Chapter 429:

Chapter 429: Zeth’s Regret

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 429: Zeth’s Regret

Narrator: Zeth investigates one of the altars but encounters his old friend, Paul…

*Zeth just looks at Paul, shocked and speechless. Paul looks at Zeth for a moment and then launches towards Zeth, attacking with a punch to the gut. The punch causes Zeth to start coughing*

*Paul punches Zeth again, this time to the face, and it causes him to stumble back. Paul rushes towards Zeth and starts repeatedly punching him. Zeth is still in too much shock to dodge*

Zeth: What is going on…?

*Paul kicks Zeth into a wall. Zeth sits up and his forehead is bleeding from the impact with the wall. He looks at Paul who walks towards him*

Paul: I am angry with you, Zeth.

Zeth: What!? Why!?

*Paul kicks Zeth in the face which knocks his head back into the wall*

Paul: Because you have forgotten about me.

*Paul looks at Zeth with a disapproving expression as he says that*

*Zeth pulls away from the wall*

Zeth: That’s not true!

*Paul grabs Zeth by the neck and slams him down on the ground*

Paul: It absolutely is true.

Zeth: I’m telling you that it isn’t!

*Paul stomps on Zeth’s gut which causes Zeth to cough up blood*

Paul: You are a terrible liar.

Zeth: I’m… not… lying.

*Paul now looks down at Zeth with his eyes open wide with a disapproving expression. Paul then stomps on Zeth’s face and keeps his foot pressed down*

Paul: When you got here, the only thing on your mind and in your heart was how YOU were a prisoner here. No thought was given to your friend.

*Zeth’s eyes open wide as if he realizes it too which makes Paul smirk. Paul then kicks Zeth across the room and starts walking towards him again*

Paul: In fact, you truly forgot about me when you got your “new friends”.

*Zeth starts to stand up but his eyes are still wide open*

Paul: In fact, I’m starting to wonder if you really ever considered me a friend at all. It’s one thing to replace me. It’s another to forget about me in the process.

*Tears start to flow down Zeth’s face*

Zeth: I didn’t. I really didn’t. You are my friend.

Paul: Trying to change things now is hopeless. It’s better if I just kill you.

*Paul starts rushing towards Zeth*

*Zeth tries to dodge Paul but his movements are weak from the shame he feels. Paul starts rapidly punching Zeth. Zeth then finally tries to punch back but his fist is grabbed by Paul before he can land the punch. Paul pulls Zeth past him and then elbows Zeth in the back. Paul then grabs the back of Zeth’s head and slams it down into the floor*

Paul: What’s the matter? Are you really this weak?

*Zeth kicks Paul off of him and looks angry. Zeth stands up and then starts running towards Paul. However, as Zeth runs towards Paul, just seeing Paul’s face is enough to make Zeth feel shamed again*

Paul: I see you are weak mentally as well but that’s not surprising since you forgot about me so fast.

*Paul punches Zeth in the face which causes him to stumble back*

*As Zeth gets rebalanced, Paul is already in point-blank range and smashes his own forehead into Zeth’s, causing Zeth to hold onto his forehead in pain*

Zeth: Why are you doing this!? Forgetting someone isn’t a crime punishable by death!

Paul: It is for me.

*Zeth finally is angered enough that even seeing Paul doesn’t make him stop. Zeth tries to punch Paul but Paul ducks and then thrusts both hands into Zeth’s gut, causing him to feel pain*

*Paul follows that up with a swipe-kick to knock Zeth away*

Paul: You can’t beat me. You will die by my hand.

*Zeth is on his knees in tears again*

Paul: Forgetting me… That is your regret. That is your failure. That is why you won’t leave here alive.

*Paul kicks Zeth upwards and then punches him some more before kicking him against a wall*

*Zeth just sits there with a sad blank stare*

Paul: I will put an end to you. That is the price you will pay for forgetting me.

Narrator: Zeth is hopeless against Paul! What is Zeth going to do now?

Chapter 429 END

To be Continued in Chapter 430: Remembering