Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Kaiju Boom!

How It Started

Goko laid asleep early that morning in bed. She turned and rolled to her other side where she then cuddled up against a pillow. “Bintaro…” she spoke softly, not waking from her deep sleep.

“Not quite, but who needs him when you got me?”

“Mmm…” She then slowly opened her eyes to the sound of the voice in her room. Her eyes then popped open when she saw Bermuda laying beside her in bed with his hand rested beneath his head.

“He-“ He began before Goko screamed,

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?!!!!!” And she struck him in the face before she turned and threw him out of her bed. She lunged from her bed and went to attack him again when he then held out his hands and surrendered.

“Wait! Wait! Stop!! I give up!!!”

“Who are you and how did you get in my room?!?!!! How’d you even find my house?!?!!!”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” He responded as he got to his feet and looked her up and down. She wore a large white t-shirt and a baby blue pair of panties with a panda on them. “What do we have here?” He then squatted down to get a better look at the panda, “I’ve never seen such a-“

“BACK OFF!!!!” She screamed as she rammed the sole of her foot into his face. Bermuda quickly bounced back before saying,

“Wow, you’re really violent and scary!”

“WHY WERE YOU STARING AT MY CROTCH YOU PERVERT?!?!?!!!!” She yelled in response as she pulled her shirt down to cover her panties,

“I had no idea what that thing was on them! For all I know it was a stain!”


“The hell’s a panda?”

“I-“ she growled before saying, “Get out!!! GET OUT!!!” She then walked over to him and went to push him out of her room before he grabbed her wrists and pulled her in close. He wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted her chin with his other hand. He looked her in the eyes as he said,

“I’m fond of you, Metsuha.”

“I-IT’S MESSUHARA!!!” She said as she broke away from him, “NOW GET OUT!!!” She then began to force him out of her room before he asked,

“So tell me, why are you still with your boyfriend?” Goko then froze as he continued, “Why want someone like him when you can have whoever you want?” He then turned to her and looked her in the eyes, “Like me?” She pouted before giving him a evil glare,

“YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE!!! I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU!!!” She then punched him in the face before she slammed the door to her bedroom. She sat against her bedroom door and took a deep breath before she slid onto the floor. After a few moments she turned and pressed her ear up against the door, she couldn’t hear anything from the other side. With a sigh she stood up and opened her bedroom door, he wasn’t in sight. She raced down the hall to the bathroom where she quickly shut the door behind her. With another sigh she shook her head and said, “What a creep. Perhaps I’m just imagining things, there’s no way anyone besides Bintaro knows where I live.”

She then undressed herself and threw her clothes in a hamper before turning the shower on. Once the water was on she stepped inside and began to clean herself off. She paused for a moment to look down and give her stomach and side a gentle squeeze. Chubby. Her expression saddened as she said, “I’m so fat…I’ve been working with the miners for so long and I haven’t lost any weight…” She then began to wash her hair with shampoo and conditioner before applying body wash. After she rinsed herself off she turned off the shower and stepped out. She grabbed her towel on the back of the bathroom door and wrapped it around her body, before wrapping another around her hair. She wiped off the mirror before she began to brush her teeth.

“Maybe while I find ways to lose weight I can fix my teeth…” She thought as she looked at herself in the mirror, “Seriously…why couldn’t I have normal teeth? Why couldn’t I be skinny?” She then spat in the sink and rinsed out her mouth before leaving the bathroom. Once she was back in her room she started to get dressed for work. After grabbing her phone she walked down the stairs and came to the living room before she headed for the door. She slipped her heavy boots on before she grabbed her hard hat and heavy mining jacket before she left the house. She made the climb up and out of the cave before coming to the site where she waited for her coworkers. Once everyone had arrived the work day began!

Goko first found herself going into the mines where she’d start working with a pickaxe! Bermuda happened to be there and she chased him around with it before she eventually whacked him over the head! Nice! Later she was out in the open working with some large pieces of stone from the mines. She used a Jackhammer to chip away with it before Bermuda then appeared yet again! She chased him around before hitting him a few times in the face with the machine! PERFECT! When she got by herself she pushed the minecars full of stones and debris but felt Bermuda’s presence behind her. She merely stepped to the side and-

マ イ ン カ ー の 影 響!!!!



















Halfway through the day, the lunch break began. Usually the group she was employed with catered lunch for the workers! Which is usually what she ended up doing! She took her lunch and sat at a table usually far away from the crowd. As she began to eat, someone then came and stood at her side, “Mind if I sit?” A male’s voice came,

“Oh uh…” she turned to him only for her face to turn dark red. The man was one that had been working at the mines for a long time now, and she was REALLY fond of him. Before she dated Bintaro, this man was the one that she loved. He wasn’t much taller than her in her human form. He stood at 5’2” and was very sticky and muscular! He had shaggy shoulder length red-brown hair, tan skin, square jaw with stubble and slit eyes. “Uh…uhhuhhauhwha…”

“Okay,” he said with a smile as he sat beside her, “I noticed that you’re new here. You usually keep to yourself, but I thought I’d be the first to make a connection. I’m Dai, nice to meet you.”

“F-First name basis?!?!?!!!!” Goko said to herself,

“And you?”

“OUHIUH-!!!” She cleared her throat before saying, “M-Messuhara Goko.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Messuhara.”

“Y-Yeah, you too, Dai.”

“You’re always here so early, you get here before me. Do you have a cabin nearby?”

“Oh uh, you could say that.” She said with a soft giggle as she scratched the back of her ear,

“That’s nice, do you live alone?”

“I do,” she responded, “What about you? Where do you live?”

“I live in a village near the base of the mountain, it’s right next to a Yakisoba shop.”

“Oh, do you live alone?”

“Not really, I live with my very special lady.”

“O-Oh…your girlfriend?”

“Hm? Oh! No!” He said as he pulled a locket out of his shirt and showed it to her. When he opened it he showed off a picture, “My mom. She had a bad stroke, so she’s been living with me ever since while she recovers. Though she’s always had lower back problems.”

“What’s wrong with her back?”

“Ah, even though I’m not very blessed vertically, I was born rather large. Since then I’ve only really gotten bigger. It caused her great pain when I was bored, and it’s caused her pain later in life.”

“Oh, I see, that’s unfortunate.” She then turned to his arm to see how massive his biceps were. It made her face run hot and her throat became dry. Bintaro had muscle, but he was a needle compared to this! His muscles were part of the reason she liked him so much. Whenever she was beside him, he made her feel thin. “Mind if I touch them…?”

“Hm?” He turned to her gaze before he chuckled and said, “Yeah, sure.” He lifted his arm and she gave a girly giggle as she began to squeeze and punch his muscles. They felt like the metal wire cables that held bridges together! The two continued to eat and talk together, HOWEVER!!!!!! In the trees, about fifty or more feet from the site Bermuda crawled through the trees and shrub before he came to Phoebe! She stood with her arms folded and her head turned to Goko and Dai.

“Ah!!! I tried, Phoebe! She’s just so strong!!!” He shook himself off causing the injuries to all heal. He painfully limped over to her where he asked, “What’s the whole deal with Metsuha anyways?” He winced as he rubbed his backside and said, “She just seems overly violent and scary.”

“I could ask you the same about, Bintaro.”

“Fair enough, but my question still stands.”

“It’s a long story,” Phoebe began as she trailed off, “However, when we were kids, my dad died rather early, not only that but I still couldn’t fly yet, and it was embarrassing. The other monsters saw this as me being an easy target, so I got beaten a lot. Eventually, Goko stepped in to protect me and we became friends. I never wanted to leave her side, and eventually I fell in love. When Goko’s dad died, and her mom left, I decided I needed to be there for her the way she was for me. Since then, I didn’t want anyone else to have her, and even now I DONT want anyone else to have her.”

“I see.” He replied, “I’m the same with my Big Brother, you see-“

“I don’t care,” Phoebe said as she turned and removed her cell phone from her back pocket and opened the camera app. She squatted down before she zoomed in and snapped a few photos of Goko enjoying Dai’s company. “You did a good job, however, I think if we show these to pics to her boyfriend,” she turned to Bermuda and showed him the pictures, “I think it’ll pull them apart.”

“Wow,” he said, “They look like they’re dating.”

She scoffed before giving a growl, “Y-Yeah! That’s the point!”


“Now let's go, I’ve got a boyfriend to see.”

“We? What about me?! We’re a team!”

“No, you should keep doing what you’re doing, at least try again once.”

“Ugh, fine!” He groaned as a bell went off and Goko and Dai turned and went back to work. Bermuda placed his hands in his pockets as Phoebe turned to walk in the other direction. “Well, this partnership has been fun.”

“Indeed it has.”

SSSJPDS Headquarters

By the time Phoebe made it to Bintaro’s workplace the work day had nearly come to an end. She dashed over to him as fast as she could before stopping in front of him. “HEY YOU!!!” She said out of breath,

“Ah, Phoebe-San, what brings you-“

“I have to show you something!!!” She said as she pulled out her phone before she shoved it in his face, “LOOK!!!”

“Hm?” He paused before backing up a bit to get a better look. He swallowed heavily before asking, “Is this…Messuhara-San…?”

“It is!” She replied, “As her boyfriend I thought I’d tell you first!!!”

“I see…thanks for telling me.”


As the work day finally came to an end Goko walked side by side with Dai, “I really enjoyed working with you today!” Goko said with a smile, “I don’t mind working on my own, however, it was a bit easier and a lot more pleasant with you around.”

“Don’t mention it, I always try to help out any way I can no matter who it is.”

“That’s nice,” she said with a smile as she removed her hard hat and tucked it beneath her arm. “So…um, do you have any plans later?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I wanted to know, I guess, if you wanted to-“ She then paused as she suddenly remembered Bintaro. “I-“ She turned and suddenly inhaled sharply through her nose. Bintaro. It was him! Coming up the hill! She was finished! Goko and Dai stopped as Bintaro was then a few inches away from them. Bintaro turned to Goko before saying,

“I think we should talk.”

“I-“ her expression then slowly saddened as he continued,

“Phoebe told me, I’m a bit insulted you didn’t tell me yourself first.”

“I’m so-“

“Is this him?” Bintaro asked as he pointed to Dai. Chills ran up Dai’s spine as Bintaro turned and looked at him. “What’s your name?”

“Dai.” He replied,

“I see,” he then began to approach Dai. He stood there for a few moments before he slowly began to raise his hands. Bintaro then suddenly slapped his hands on Dai’s shoulders before looking him in the eyes, “ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOU!!!” Dai and Goko stood there rather confused, Goko seemed more confused than Dai.

“…eh?” Goko responded,

Bintaro’s eyes began to swell as tears formed in them, “YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! WHEN I FIRST MET MESSUHARA-SAN SHE LIVED BY HERSELF AND DIDNT HAVE MANY FRIENDS!!!” He wiped his tears before looking back into Dai’s eyes, “THANK YOU FOR BEING MY GIRLFRIEND’S NEW FRIEND!!!”

“Girlfriend…?” Dai reaponded,

“I’m his girlfriend…?!” Goko said to herself as her face started to turn red,

“YES!!! MESSUHARA-SAN IS MY GIRLFRIEND!!! I WAS WORRIED SHE WOULD BE LONELY AFTER I MOVED OUT, AND I WAS ESPECIALLY WORRIED IF I EVER GOT SICK AND COULDNT SEE HER!!!! SHE’S JUST A BEAUTIFUL, FUN, AND AMAZING PERSON AND I’D HATE FOR HER TO FEEL ALONE!!!” The moment he said this Goko’s eyes began to dazzle. Dai was the man she wanted for so long, but right now, in this moment, she knew that Bintaro was the man that she needed. “PLEASE BE A VERY GOOD FRIEND TO MY GIRL!!! SHE DESERVES IT!!!”

“Uh…yeah, okay.” Dai said still a bit confused,

“We should all do something!!! Are you free?!?!?!!”

“Oh, I’ve got to get home to take care of my mom, but I’m free on Sunday.”

“Sunday it is!!!”

“I should get going,” Dai said before he turned to Goko and waved, “I’ll see you later, Messuhara.”

“Yeah…bye…” Goko said as he then began to walk off. She was then squeezed rather tightly by Bintaro as he rubbed his cheek against the top of her head.

“I’m so happy!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I’m glad that you’re making friends!!!”

Tears formed in Goko’s eyes before she lifted her arms and hugged him in return. “I was so worried…”

“What do you mean?” He asked,

“I…I used to really like him, I wanted to be his girlfriend, and today as just so nice…I wanted to be with him, and until near the end of the day I completely forgot about you…I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! And then when you said that Phoebe told you, I thought maybe you thought I was cheating , and I know I would never…but-“

“I know you wouldn’t cheat on me,” he said with a smile, “I trust you, Messuhara-San.”

“That makes me happy…” she said as she buried her face in his chest. With tears falling from her eyes she then continued, “I just feel so lonely and unwanted…I-“

“It’s okay, I want you more than anything.”

After a pause Goko said, “There’s no one else I’d rather have as my boyfriend right now…thank you.”

“Of course,” he said, “If you want to make more friends, then let me know, I can help you out.”


How It’s Going

After showering Goko pulled on an oversized shirt and some comfortable shorts before she raced down the stairs. She came to the closet in the entry level where she pulled out a futon before she laid it down in front of the couch. She returned to the closet and grabbed some comforters and a few pillows. Once the futon was made neatly she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a tub of popcorn kernels before she dumped the kernels in a metal bowl with half a stick of butter. She then hoisted the bowl over her head. She turned to the bowl, took a deep breath, and then shot a small continuous heat blast at the bottom of the bowl. The butter began to melt and it covered the kernels before they all began to pop. Once they were fully popped she then quickly turned her head to the door as a knock came from it.

Bintaro was here! It was their first movie night since she helped him get his own place and he moved out. She was so overly excited that she couldn’t even hold it in! With a soft scream she set down the popcorn and raced to the front door and yanked it open. “Hi!” Bintaro said with a wave,

“Heyyyy~!” She said rather lovingly as her eyes sparkled like the night sky.

“Oh! I brought you something!” He said as he held up a plastic bag, “Mind if I come in?”

“Yeah! Of course!” She turned and let him into the living room where he kicked off his shoes. “Come on! Sit down! I’ve already got the popcorn ready!” She said as she closed the door and raced back to the kitchen. By the time he sat on the futon Goko had already come to his side. “So what did you bring?”

“Oh, well, it’s not much,” he said as he began to dig into the bag, “It’s just that, when I told you about paying you back for all you’ve done for me, you said that I should buy something that I thought you’d like. I asked my coworker for advice, and she said I should get something that reminds you of when we first met.” He then pulled his hands from the bag and pulled out two figures, “They call them sofubis! And these ones are of you!!!” He held up the one in his left hand and said, “This is the normal version,” he then held up the one in his right, “And this one is the intimidation version, you can tell because your frill is standing up!”

“Oh, wow.” She said as she picked them up, “I never knew they made these.” With a smile she then asked, “Do they have any of you?”

“Why would they make one of me?”

“Well, I just thought it would be nice, ya know. Then I can have you next to me or whatever, ya know.” She looked into his eyes and said, “I love them, thank you very much.” She set them down before and leaned forward to plant a kiss….on his cheek. Bintaro’s heart began to pick up speed, his face ran hot, his throat became dry.


Goko giggled before she stood up and grabbed the remote from the coffee table. She then moved over to the entertainment center where she went through her Blu-ray’s before picking one out. After putting the disc in the player she rushed back to Bintaro’s side and turned on the TV with the remote. “This is one of my favorites! I wasn’t so sure if I would like it because of how the characters are dressed, but I decided to give it a shot!”

“Well I can’t wait to experience it with you! What’s it called?”

“Cutie Cure Kill! It’s about a team of cyborg girls who can transform into powerful magical girls who have to stop an army of Bird Demons so they can get revenge for their dead mother!”

“Sounds like a lot of fun,”

“Yea-OH SHIT! Lights!!” She then got up and raced to the light switch and turned off the living room lights before she raced back to the futon and sat next to Bintaro. She grabbed the bowl of popcorn and held it in her lap where she started to eat some of it. “Sorry, I just-“ she sighed, “I’m gonna stop talking.” As the movie started playing, Bintaro seemed quite engaged with it. He then became confused when he saw the cyborg girls transform,

“What are they wearing?”

“Hm?” Goko responded, “Oh, they’re just regular bunny outfits, you know, the shiny leather unitards, fishnets, bunny ear headbands, heels, and oftentimes cuffs.”

“Do women usually wear those?”

“Sometimes they do,” she replied, “They’ve got cafes where the female servers only wear those. They’re also popular in anime, tv, manga, there’s even a whole line of figures that have famous characters wearing them.”

“Oh I see,” he replied before asking, “Have you worn one?”

“Hm? Oh! No!” She then gave a soft snicker, “No, God, no. I mean, have you seen me? No one wants to see a girl with my body type in a bunny outfit.”

After a brief pause Bintaro then responded, “I do.”

“Wh-What?!” She replied as her face began to turn red,

“I mean, like, I’d like to see you in a bunny costume. So don’t say no one would want to see you in one, because I do.”

“O-Oh…uh…” She swallowed heavily before replying, “A-Are you sure…?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “You’re my girlfriend, I’d love to see you wear one.”

“Oh…” She responded as she looked down a bit. She pinched part of her chubs still feeling like she was fat. She then turned and looked at Bintaro before she looked back at her body. She sighed before she continued to watch the rest of the movie with him. When the movie came to the end, Bintaro liked how the Magical Cyborg Girls were able to make a wish after they defeated the evil Demon Lord.

“If you could have one wish, what would it be?” Bintaro asked,

“Hm? That’s easy, I’d wish to be human. I hate the fact that I’m a Kaiju. I’m too big, too strong, too in the way, and everyone is afraid of me. Then the ones who aren’t afraid of me want to kill me. I just want to have a normal human life.”

“Hm, I see.” He responded, “However, if it means anything to you, I like the fact that you’re a Kaiju. It’s super cool. I mean yeah, you’re strong, but you’re just as strong, if not stronger, than me. Which is pretty cool considering I’m the top GIBler.”

Goko then snorted before she covered her nose and mouth. “I’m sorry!” She said as she hunched over and began to laugh almost hysterically.

“What’s so funny?”

“I-I-I-“ she then rolled onto her side and wrapped one arm around herself.

“Is it the fact that I told you I’m the top GIBler?”

“STOOOPPP!!!!” She screamed as she began to laugh harder, “I’m gonna pee myself!!!”

“I don’t know what’s so funny about it,” he said as his expression began to flatten,

After Goko nearly stopped breathing, had a coughing fit, and a few deep breaths, she finally calmed herself enough to say, “I’m sorry, it’s just so funny. They really call you GIBler?”

“Yes! All members of the GIB are called GIBlers! We’re under the command of one of the four GIBlets, who all take rule from the mighty and powerful GIBling!” Goko then froze as her eyes began to widen, “No.” She then began to breathe a bit heavily through his nose, “Stop!” Her lips slowly began to curl before they came to a smile. “Messuhara-San, no!” She slapped her hands over her mouth as she slammed her eyes shut and released a muffled scream. She slowly fell forward and rested her forehead on the futon,

“I’m sorry…! I’m sorry I can’t…!” She said, not being able to hold back several giggles, “I’m sorry…! I really am…!” Bintaro sighed as he then sat back and looked back to the TV where the credits of the movie were playing. He gave a shallow smile as he then looked back at Goko. He really loved her laugh! It also made him want to laugh along with her sometimes. With a sigh Goko sat up and asked, “So, what about you?”

“What do you mean?” He asked while turning to her,

“What would you wish for, if you had one wish?”

“It’s simple, I’d wish for a family.” He said as he then laid down on the futon and placed his hands behind his head. “I was taken in by a member of GIB when I was a baby. So growing up, all I ever really knew was the science and exploration of the Galaxy, as well as combat. My parents were long dead, and I really didn’t have much in terms of friends. The member of GIB that took me in was only one of the few people who raised me, so it’s not like I had a steady or consistent parental figure.”

“I see,” she responded as she then laid down and faced him on the futon, “So, when you came to Earth, is that why you asked me to be your bride? Because you wanted a family?”

“Yeah,” he said as he then turned and faced her, “And since we’ve been together, I haven’t regret asking you for a single second.”

“I don’t regret agreeing to go out with you either,” she said smiling, “You know, a year from now, if we’re still together, I want you to ask me to be your wife again.”

“Why a year from now?”

“I’m not quite ready to get married just yet, however, I’m sure that a year from now I’ll feel much differently.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

“I’m glad it does.” She then grabbed onto his hand before she asked, “Do you want to stay here tonight?”

“I have work tomorrow,”

“I know, I do too, but I just thought I’d ask.”

“Do you want me to stay?” He asked,

“Yeah,” she replied with a smile and a nod, “Just for tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll stay.”

“Good,” she then moved closer to him and said, “Tell me about your day, how was work?”

“It was pretty good.”

“Mhmm.” She responded as he then went on to tell her the details of his day. As he told her everything Goko just laid there admiring him. A smile decorated her face, and many other expressions as she reacted to the stories that he told her. The night went on and he eventually ran out of energy and had fallen asleep. As he slept, she couldn’t help but look at his lips. She wanted so BADLY for their lips to meet and never part. She never imagined that she’d have a boyfriend, yet here he was! A gift from the stars.

To Be Continued…