijis behavior

''no''she responded stubbornly

' let it go''polly yelled

i can't

let go

miss im sorry''i apologized but the girl gritted her teeth and chase reiji and before i knew it...the two were running like kids inside the store

i shock my head in this belief.maybe i shouldn't have took a glance on that shoes that i regret it

i cant believe reiji scrambling over a pair of shoes

reiji grabbed the the girl.named polly to her and give her a twirled ''tehe''reiji said and smiled smugly at her

my heart skip a beat for a momebt

they were like dancing gracefully like a prince and princess

well,my fantasy

now put it on katarina''reiji said abd toss my old shoes in the air

the sales lady did not react tho

there it suits you

where should we go next?''reiji asked but i looked down and the shoe reiji took from the syore

this shoes probably cost a fortune

why of course you deserve the luxury in this world''

and after the long walk with my beuatiful shoes reiji had brough for me...we finally cane to the place which i believe yahiro had grown up

the only slum area in the whole palantine city

reiji took me to a local restaurant

''everything in please'hi cheryl said but the waiter stared at me with a hestant look on his face

''dont worry we have enough to cover it''reiji lazily said as she put money on the cash

i glanced at her confusedly.''katerina you.don't.have to force yourself cheerful anymore''she said woth a sad look on her face

''you're worried about yahiro''

ah you're the one who's worried reiji

not me you

so you're not.worried about yahiro anymore?

''well,its his choice''i said in a low voice''no.sense crying over it''

it looks wonderful.let's eat

you maybe be good at hiding feelings but.i.won't buy it''reiji said firmly with a concerned look on her face as she glanced at the men looking at us on the other people

''those guys are''she glared at them''don't eat that food''but it was too late.i already ate the food

''you pig you even finish plates''saying that,reiji stood up from her seat and grabbed my hands”katerina you gotta get out of here''

run for it

i.want that money

katarina!'i heard someone called my name and knocked the guy down on the ground

''nicol you came back'

what happened to katraina

she had eaten the food which i'm afraid it might have poisoned

i just eat too fast water please

''you left the school and came back looking for me?why are you doing this?''

''because you look stupid and cant twll directions so it got me worried''

i paused for a heating nicols words i remembered the first time yahiro and i had a formal conversation..ands the time where i introduce my name to him

i smilef cheerfully at nicol'' but why are you worried about me?i can take care of myself''

''katarina!''nicols face turned pale as he run towards me and wrapped his arms around me causing me to out balance and fall on ground as a log attached by a rope.swing at us

katarina!nicol stay down''reiji cried as she tried to run towards is when suddenly another log hit her back so hard causing her to fall on ground and collapse''argh''reiji cried in pain

''hahahhahahaha''unfamiliar laughs surrounds at the woods as heavy footsteps walks towards us

i cant move with nicol being on top of me

and reiji was hurt.

howecer...i can't move a muscle because i hit my heaf hard on ground however i tried to shook nicol to wake up but i got no response from him and i tried to reach out reijis hand bit my everything arounds me suddenly went dark


i open my eyes to see an unfamiliar ceiling.i immediately looked around to see where was i and i saw bicol and reiji lying unconsciously on the ground

i felt relief seeing them okay and not being separate from me

''nicol!reiji''i cheerfully called them out as i gently shook them two with ropes tied in my hands

reiji and nicol opened their eyes slowly''what a relief i thiugh we already got murdered''i saif trying to lihhtne. up the mood''but i wonder where we''i added

''the last thing i remembered was running into you two''reiji said as she tried to untied the rope

''oh no nicils bleeding''i worriedly said as i crawl towards nicol

''its nothing''he said in a calm tone

then i suddenly remembered how he jump off and protected me

if he wasn't there.that log could have hit my heads with those sharp objects attached to it

'if you havent come out in the way..''i said as i looked down''you life''

this wouldn't have happened if i didn't cause trouble to both of you.i shouldbt have moved on my own and stayed at the academy.

this is all my fault''i said as i looked down as tears starting to hold up in my eyes''i'm really sorry'

''wel well seems like the prisoners awake''said an unfamiliar guy with an awful hairstyle

''you look awful''nicol said sharply as i glanced his wound in his arms''who are you?''he asked

''youre pretty stupid nit to know who we are''the guy with the awful haircut proudly said

yeah were famous''the guy behind him added''we are the mighty bandits.which popular in the most of delinquents in palantine city''

''well thanks for the money from now ''he said as he waved the money on his hands

wait...that's reijis money she used to pay our bills when we were eating

yeah...reiji always bring huge amount of cash...that's why

''you three better do what we say and don't do anything stipid''

delinquent?so of of them.probably know where.rindou is?and eindou is yahiros friend so probably rindou can lead us the way to where yahiro was