Chapter 2:

He Saw Me

I Turned Into A Boy

“How did I turn into a boy?” she shouted

What is this…My body has turned a bit masculine and now I have Adam’s apple…And also my genitals...

There is no way I’m going to school like this now…How did this all happen? Is it because I ate a lot of bananas...I GREW A BA…..NO WAyyyyy!!! This must be a dream.

And takes her blanket from the ground and goes to sleep again.

In school

Jessie and sahisha sit on one bench and talk to each other.

Jessie: It's about class time…What happened to lily why did she come!? She is not even lifting her phone…Did things go wrong Yesterday?

Sahisha: She might have come early and Jeremiah might have rejected her….and might have left home.

Jessie: That’s not possible; Jeremiah didn’t even come to school till now.

Sahisha: Here, He comes…He is alright...DO you think something might have happened to her…Or was she embarrassed to come because of her confession.

A teacher enters the class…

Students with the teacher…

“Good morning! Mr.Kruger”

After classes are over, During the lunch break. Jeremiah goes to sahisha and Jessie...It was the first time he had ever spoken to any person till now.

“Hey, where is lily?”…That’s what he asked.

Sahisha: She didn’t come to school, today…

And he left…

Jessie messaged lily…

“Jeremiah asked about you! Where the hell are you dumbass!”(1:03 pm seen)

At lily’s home. (at 1:02 pm she woke up)

She in her blanket, I think it was not just a dream…..ahhhhhhhh!!

Ohhh!! I got a message from Jessie!

Lily: Whatttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!! EVERYTHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN JUST NOW!!! It's all fate!!! Shit!!


Lily: Why god what happened to me! But this might be bad and good at the same time. What if Jeremiah wanted to reject me…if rejects me with a straight face I would have died on the spot of a heart attack (Even though she is medically fit and has nothing).But what if he accepts me then we will have 20 kids together…Heheheh. (with saliva coming from his mouth) Shittttt I can’t dream…There is no I can say “this is me”…How I'm gonna say, “Hey Jeremiah, This is me your lovely lily”…But I need to get out of this mess as soon as possible.

First let me get uni-sex clothes like Hat (in which He rolled his short hair and black), a jacket, pants, and shoes! Done!... Inspector Lily on!

First yesterday I woke up…and then brushed my teeth…There might be nothing in that…wait I scratched my back, then I brushed my teeth…then I had a bath…I ate a banana for breakfast then I went to school then my prince charming spoke with me then, I spoke with my friends then I slept in maths class…Then I banana as snacks…Then I peed twice before confessing Jeremiah, then I ran like a monkey. I can’t remember that properly…After confessing, I don’t remember properly. Did I run…Yes...But wait! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh heads all messy! Then I came home and then I slept and now today I’m a “ Man of culture”…Hehehe…STUPID ME THIS IS NOT TIME TO JOKE! First, let me see what happened…I will go to the place where I confessed.

While leaving the house he sees some bananas on the table…

“I'm not eating a banana in my life again!”

Shuts the door hard!

In school

The school is done and both Jessie and sasisha leaving from school’s gate, Lily just goes pass by them into the school

Jessie: After going home, fresh up and come sahisha near the bridge…We will go to her house at 8 pm

Sasisha: Yeah! Sure.

Lily goes and hides behind the tree…Waiting to see just a glance of Jeremiah’s face…

30mins have passed…Jeremiah didn’t come, It's been a lot of time but still, Jeremiah didn’t come…

Meanwhile, Jeremiah playing football.

And finally, he comes with a bag of shoes in his hand but lily thinks he already left and starts investigating what happened. While he was bent and looking down, a hand on his shoulder came

“It’s pretty bad I can’t find anything”

Mister…Are you searching for anything?

Lily: That voice…I recognize it's Jeremiah…I knew it! It is Jeremiah…What should I do I need to stand straight but…I'm too scared to face Jeremiah this way, What if he hates me because I'm turned into a boy…Is this how it is…What if he recognizes me…But what if I just silently run away but if he calls the police! Then I'm doomed, I Don’t even have Person identification cards. I need to handle this with care…But I'm still bent down, But he is still here…Wait he can’t recognize me, We barely ever spoke to each other. But wait let me pretend I'm going to tie my lays! BUT BOTH OF MY LAYS ARE TIED! It's fine lily…It's fine lily... you are a brave girl you can handle this with care(motivating herself )…

Thought this whole thing in a fraction of seconds.

Yes…I came to see this campus where my cousin studies, Can you tell me where the principal’s office is ”

With a very straight face and manly voice, I told straight to his face.

“Yes…Straight right and then the second left.” He told lily

“Thanks, Then I will take my leave”…Carefully trying to fly away from the scene.

“By the way, What's your name?”

Lily: since my 16 years of life, I have told the same thing to everyone…My name is lily rose…But at that moment I had to tell a man’s name...But nothing struck my mind and my impulses took over my body”

My name is Lil-----“

Then I stopped…Then it struck my mind, That I'm not a girl anymore...I'm, a man to the outer world and I can’t change that fact. It’s something I don’t wish to be but that’s where fate took me. At that moment the only name I got to my mind was….

My name is Lil meddler, Hope we meet again, bye!”

Name of my dad. “Scar meddler”

That was a tough and tense moment but it was fun…I think that’s what love is even though I turned into a boy I can still feel something about a boy…It was not just some harmonious stuff…It is true…

But first I need to turn into a true self…

SO MISION 1 : INeedToTurnBackIntoAGirlBeginsNow!

Day 1 progress…Nothing much found.

Remarks: need to buy men’s clothes and throw bananas out.

I think I need to go home now and eat peaches and sleep…


KNOCK! KNOCK…Knock on the door…

Meddler (lily) in half sleep...Opens the door without checking.