Chapter 6:

Go there and bring it!

Dreams of Reality

       When you get home, please bring all the things written on the other side. Very urgent.

       It was written on a note hanging on the fridge. I was surprised by how big the paper was compared to the amount of text on it, but when I turned it around, I was even more surprised. There was text all over it. A shopping list so big that one person could not carry it in one go. Or things like visiting a tailor to get the suits?

       And then it dawned on me. I forgot about the funeral that should take place soon. I think like next week maybe? Anyway, there was nothing left than go out and start doing things one by one. I won't even think about how much this ruined my plans for today. Instead of resting, I am going to run around with god knows how many things.

       But that word urgent was screaming that I shouldn't let it be. Not really the best thing to do but so be it. I walked out of my house with the most annoyed face and once again scanned the paper. I decided that the first thing I will do is visit the tailor. Who even buys clothes there when you have everything in shopping centers.

       Thank god that we have every store needed in our district, so hopefully, it won't take that much time. My point was proven right when I reached the tailor shop faster than the snap of a finger.
       I checked the note again for some instructions, like what am I supposed to say to get the suits. It said that all I need is to say my name and that they are expecting me in all the places where I am supposed to go.

       That is pretty nice. I went in there, and said my name and that I should have an order. A nice guy gave me three packages that fit in my bag perfectly. I rushed back home to empty my backpack and went to the next stop, the shop. I hope that one bag will suffice with how many things I am supposed to get there.

       When I was shopping, I noticed how many people were there. The shop isn't that big, so around 10 teenagers running around made the shop feel full and busy. It was in fact very annoying, especially in front of the cash registers.

       They crowded the entrance so you could not tell where the line starts. I hate people like them. Can you just stand somewhere else? I bet one person wanted to buy something and they went all inside with him. It stopped bothering me when I got into a line and only two people were in front of me.

       The first person was quick, he had only a few things, but the second... It was a girl probably my age with dark purple hair and two small french pigtails that she had along her face, long like her face, and the rest was loose.

       Never seen a haircut like this before honestly. Thank to her unusual appearance I almost forgot why I noticed her in the first place. Her credit card was declined. I could read her face asking if I am in a hurry, so I tried to look relaxed as much as possible to not stress her even more.

       She was shaking so much when she pulled out her phone to try if that will work. Thank god it worked. She packed her things and rushed out of the shop lighting fast. What a weird encounter.

       My payment went smoothly, and I went home to deliver what I have bought. I noticed on my way that it was getting kinda late. I doubt that I will be able to do everything on the list today.  But what will happen if I don't? I don't believe that everything is so important that it needs to be done today.

       When I arrived home, my parents were already there. My mom asked me if I took the paper that was on the fridge. I said yes and then she started to explain to me that it wasn't meant for me, but I am kind that I did some of these things. Now that is just ridiculous. Instead of doing nothing, I did the work of someone else.