Chapter 10:

Mera Sylvares

Royal Princess of Blood

Mera Sylvares, the second oldest child, and one of the two daughters of Baron Sylvares. Currently serving as a maid in the royal palace and had been for four years. She was still fairly young when she was sent here.

But it didn’t matter, if it was for her family, she would go so far as the royal capitol and serve as a maid. Her household was declining, and her father’s status as a baron was under threat. They were becoming poorer, and the territory was declining. They didn’t even have any decent connections.

Thus, she took it upon herself to become a maid in the palace. Training was not easy, but she still went through it. With now that she was a royal maid, her family now had the backing of the crown. It somehow made their position secure.

There were trying times being a maid, especially when there were guests around to serve. But being a maid, hard work was only to be expected. At least she was lucky that her superiors were kind. In fact, the entire royal family was, unlike a lot of nobles.

Then, it was during her time as a maid did she meet the princess. Estelia Vernisia Wisteria. A girl with beautiful hair of platinum and eyes of hypnotizing crimson. Skin pale as snow, and smile bright as the sun.

She was quite worried and a bit scared the first time she was assigned as her attendant for a short time. She was a princess after all. But that was not all there was to it.

The princess was delicate, timid, and gentle. She was a fragile being. And her family was very protective of her. Mera was worried that she might cause a mess and accidentally do something bad towards the princess.

But her worries were unfounded. The princess was surprisingly well behaved. She did not have much to request. In fact, Mera had less work compared to other maids every time she attended the princess.

As time went on, Mera began to think that Princess Estelia was the purest of all existence. A treasure that must be protected, kept away from all danger. And whose purity must be preserved at all costs.

Then, eventually, they became close, they were able to talk normally. Almost like friends. However, there was always that distance between them. Mera wasn’t the cause of that, but the princess herself. Mera couldn’t understand why.

But she still served the princess proudly.

Then, the accident happened. She didn’t know what happened at first, but when she saw it, the princess was already on the bottom of the stairs. Bruises, head wounded, blood began to stain the floor. Her heart sank as she saw that terrible and terrifying scene.

She could feel her tears flowing down her cheeks as the princess was quickly being treated.

But she couldn’t be more overjoyed when the princess once again opened her eyes.


At the moment, Mera was leading the princess to the baths. It was early in the morning. Princess Estelia’s eyes were still half close, that was understandable since it was still early in the morning, she must still be sleepy. However, she had to wake and clean up.

Today was her etiquette lesson. She had heard that the princess had already gone through that, but she was to take it again. The princess was already graceful though, Mera couldn’t understand why they have to make her go through it again.

Mera had also gone through the same thing since she was to serve as a palace maid. Therefore, learning proper etiquette was crucial. And the instructor was somewhat strict, she was a fellow maid. She would rather not go through that again. She still couldn’t forget how many times she was scolded.

Perhaps that’s just how it is with royalty. Must perfect etiquette.

The way one presents and delivers themselves was important in aristocracy. And the king’s family must be the top of the hierarchy, thus, the way they move must be of the highest class.

They have arrived at the bath. It was a wide pool within a luxurious large chamber. Faint steam emitting from it. It was warmed up by “Heat Stones”, because it was early morning, it was expected to be cold. And the princess shouldn’t endure something like that. She must have a leisurely time.

Mera untied Princess Estelia’s clothes and carefully undressed her. In the process, she was greeted by the princess’ skin as white as snow, incredibly smooth looking and flawless. Every time she saw this, her heart would always beat fast.

Her movement stopped for a moment. She was often a bit flustered by this. The princess had the form of any woman could dream of.


Mera jolted up as the princess softly called her name when she stopped. She had her sweet and innocent smile, which only made Mera more flustered.

“Y-Yes, milady. My apologies.”

She didn’t expect she would act this way. She was more flustered than usual.

She realized the reason for that.

It was because of what happened yesterday. The time when they were together.

The princess was the same as she always was. Perfectly as she was.

But, there was a bit of change. It felt like the princess was more open than before.

Her words when she told her that she wanted to go out, with Mera by her side. It somehow stayed in her mind. Then, while going down the stairs.

It felt like the distance between them that always existed had shortened.

Mera saw a satisfied smile from the princess as she walked towards the bath and slowly lowered down.

Mera could feel a sense of peace from her as she closed her eyes with a wide smile on her face. It was like she was so relaxed, like she had been relieved of something heavy. Mera had also noticed the same thing the day before.

It was when they went to visit the garden. The princess just suddenly plucked a flower and sniffed it, as though she was curious. Not only that, the moment she saw the garden, it was like it was the first time she saw it.

The princess looked extremely happy. Happier than before.

Mera was baffled and astonished the moment she saw that moment.

But then when the princess began touching the wisterias, Mera felt some sort of melancholy emanating from her.

Mera couldn’t understand it. But she wanted to.

Mera left the bath and stood at the door. She was to wait until the princess was finished.

“Princess…” She murmured.

She won’t be serving the princess tomorrow. What a shame, she somewhat wanted some more time with her. Especially with all the small changes she noticed.

After the princess fell from the stairs, there had been indeed some changes. Though only slightly.

It was like the princess became more open. Was it because she nearly experienced death?

Near death experiences often change people because they realize something.

Maybe that was what happened to Princess Estelia.

Mera placed a hand on her chest then inhaled sharply.

She was happy that the princess was still with her. Maybe someday, they could become true friends.

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