Chapter 21:

A Break

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

When the door of Mitsubushi Tea House opened, a few people inside were startled when they saw the visitors. "It's true that they were on good terms," ​​whispered one of the members of another family.

This tea house was a beautiful place used as a playhouse by some gangs and families in a quiet neighborhood. Although it usually hosts games such as mahjong and go, the backyard of the tea house was designed even for archery.

A few of the Fumikaze and Sakurai families moved on to two of the mahjong tables. Others saw their acquaintances from other families and dispersed. While everyone was immersed in their own game, one of the waiters said to the other, "This is the first time we have so many customers from different families, but it's a more peaceful environment than I expected." said.

"Exactly.'' The other one was answering when someone from the Sakurai Family grabbed the collar of one of the Fumikazes on the pretext that he was cheating. Although the other party objected, the individual Sakurai was not convinced. A few minutes of quarrel turned into insults. The waiters in the kitchen also filled the hall to break up the fight, but they could not prevent it.

The fists were about to talk. "What do you think you're doing?" With the question, everyone stayed where they were and looked in the direction of the door where the voice came from. Eita stared hard at the crowd of men. Ando, ​​right behind him, sighed, "The idea of ​​having fun together was really ridiculous." said. He looked at the face of the man at the center of the fight so much that the man quickly removed his hand from the other man's collar and apologized. The fact that he had disappointed his young master made him feel very ashamed.

The head waiter jumped up and said, "Fumikaze-sama, Sakurai-sama! I'll get your sweaters." he greeted them. Two young bosses who handed their cardigans to the waiter both sighed and sat down at an empty table, ignoring their men who started a fight.

The owner of the tea house appeared and hosted two of his customers. At this time, there was no sound in the hall. After Eita greeted the owner of the tea house and ordered the tea, he turned to his own men and "So, what were you fighting for?" he asked. Ando was apologizing to the owner of the tea house at the time for the mess his men had made.

After listening to his men, Eita thought for a while and said, "I think you should have chosen a harder game to cheat so that you can trust each other." Listening to the conversations, one of the Sakurai members asked, "Does Fumikaze-sama have a game suggestion?"

Eita thought for a while, but the answer came from Ando. "How about arm wrestling?" he said. A burly man from another gang asked, "Will there be outside participants as well?"

"Sure, why not?" Eita replied. After some discussion, they scribbled the participants and pairings on a piece of paper. Despite the insistence of family members, neither Eita nor Ando agreed to be contestants. One of the big waiters of the tea house was going to be the referee.


Eita stepped out onto the porch of one of the private tea rooms and lit a cigarette. One of his men opened the door of the room and said that they would go to a celebratory drink and the Sakurai Family would cover the expenses. Eita said he wouldn't participate and warned them not to mess around too much.

After his man had gone, he sat down on the porch, leaning against the pole behind him. The sky was quite cloudy. He glanced at the garden as he inhaled his cigarette. The dim lighting of the large garden was not enough to reveal the colors of the trees that had not yet fallen leaves.

The shadow emanating from the porch of the next room gave him a startle. It was Ando. "The weather has gotten pretty cold," he said. Eita did not let the smoke he inhaled into the air for a while. He was watching him.

Then he let out slowly, "Isn't Generous Sakurai-sama going to the party?" he asked. He had tried to hide his joy that he hadn't gone, that he had stayed with him. "You know I have to get up early." Ando said and shrugged. Then he slowly came to her but did not sit down.

He looked at the thin kimono on Eita and said, "You're going to be sick." He took off his cardigan and draped it over his shoulders. "You?" Eita asked.

Ando, ​​unscathed, turned around and said, "I'll sit inside." He walked towards the room. Eita watched him until the graceful body in the lilac kimono with thin white stripes disappeared into the darkness. Then he put out his cigarette and went inside.

He didn't know where Ando was until the small, dim chandelier in one corner of the room went on. As Ando provided the dim lighting, "It may be that there was no way back to us as everyone went to celebrate after Yamato-san, who came in at the last moment, came first." he said. Eita sighed, "They even forget their own bosses when they say free alcohol." he said.

Ando smiled slightly. Since he stood a little in front of the dim light, the light that hit his face glimmered faintly on his cheeks. Watching him, Eita wished he could stay longer in this room like this. However, knowing it would be short-lived, he gave up and threw himself on the mat.

Ando looked at Eita for a moment, who looked annoyed. He didn't know if there was a particular reason why he looked depressed. Again, the messy kimono he wore was even more messy because of the way he was lying on the mat.

Ando took his attention away from Eita's gaps and looked at his phone in his pocket. He wanted to check the time, but he also saw the reminder on his phone. He forgot about his after-class meeting tomorrow.

"Yamato-san's victory is also commendable, but..." he said to distract himself. Then he laughed and said, "He easily beat one of my men, who is thirty kilograms heavier than him, in arm wrestling." he added.

Eita scratched his head and said, "Even though we grew up together, I suspect he could be a terminator sometimes." Ando laughed at this comment. Then, turning towards Eita, "I wonder... Which of us would have won?" he asked.

A few minutes later, they sat across from each other at the tea table and took up the wrestling position. Eita sighed with his eyes closed, "I can't believe I'm doing this." he said. He was sure that he would beat him anyhow. He suspected that Ando would do a little trick. However, it still wouldn't help.

Ando started counting down from three. When he said "One" they both hung on their wrists. Eita was surprised at Ando's strength. He was holding up better than he had expected. He'd beat it if he hung on a little longer, but he wanted to watch Ando struggle a little more.

Ando's ears began to turn red as he stiffened himself. It was obvious even in the dim light, but Eita didn't want to show that he noticed and make Ando to shy away from his concentration. He was going to watch this cute scene a little longer and then grab his wrist and beat him.

Ando realized that he would be defeated, but he wanted to use his strength to the last drop. He wasn't actually a weak arm wrestler. He was very strong against him. "Look who calls Yamato-san a terminator..." he muttered to himself.

When he opened his eyes, which he had closed to concentrate on his strength, he saw their clasped wrists. Eita's hands, which were slightly larger than his own, seemed bigger and stronger to him now. The prominent veins on Eita's forearm caught his attention. These were not always evident. Sometimes that's how Eita's arms bent over him, supported by the bed, looked just during that job. Just behind the clasped hands, Eita's extremely deep cleavage was also visible.

Watching how Ando struggled, Eita couldn't understand the sudden change in the expression on Ando's face. Involuntarily, he slightly reduced his strength. He focused his attention on Ando's face to understand what had happened.

Ando had forgotten for a moment that he was in the middle of arm wrestling, though it didn't lessen the strength he gave to his wrist. As he watched Eita's forearm, only one wish came to mind: He wanted to eat his hand, his arm, his neck, everything.

Eita withdrew with a momentary instinct. Ando knocked over Eita's wrist. But he was still staring at the hand he was holding. Realizing that he had won, he happily took his hand and raised it in the air. "I won!" he said.

Eita, on the other hand, was still looking at him strangely. At the same time, he was covering his head. He squinted, "You cheated, but I didn't understand how you cheated." he muttered. Ando let go of his joy and said, "I didn't cheat. How can I do it?" Eita dejectedly threw himself back and swirled around, "Oh... What a nice wish I had when I won!" he said.

Ando was surprised again, "Will I have my reward too?" she asked. Eita stopped turning and looked at his childlike lover. "Of course! What do you want?" he asked. "Can I tell you another time?" Ando cheerfully asked. Eita agreed with a smile.

Ando walked on his knees and sat next to Eita. It was right on your head. "What would you want if you had won?" he asked. Eita pulled himself up and buried his head in Ando's knee. "To spare me tomorrow afternoon," he said.

"You don't need to win contests for things like that..." Ando replied. Eita excitedly raised his head, "So you're going to save it for me?" he asked. Ando sullenly said he had another job tomorrow afternoon. He did not clearly explain the details of the work. This made Eita suspicious.