Chapter 433:

Chapter 433: Lacking Understanding

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 433: Lacking Understanding

Narrator: Zeth’s battle with Randle is over.

*As Zeth looks up at the sky, some angels arrive in the area behind him. The angels notice him*

Male Angel 1: Wait, who is that?

*Zeth turns around a bit to start looking at them*

Female Angel 1: Wait. Is that… Prince Zeth? It is!

*She starts waving*

Female Angel 1: Hey, Prince Zeth, over here!

*Zeth turns his back to them and then starts running*

Male Angel 2: Wait! Why are you running!?

*The angels start running after him. Zeth turns and runs behind some ruins. When the angels get there, Zeth is completely gone*

Female Angel 2: Where did he go? Why did he run? I’m so confused.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona starts talking to herself*

Harmona: I was able to watch that whole battle. He fought so well against a deity. How has he improved so much in a short period of time? And yet, he ran from the angels. I don’t understand why. He went into a portal and then I lost my ability to watch over him again.

*Kurt and Zaydra enter the room that Harmona is in*

Zaydra: Sorry for intruding but we overheard what you were saying. Zeth was on Earth and fighting and then ran from the angels you sent?

Harmona: Yes.

Kurt: He probably went back to the Dark Matter Underworld. We need to go there and ask him what is going on.

Zaydra: I agree. We can’t just sit here and continue to lack understanding of the situation.

Harmona: You can’t go until either Kurt finishes his training or our R&D department finishes their project.

Kurt: Fine. I’m going right back to training.

*Kurt leaves and Zaydra follows him*

Harmona: It’s hard on them to wait but I too want to know.


Narrator: Back to Zeth.

*Zeth gets back to the Dark Matter Dimension via a portal and he finds that the other heroes are already back before he was*

Zeth: You’re all back already?

Keith: Yeah. There wasn’t really much resistance at the shrine I went to.

*Sasha takes a good look at Zeth*

Sasha: You’re hurt. What did you encounter that the rest of us didn’t?

*Zeth sits in a chair*

Zeth: I encountered Randle, the Deity of Regrets.

Commander Moss: A deity? Everyone else only encountered some weak monsters. What happened?

Zeth: The area that my altar was at was underneath the Hawk Clan prison that I was imprisoned in.

Sasha: (Thinking) So that was what was on his mind.

Zeth: When I first got to the altar, I encountered my old friend, Paul, who died when we tried to escape the prison.

Emily: What? How?

Zeth: It turns out that it was an incarnation of my regret which I found out after we fought which is where most of the damage I took was from. It was after that that I found out the incarnation was made by a deity. I fought the deity and gained the upper hand, but he ended up retreating. After the battle, some angels arrived but I decided to run. They wouldn’t have understood why I was here and I don’t think my mother would have either.

*Kennedy looks concerned*

Kennedy: This all has me concerned.

Joe: Why?

Kennedy: Why was there such little resistance? All they had was one deity and some weak monsters to defend them?

Commander Moss: I think I’m starting to know where you’re going with this.

Kennedy: I am highly worried that this was just a diversion to distract us from a much bigger plan. They have us and Heaven focused on these altars. It would be the perfect time to launch something much grander.

*Everyone else starts to look concerned as well*

Commander Moss: Yes, you could be on to something. We will need to increase our reconnaissance.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Miranda.

*Miranda continues to meditate in a temple. Powerful demonic energy continues to emit from her. Her eyes look even more demonic*

Miranda: I’m almost there. Soon, I will be able to unleash my full power if need be.

*Her skin starts to become grayer. Little creatures that are lurking about in the temple are killed just from coming into contact with her power*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Zenos’s lair.

*Zenos stands up from his chair*

Zenos: So, they split into two teams. No matter, I know how they will be dealt with… while I go pay the Dark Goddess a visit. One of their teams will meet an end by my most vicious pet. The other team will get farther but will be overpowered by my most powerful followers.

*Zenos starts walking towards the exit of his very large domed room*

Zenos: I can tell I’m about to have some fun. And while I do that, my other plans will move along nicely.

*Zenos starts walking down the steps out of his room*

Zenos: Oh I can’t wait to meet you, Dark Goddess. I’m sure you will find my visit shocking to say the least. You won’t even know how I entered. Hmhmhm hahahahahahaha!

Narrator: Was the altar plot really just a diversion? Will Zenos successfully infiltrate Hell?

Chapter 433 END

To be Continued in Chapter 434: Poleon’s Past


Arc Completed: December 22nd, 2017