Chapter 11:

The Troubled Hidden Assassin (Part 1)

Royal Princess of Blood

I heaved a long exhale as I savored the satisfaction when I submerge myself in the warm bath. I couldn’t be more satisfied. There was also a pleasant fragrance from the water which was almost reminiscent of soap.

Perhaps this water had some cleansing stuff mixed in. Also, did I mention how big this pool is? I mean, damn, I feel like a true big time boss of a mafia or something. No, wait, I am royalty, so it was only to be expected to have this kind of thing. That being said, I already knew this existed from Estelia’s memories. But it was different when experiencing it personally.

I wet my hair carefully.

I am starting to love my hair more. They looked more valuable than jewels to be honest. Again, my treasurable existence itself felt like it was illegal.

I scooped some water and washed my shoulders, then caressing my snow pale skin. It was smooth as always, every part of my body was flawless, without any kind of scratches or scars. I was surprised since this body fell off the stairs. But I guess this healing spell did some wonders.

I looked down at my bosom. I was satisfied with this, truth be told. Just average. Not too big, not too small. This was perfect enough. Too big, and it will be terribly and undesirably troublesome. Too small… Well, if that happened, I would have to wish my seduction skills good luck and hope my target doesn’t mind flat.

Don’t get me wrong, being small is not a bad thing. What matters is the person. And there are just others out there that don't mind such things, I think. I just heard some people say something like that, okay?!

It’s just that, during assasination missions, a decent figure was crucial.

At any rate, I was very satisfied with this body.

I thought about yesterday, and I agonized about the fact that I missed the glow of the wisterias under the moonlight. It somehow slipped my mind. Last night, my mind was occupied and was processing everything that happened.

There were just too many things that occurred which I was not used to. Which came as a shock and confusion to me. It just further supported that this palace just like Estelia so much.

I scooped water and washed my face gently. The warmth of the water touched my face. I deemed it would not burn my skin, so I was not worried.

The events of yesterday came into my mind again.

Why am I bothered by this?


My innocent persona melted away as I stared at my reflection on the water. My usual curled smile became straight, my eyes that were once pure turned cold. My crimson eyes seemed to turn deadly yet indifferent.

I was glaring at myself.

I have begun to realize that this palace, everything that was happening, and that was just a single day, was affecting me already. Ridiculous. Unacceptable.

Ever since I was conscious of everything, even the beginning of my memories, when I was but a very young child, we have been raised and taught not to feel. Not to be clouded by emotions and attachments. For the sake of efficiency. So that the weapons were to be sharp as always. Unhindering. Unthinking.

And I agree.

I only longed for freedom. Not the nuisance called emotions and attachments. Happiness, sadness, anger, fury, yes, such emotions were acceptable. But emotions towards others were not.

I stood up and surveyed the room.


I left the pool and reached out for the towel, wiping the water off my body.

I returned to the act of a pure princess, a smile formed on my face, and my cold eyes turned warm.


I called out to my maid. She entered, seemingly surprised a little. Well, maybe that was because I finished earlier than expected. I was not the type to linger long in a bath anyway.

She led me to the dressing room, there my dress, undergarments, and boots were already prepared. She must have brought them here before I went to bathe.

She helped me dress up.

I was still weirded up by this. Being helped with dressing and undressing. But I’ll adapt in time. It was not like I was embarrassed to begin with. I have complete confidence in my body. I could feel that Mera would even pass out if I try to play around and seduce her, even though she was a woman.

Want to try?

That would have been fun, but alas. I have matters to attend to.

I sat down on a chair and Mera neatly fixed and stylized my hair. She was somewhat enthusiastic about it, it seems.

“There, milady. All done.”

I stood up elegantly after she said it was done.

After leaving the bath, I went straight to the dining room to have dinner. When I arrived, there was only my mother and brother there. I recalled that my father was supposed to go to the forest where monsters were.

He must have assembled the knights early in the morning then set out.

I hope everything will go well. For the purpose of me not being troubled.

“Good morning, dear mother and brother.”

I greeted them as I walked towards a seat and sat down beside my mother.

“Good morning.”

“Great morning, sister!”

A servant served me breakfast and I delicately ate.

“Your instructor should be arriving in two hours.”

Mother spoke to me. My first lesson in the three day weekly classes was etiquette. Even though I believe I was elegant and regal enough, thanks to my experience in the organization, I figured that learning proper etiquette here will be crucial for the future. So I didn’t mind it that much.

Not like I have any much of a choice. Even so, I was still annoyed that my tour of the outside was delayed because of such things.

At any rate, etiquette lessons shouldn’t be too hard.

Just then, I remembered something from Estelia’s memories. The things that I will be practicing.


I groaned internally. Yes, formal dancing. Based on the memories, the dance was somewhat different from my old life that I knew of that was used in formal events.

But that was not all that problem there was. I was more into music. As for dancing, not so much.


I can’t believe I even thought that etiquette lessons were going to be easy.

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