Chapter 431:

Chapter 431: Zeth vs Randle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 431: Zeth vs Randle

Narrator: Zeth is confronted by Randel, the Deity of Regrets.

Randle: This is as far as you go. You don’t match me in power and even if you did, you are being weakened by the dark matter so it doesn’t matter.

*Zeth just stares at Randle while Randle just chews some dark matter gum and blows it up into a bubble which then pops. He then goes back to chewing*

*The next thing Randle knows, he is being punched hard in the face which sends him flying out of the room and into the wall of the previous room. Randle has a completely shocked facial expression. The punch was strong enough that blood is dripping from his mouth*

Randle: How did you—!?

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Randle. Randle notices in time to jump out of the hole to the underground room and is now in the air above ground. Zeth launches out of the hole at a fast speed which shocks Randle*

Randle: So fast!

*Zeth grabs Randle’s leg and moves Randle in a position that Zeth is able to kick him in the gut to send him flying back down to the ground*

*Zeth charges magic into his right arm and tries to punch Randle as he falls back down to the ground. However, Randle jumps out of the way and Zeth ends up punching the ground which creates a small crater as well as destroying a wall on one of the ruined buildings*

*Zeth looks at Randle who is catching his breath*

Randle: How? How are you not being affected by the dark matter?

Zeth: I have overcome dark matter’s weakening effects.

Randle: I don’t know how but it looks like I can’t take this one easy.

*Randle starts to charge up his own magic and rushes towards Zeth. They both take a turn punching but both punches are blocked. Zeth then lands a punch on Randle but is then kicked back*

*Randle starts rushing towards Zeth. Zeth creates Star Shards in his hand but, as Randle gets closer to him, Randle starts to look like Zenfaro which makes Zeth hesitate. Randle (looking like Zenfaro) punches Zeth in the face which knocks him back*

*Randle tries to attack again but this time Zeth is able to regain his composure to block the punch*

Randle: You’ve overcome one regret but you’ve certainly got others.

*Zeth turns his block into an attack and uppercuts Randle. Zeth follows that up by kicking Randle back*

Zeth: It won’t affect me that well if I already know that it’s you.

Randle: Or is it?

*Zeth turns his head and sees behind him is Zenfaro. Zenfaro kicks Zeth in the back and knocks him towards Randle. Randle forms a tree in his hand and smashes it down on Zeth as Zeth gets close. Randle starts to form something else in his hand as Zeth lies on the ground*

*Zeth looks up at Randle and sees that Randle has formed a Star Shine Blast in his other hand. Zeth opens his eyes wide and tries to jump away but takes a direct hit from the blast*

*Randle smirks*

Randle: How did you like that?

*Out from the smoke comes two Star Shards which pierce each of Randle’s shoulders. Zeth rushes out from the smoke and grabs Randle. Zeth pins Randle against one of the ruins’ walls and starts bashing his head against it*

*Before Zeth can do anything more, he is hit in the back by a Star Shine Blast from the Zenfaro incarnation and is then kicked back by Randle. Randle goes after Zeth while releasing continuous Stat Shine Blasts which Zeth starts dodging by jumping around*

Zeth: How do you have that attack!?

*Randle laughs*

Randle: Anything that the current active incarnation can do, so can I.

Zeth: Damn!

*As Randle chases Zeth, Zeth starts to form a Super Nova star in his hand*

Zeth: Eat this!

*Zeth throws the Super Nova star at Randle but he dodges it*

Randle: Ha! You missed!

Zeth: Or did I?

Randle: Huh?

*The Super Nova star sets off a giant explosion behind Randle and catches Randle in it*

Randle: Aaahhhh!

*The explosion ends and leaves a large crater in the ground. Randle took a lot of damage from the attack. He steps out of the crater and spits out blood*

Randle: That hurt. I don’t like to feel pain.

*Randle starts to look angry*

Randle: As I mentioned, regret isn’t my original deity power. I am also the Deity of Trees.

*Zeth raises his eyebrow*

Zeth: That doesn’t sound too bad.

Randle: Maybe not but combining it with my Regret powers makes for some very interesting results.

Narrator: Zeth and Randle have begun their battle! What abilities do Randle’s two powers combined have?

Chapter 431 END

To be Continued in Chapter 432: So Young Yet So Powerful