Chapter 435:

Chapter 435: A Grim Emergency

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 435: A Grim Emergency

Narrator: It’s been a day since the heroes investigated the altars and it is now June 5th, Year 162.

*The heroes are relaxing within the base of the Dark Matter Clan until, suddenly, they hear someone yelling*

???: Everyone, come here! Quick!

*The heroes and the rest of the Dark Matter Clan go to the main room where they find Alaina with an injured grim reaper*

Commander Moss: What’s going on?

Alaina: While I was out on recon duty, I encountered this grim reaper.

*The reaper looks at everyone and reacts when he looks at the heroes*

Mark: Zeth? And the rest of his friends?

Zeth: Wait… are you Mark?

Mark: Yes! It’s good to see some familiar faces. Normally, I would crack a joke but now is not the time for that.

Sasha: Tell us what is going on.

Mark: At the Palace of the God of Death, things have gotten really bad!

Alaina: He let me know on our way here. It has to do with dark matter.

Mark: Yes, some guy named Poleon is spreading dark matter there. It’s corrupting my fellow reapers! It’s a grim emergency!

*Zeth, Sasha, Joe, Emily, and Keith feel anger hearing about Poleon*

Zeth: Poleon… It’s about time he was taken out.

Commander Moss: The question is how do we get there? Our portal can’t take us to divine dimensions.

Mark: I can get you there.

Keith: You really have that power?

Mark: Of course. After all, taking people from this dimension to that dimension is my job.

Kennedy: Excellent. Then we need to go there at once.

*Mark creates a roofless skull car*

Mark: This is how we are getting there. There isn’t enough room for all of you, however.

*The five heroes, plus Raider, Easia, Kennedy, Alaina, Gice, and two of the Dark Matter Underworld natives get in*

Commander Moss: Good luck, everyone.

Major Smithy: We hope for your success, comrades.

Major Tarres: Try to bring back some useful assets if you can.

Mark: We’re off.

*The car then instantly vanishes*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Miranda.

*Miranda still meditates while the power emitting from her body grows even stronger. The whole inside of the temple is filled with her overwhelming power*

*Miranda opens her eyes again, which are still very demonic-looking, and then holds her arms out wide. She then crosses her arms mummy style. All the power in the room stops flowing and then starts to go back towards her*

*All the power starts to return to her body. Her demonic appearance starts to increase, including giving her pointy ears*

*She stops the power and then she starts to return to her normal human appearance*

Miranda: My meditating is done. If necessary, I can now fight with my full power. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that. I would hate to have to tell Zeth that his step-mom isn’t human.

*Miranda stands up starts to leave the temple*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zonbi.

*Zonbi comes out of a portal that was created by the Deity of Portals. She is on top of an old-looking castle structure*

Zonbi: Alright, I’m here. This is the top of the lair of the Deity of Undead. Should make infiltration pretty easy.

*Zonbi breaks through a part of the lair that has a glass ceiling. She lands on the floor inside and starts moving. She doesn’t get far before finding some undead monsters*

Zonbi: None of you will be any problem for me to deal with.

*Zonbi attacks the creatures in front of her with kicks, knocking them away from her. Some other undead monsters notice her. Zonbi looks at them and holds out her right arm. She does a “come here” motion with her hand as she smiles*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*There is an old run-down double door gate that has nothing past either side. Suddenly, it starts to open with light shining out from the space that is revealed by the opening. The doors open fully and out comes Zenos even though the gate technically doesn’t have anything on the other side*

*The doors close but the whole gate looks like it is coming close to collapsing*

Zenos: Judging by the condition of the gate it looks like no one has taken care of it in a long time. I guess I will take them by surprise. I feel so nostalgic being here.

*Zenos takes in the view of Hell*

Zenos: Yes, very much nostalgic. I can’t wait to see the look on the Dark Goddess when she realizes I’m here. Sorry, Dakame, but this is the land of my father. I have every right to be here.

*He smiles*

Narrator: The heroes are on their way to the Palace of the God of Death! Miranda has finished meditating. Zonbi infiltrates the lair of the Deity of Undead. And Zenos has made it into Hell.

Chapter 435 END

To be Continued in Chapter 436: Corrupted Reapers