Chapter 1:

I love you

I Turned Into A Boy

Today is the day.

“Jeremiah! Today is the day, I just wanted to say…I…lov...”

*Alarm rings*

A girl sleeping in her bed with her head covered in the blanket and she smashed the alarm with her right hand, the alarm which was on the table. She pulled her pants up folded the blanket and kept it in the corner of the bed. Then she looked into her small mirror which was on the wall.

“Happy birthday to me!” she shouted.

“Wow…I imagined about that scene so many times, I got a dream about it.”

“Oh! I can’t take that scene out of my mind now.”

Then she went to the bathroom with toothpaste and brush. While looking at the mirror on the wall”

“Hello! I’m lily rose, a High school student and today I turned 16… May 5th,2038. Is the day I turned 16. My parents died 4 years ago because of a car accident. I vaguely know what's behind it. But I’m an orphan now. But now I need to go to school.

Today I will be the most popular person. Today I will do what I have practiced for months ” with a grim on her face.

Locks the door with a loaf of bread in her mouth, she ran to school.

She enters the class in a rush and sits in her place. The last bench

Lily thinking to herself, " And the classroom is filled with students, Then a guy comes from the door, He is tall with brown hair handsome and eyes just roll towards him, His eyes are mesmerizing…And his name is Jeremiah. He is active in studies, and sports, and is ideal boyfriend material. And today I will purpose him. Shit! he looked at me. What should I do? Should I smile? Wave! Or ignore, if I ignore he might think I'm rude to him. He is coming towards me, No he might be going to sit in the front seat. What he looked at me again…What! should I do let me wave!

Lily tries to wave

Lily: What! He didn’t respond! Was he not seeing at me…But there is no one behind me. Let me see…shit what should do with my lifted hand in my hair…Let me pretend I’m stretching.

Tries to fake yawn…But it becomes a real one…She embarrassingly yawns in front of Jeremiah who is standing in front of her…waiting to ask something.

Shit! Why doesn’t this yawn finish and my eyes are closed now... Yeah, let me see. Bloody Hell, he is beside me, I just saw it from the corner of my eye…He is standing near my desk,what should I do? Let me handle this calmly…

So…What do you want?” She asked him with a poker face.

He forwards his hand and shakes her hand.

Jeremiah: Happy birthday!

And goes to his place.

Lily: Woahhhh! That was tough…! But! Tihs mekas My haret baet faetsr! I'm soooooo happy, Let him accept it or not I'm going to say how I feel to him today.

4 classes are done and it's lunch break. Takes lunch and eats with her friends, Jessie, and sahisha.

Lily: Hey! Wish me happy birthday!

Sahisha: We already did! Yesterday night…

Lily: But today is my birthday…

Jessie: It's not yesterday, It's today morning.

Lily: By the way, Today I'm going to go for “Code: ImGoingToProposeHimNoMaterWhatHappensEvenIfEarthquakecomesOrEvenIfTsunamiComesAnd-

For the 30th time

Jessie: Don’t you think there is something wrong with your code?

Lily: Yeah I forgot the last part! I think its, “Code: ImGoingToProposeHimNoMaterWhatHappensEvenIfEarthquakecomesOrEvenIfTsunamiComesEvenIfIdie”…or “Code: ImGoingToProposeHimNoMaterWhatHappensEvenIfEarthquakecomesOrEvenIfTsunamiComesAndMathsIsStupid?”

Jessie: No Stupid! It's Way too long and it explains everything, How can that be a code?

Lily: Anyways, I’m going to do it today. She said with very serious intent. So will you give me moral support?

Sahisha: Actually, lily today you're all by yourself…I don’t know what's with this event every year…My dad and Jessie's dad go there always. So we need to go with them to that event. Huh! I need to listen to his bragging now.

Jessie: Yeah…even My dad brags about that one person every time and shows his name on those walls of winners…and tells that old shitty story about him winning...They say they are going to this event for 25 years and can’t miss it.

Lily: So, You can’t come…It's fine. Enjoy!

While getting up…

she standing in front of Jeremiah…

Jeremiah: You called me? Do you have to say something?

Lily Cant look into his eyes straightly, It's not like she doesn’t want to...She can try to look into them but once she sees, when he looks back at her eyes she can't maintain that eye contact…

Lily: Those eyes are beautiful! But dangerous, if I look into them I can’t manage to tell what I want to...Pretend I'm talking to a wall! But I can feel him here. My body temperature is increasing…But I'm going to say...

Lily: “I…. Wanted to….say….”

Jeremiah: Yeah…Say…

Lily: “I…l…love you” AND RUNS OUT OF THE SCHOOL…

Lily: I told him! Shit, I told him…I don’t know how he is going to react to this…I should have stayed and heard his answer…But I’m scared of losing him…And I’m running in the wrong direction but I can’t stop…I don’t want anyone to see my face…I’m happy at the same time…I’m scared...I feel relieved but this energy I don’t know from where I’m getting…

Runs into a group of people and bumps them and falls

Lily: Sorry! Shit, I scratched something…What was that? Anyways I need to go home.

Gets up from there and runs to her house.

Messages about this to her friends;



“Code: ImGoingToProposeHimNoMaterWhatHappensEvenIfEarthquakecomesOrEvenIfTsunamiComesAndMathsIsStupid?”


Lily: Huh! I feel dizzy, It's a cause of running I guess let me sleep.

And she slept.

*Alarm rings*

She tries to stand but falls on her knees.

“Ahh…what happened? I can’t even stand…Let me set my hair.” She looks at her face.

“Whattttttttttttttttttttt!" She shouted…(Sorry beginner’s mistakes from the author)

“Whattttttttttttttttttttt! HE shouted.

Lily: “Why am I getting beard spots”

She looked at her body….


To be continued

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