Chapter 434:

Chapter 434: Poleon’s Past

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the 16th arc. The Dark Matter Chronicles: Reaper Corruption Arc.

Chapter 434: Poleon’s Past

Narrator: In the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Poleon sits alone in a room*

Poleon: (Thinking) I’m so close to avenging the Zorens. Thinking about what happened to them always just makes feel me sick.

*Poleon begins to have a flashback*


Narrator: Back when the country that would go on to become Harmone was still owned by the Zorens.

*The Zorens go about their lives in the cities and towns. Everything is peaceful*

*While the Zorens live on Earth, Poleon lives in a small subdimension that can be seen by mortals but not enterable by them. The Zorens built a shrine around this dimension as he is their guardian deity. Poleon looks much less threatening than he does in the present as he looks like nothing more than a humanoid lizard*

Poleon: (Narrating) The Zorens always came to me to help solve their problems. Without violence, I could even put a stop to any major conflict they would get in.

*In Poleon’s flashback, he speaks to a lot of Zorens meeting with him*

Poleon: (Narrating) Almost everyone came to love me and appreciate what I could do for them. Everything was going so well… until that day.

*In the flashback, a meteor comes down from the sky and crashes into the ground which releases a wave of divine energy across the country. Zoren looks helpless as Poleon screams in sorrow, watching the Zorens running for their lives and being killed by the power of the meteor*

Poleon: (Narrating) And just like that, every Zoren was dead. Everyone I had watched over and cared for was gone. I knew that meteor came from Heaven.

*In the flashback, Poleon’s expression turns from sorrow to anger*

Poleon: (Narrating) It was that moment I realized something… Power solves everything. If I had the power, I could have stopped that meteor. Harmona proved that peace isn’t the ideal way to solve problems. The ideal way is to completely obliterate them. Now, Harmona doesn’t have to worry about the Zorens ever again.

*In the flashback, Poleon is approached by a dark mist in his subdimension. The mist forms into a projection of Rayna*

Rayna: Greetings.

Poleon: Who are you?

Rayna: My name is Rayna. I am the Deity of Youth and Beauty. I have come to you because I can tell how much hatred you are feeling.

Poleon: Get to the point.

Rayna: You want revenge against Heaven. But you should also want revenge against Hell because the Dark Goddess also desired this outcome. I am here to offer you a way to get revenge.

Poleon: And what would that be?

Rayna: Have you ever heard of the divine being known as Zenos?

Poleon: No, I haven’t. Who is he?

Rayna: Zenos is the strongest single being that is a part of Earth. He desires to destroy both Heaven and Hell.

Poleon: So why doesn’t he then?

Rayna: About 270,000 years ago, he was sealed in a dimension that he himself created by the former Light Goddess, Zothena. You can talk to him yourself if you want. Despite his sealing, I can still communicate with him interdimensionally.

*Rayna creates a projection of Zenos and Poleon is intrigued*

Poleon: So this is Zenos?

Zenos: You must be Poleon. Rayna has already given me the rundown of what happened.

*Zenos smiles*

Zenos: I can very much understand why you would want to rip out the guts of the Light Goddess for what she did. What Rayna and I are asking is that you help in the process of unsealing me. When that happens, I will begin the process of destroying Heaven and Hell. Both of the goddesses will fall before me.

Poleon: But what could I do to help? I’m weak for a divine person.

Zenos: Not to worry for I will lend you some of my power as a starting point. Using that power, you will train to get even stronger. Just keep one thing in mind. Hate.

Poleon: Hate?

Zenos: Yes, hate. Continue to feel hatred. Make hatred your own. Become hatred. When you feel tired or unmotivated to train, think of what the Light Goddess did to the people you watched over. Use the hatred that you feel from that to push yourself beyond what you think your limits are.

*Poleon looks like he has been inspired*

Zenos: Here is what your objective will be. In order to unseal the dimension that I am in, you will need to clash the powers of both light and dark at the same spot and at a high velocity. That means capturing a divine being of light and a divine being of dark. When that happens, you will use a cannon that shoots those divine beings up into the sky at a high speed and the clashing powers will cause a dimensional tear.

Rayna: We have decided upon the children of the goddesses as our targets. The Light Goddess, Harmona, has one child, a son named Zenfaro. The Dark Goddess, Dakame, also has one child, a daughter named Hamura.

Poleon: So, I just need to capture them? Sounds simple enough.

Zenos: Now don’t get overconfident. Even getting the chance to capture them will be difficult and, right now, even with the power I lent you, you are not strong enough to fight them. You need to train first. Push yourself beyond your limits and I guarantee that you will be one of the strongest divine beings by 30,000 years from now. Not enough to take down the goddesses but certainly enough to defeat and capture their kids. Rayna will assist you.

Poleon: Now that I think about it, why don’t you just have Rayna do this?

Zenos: Rayna is much better at manipulating things behind the scenes than she is being the muscle of a plan.

Poleon: I see.

Rayna: There is always the chance that Harmona and Dakame could have more children which would give us weaker targets to capture but most gods and goddesses of Heaven and Hell usually only have one child each so there is no conflict about who is the heir.

Zenos: Now, I shall lend you some of my power.

*The projection starts to glow and then magic moves off of it and into Poleon*

Zenos: Now, go get to training.

*Zenos’s projection ends*

Rayna: I will be leaving as well. I will keep in contact with you.

*Rayna’s projection ends. Poleon just looks at himself to see the power he has taken in*

*End of Flashback*


*Poleon stands up*

Poleon: I am ready. I will complete my next mission.

Narrator: Poleon’s first encounter with Rayna and Zenos has been revealed! Just what is Poleon’s next mission?

Chapter 434 END

To be Continued in Chapter 435: A Grim Emergency