Chapter 6:

An outside stroll

Power of Fear

"So that's basically the gist of it, any questions Ketsuki?" Ken asked.

"Well  actually-"

"Good! Now I am going to give you your first mission." Ken said disregarding what Ketsuki had to say.

"You do know that I have no fancy powers right?"

"Doesn't matter. I will be sending Kumojoshi with you to eliminate a true infected. These are infected who have lost all sense of who they are."

"Ok I feel safe now." Ketsuki said with an evil smile.

"Jin tell them the location of the nearest true infected."


After a few minutes of explaining, Ketsuki and Kumojoshi head out.

"HAVE A SAFE TRIP KETSU!" Aina (Ketsuki's mother) shouts in a loud voice.

"Yes Mom yes.."



"Lets go Ketsuki." Kumojoshi smiles at him.

15 minutes later.

"Kumojoshi, I wanted to ask one thing."

"Go ahead shoot it."

"Why are there only 4 elites of Julius and Arthur? There are 12 months in a year and yet they are called the cycle of 'months' ? And also I am pretty sure there are more than four knights of the round table."

"Oh that, the answer is very simple you know." Kumojoshi said like its no big deal.

"What is the simple answer then?"

Kumojoshi stopped and looked at Ketsuki.

"Aina killed all of them."


"Hard to believe isn't it? Back in the day when there were so many of those elites,  Jin could pin point the location of their headquarters and Aina went at them. Until there were only four left. Do you know why four?"

"Jin can know any info if at least six people know of it."

"Ding, Ding, Ding! That's the correct answer. Oh would you look at what's in front of us."

A human like figure was standing in front of them. Its eyes were crimson red and it was acting strangely, like an animal. Just how Rachel was.

"W-what the hell is that?!" Ketsuki started sweating.

"That right there is our target."

Kumojoshi ripped out a few strands of her hair and threw them in the air. Soon they transformed into a few hundred spiders.

"That is alot but I don't think they will do much." Ketsuki said.

The true infected reached out its hand and clenched its fist. 

Six walls surrounded the spiders and were closing in. Every single spider got crushed by the walls and after that they disappeared like mist.

"Hahaha. Well that went as well as you said. Anyways this one is a 20% True Infected."

"Can you please explain everything before we head into actual combat?!" Ketsuki said with an angry voice.

"Sorry! Don't be mad." Kumojoshi joins her hands together. "The percentage is basically the chance we have to save it."

" thats it. Anyways I think we should retreat."

Kumojoshi rips off a huge bundle of hair and eats it.

"There is no need for that. After all I am the third strongest in our group."

A huge black lump of flesh extends from her behind and eight legs coming out of it. Her hands become black and her hair white. There is only one word that can describe her transformation, 'Disgusting'.

"W-what the fuck?! Thats disgusting and amazing!" Ketsuki screams.

"Lets dance, monster!"

Kumojoshi lunged at the infected and tore its right hand off.

"AGHWYJA!!" The true infected screamed.

It clenched its left fist and six walls attempted to close in on her but before they could even start moving in, she squeezed out off the little gaps and charged at the infected.

It attempted to clench its fist again but Kumojoshi threw webs at its hand from her behind preventing it from closing. And soon enough she ripped its other hand and the infected collapsed.

Kumojoshi returned back to her pretty human form again.

"AHHHH! That was fun." Kumojoshi exclaimed.

"H-ha ha. Y-yeah that really was." Ketsuki said while looking at the infected.

"GHWWUAGVSI!" Screamed the infected.

"Hmmm. So this was a no go huh." Kumojoshi said with a pained voice.

"Ketsuki now comes the important part." 

"Huh? Why the serious tone all of a sudden?" Ketsuki said.

Kumojoshi handed over a gun to Ketsuki.

"You will encounter many enemies along the way. Some that did nothing wrong but were unfortunately on the enemies side. You need to learn to kill without hesitation."

"Okay." Ketsuki shoots the infected right in the middle of its forehead without batting an eye.

"W-wait hold up." Kumojoshi was confused.

"What? I did what you asked." Ketsuki said without fear but looked away from the blood.

"Answer me one question."

"Umm yeah."

"Ketsuki. Have you killed before-"

As soon as she finished her sentence. A white humanoid figure with one wing descended from the sky. It was skinny and had four eyes and two horns on his head.

"AiNa's KiD hUh?! AiNa hAs a KiD??? If I KiDnAP YoU tHeN, THEN We FiNalLy HaVe a ChAnce tO KilL tHaT fUckinG FrEak!"

"What? You wanna kidnap me! Kumojoshi teach this guy a lesson." Ketsuki said with confidence.

"T-This is bad." Kumojoshi started sweating.

"Kumojoshi?....KUMOJOSHI! Don't tell me he is stronger than you!?"

"Thats an understatement.... He is leagues above me...."

"T-Thats bullshit! Who the hell is he??"

"TiMe tO SaY GoOdBye tO yOuR FrIeNd BrAt!"

Kumojoshi pulls out a red gun.

"WhAt ArE yOu GonNa Do wIth ThAt GiRL, ShOot mE? HAHAHAHAHAHHA." 

She points it in the sky and smiles.

"IS tHaT?!"

She pulls the trigger and a red flare is shot up in the sky.

"A flare gun? Whats that gonna do Kumojoshi?!"

"ILl KiLl yoU BeFoRe ShE-"

A Halberd falls from the sky and pierces the white hand of the monster.

"GAAAAAAHHHH!" Screams the monster.

"My, My good thing I gave you that flare gun Kumojoshi." Aina smiles.


"AiNa YoU BaStaRd!!!"

"I will kill you for attempting to touch my Ketsu. 'April of the Cycle of Months'!"