Chapter 430:

Chapter 430: Remembering

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 430: Remembering

Narrator: Zeth finds himself in a bad situation against Paul.

*Zeth is just sitting against the wall with a blank stare*

Zeth: (Thinking) How did it get to this?

*Zeth starts having a flashback to the end of his time in the prison*

Zeth: (Thinking) The prison…

*In the flashback, Zeth recovers Paul from the torture room*

Zeth: (Thinking) I saved Paul from being further tortured after he became too tired to continue working…

*In the flashback, explosions start happening in the prison*

Zeth: (Thinking) The explosions…

*In the flashback, Zeth and Paul run as more of the prison explodes*

Zeth: (Thinking) That’s when Crimson attacked the prison and started blowing it up…

*In the flashback, Zeth and Paul encounter some guards and try to run past them. Zeth is able to get past but Paul is caught which is followed by Paul and the guards being caught in an explosion*

Zeth: (Thinking) That’s right. Then an explosion happened in the room.

*In the flashback, Paul’s body is on the ground scorched and dead*

Zeth: (Thinking) That’s right. Paul was killed by the explosion and I saw what was left of his body with my own eyes. I was able to escape the prison and I thanked Paul during my last look at it.

*The flasback ends and Zeth opens his wide and with focus. He then stands up*

Zeth: Paul died in the prison and I saw it with my own eyes. You’re nothing but a fake!

Paul: Oh, am I? I can tell you those wounds I have dealt you are very much real.

*Zeth dashes towards Paul with great speed and punches him hard in the face which knocks Paul back*

Zeth: I’m not saying that you’re not real. I’m just saying that you are definitely not Paul. Just because you can mimic his appearance and voice doesn’t mean you’re him.

*Paul stands up and is rubbing his face*

Paul: You finally got a hit on me.

*Zeth starts moving towards Paul*

Paul: But if I wasn’t Paul, how would I know that we met when we were 9 years old in our elementary school gym class because neither of us could find a partner? How about when we first went to do a game of laser tag at a game center in the city of Kunasha? We were on the same team and argued about who got the winning point.

*This makes Zeth stop in his tracks as he feels mental pain and holds onto his head. Paul smirks and then uses his leg to swipe Zeth off his feet. Paul then punches Zeth hard on the chin which makes Zeth roll back on the floor*

Zeth: But… how did you know that!?

Paul: As I said, I am Paul. I know everything we did together.

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: I don’t know what to think now but there is one certainty. I’m not going to just let you kill me!

*Zeth starts charging his magic but Paul still smirks*

Paul: I am your regret. A regret that you can’t face.

*Zeth uses his Chains of Heaven to try to wrap around Paul’s arm. Paul jumps out of the way but the chain still wraps around his leg. Zeth pulls Paul in towards him and then gut-punches him down onto the floor*

*Paul tries to retaliate by attempting to punch Zeth in the face but Zeth moves his head to the side to avoid it and then starts to rapidly punch Paul down into the floor even more. The rapid punches cause the floor to crack and break*

*Zeth starts to cry as he pounds down on Paul. After almost a minute of punching, Zeth eventually stops attacking*

Zeth: I hate that I feel like I’m doing this to my own friend.

*Zeth wipes away the tears as Paul jumps out of the new hole in the floor. Paul looks beaten up*

*Paul can’t get off an attack before Zeth kicks him to knock him back. Zeth then forms a Star Shine Blast in his hands*

Zeth: Just stay down!

*Zeth releases the Star Shine Blast towards Paul and it causes an explosion on contact*

*Zeth falls to his knees in sadness*

Zeth: I’m sorry… Paul…

*Zeth bursts out in tears again*

Zeth: I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean for you to be outright replaced! I love my new friends but you, along with all of my childhood friends, are still a big part of who I am!

*Zeth starts having flashbacks of all his favorite moments with Paul*

Zeth: I aim to move forward but I will always cherish those memories we made! One day when all of the fighting is done, I will look back at all parts of my life! So please… don’t hate me!

*The smoke from Zeth’s attack clears and Paul walks out from it. He looks completely healed but he finally smiles*

Paul: Thank you. You finally remembered it all. You have overcome a regret deep in your heart. Now, I will vanish.

*Zeth looks up in surprise as he stops crying. Paul starts to vanish as he gives his last words*

Paul: Good luck, son of the Light Goddess and my friend, Zeth. Win this conflict between light and dark.

*Paul then fully vanishes*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: Thank you, my friend.

*Zeth walks up the altar. It starts to glow and light shoots out from it and surrounds Zeth, which increases his power and abilities*

Zeth: That’s five of the eight altars used.

*Someone else starts to enter the room. Zeth notices and is on guard*

Zeth: Who’s there!?

*Zeth gets a good look at the person. It’s Randle, one of Zenos’s followers*

Randle: Hello there.

Zeth: Who are you?

Randle: My name is Randle. I am the Deity of Regrets and a follower of the great Zenos.

*This makes Zeth even more on guard and ready to fight*

Zeth: Then I’m guessing you’re the one who spread the dark matter here!

Randle: That is correct. It is my power that made you have to fight an incarnation of your regret.

*This makes Zeth feel anger*

Zeth: You tried to make me fight my own friend!?

Randle: You misunderstand my power. My power brings out your regret and creates an incarnation of it. The power of the incarnation is dependent on how deep of a regret you have. This place left you with a big regret. You did well to overcome it. I certainly did not make it give you words of encouragement at the end. Regret is not my original deity power but I decided to make it mine. My own regrets showed me how powerful they can be. Most that have to fight the incarnation go insane or just outright die. The only way to beat the incarnation is to overcome the regret. You did that successfully but unfortunately for you, you have to fight me now.

Zeth: Bring it! I will defeat you!

Narrator: Zeth defeated the incarnation of his deep regret for Paul but is now faced with Randle, the Deity of Regrets! How will Zeth stack up against him?

Chapter 430 END

To be Continued in Chapter 431: Zeth vs Randle