Chapter 440:

Chapter 440: Farewell, Dark Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 440: Farewell, Dark Goddess

Narrator: The battle between the Dark Goddess and Zenos continues.

Zenos: If you thought my Dark Matter Missiles were fun then you will love this.

*Zenos activates the staff. Gold magic balls are continuously created by the staff. They start to change shape and are now shaped like missiles. There are 20 of them*

Zenos: As strong as I am, even I have limits. It’s difficult to create a lot of those missiles at once. But with this staff, it becomes a lot easier. Let’s see if you can avoid them.

*Zenos launches all the missiles at Dakame. Dakame starts running on all fours to avoid them but they change direction and continue to chase her to her surprise*

Zenos: Ah yes, with this staff, I’ve given them tracking abilities too.

*Dakame is able to outrun the missiles*

Zenos: And I made them intelligent. They won’t all chase you from behind. They will work together.

*Eight of the missiles go in a different direction to try and cut Dakame off. Those missiles soon are about to hit her from the front*

Dakame: I can handle this!

*Dakame tries to jump as the missiles reach her. They hit the ground and explode. Dakame comes out of the smoke with more damage taken but is still running. Six of the remaining twelve missiles break off from the rest to try and cut her off*

Dakame: (Thinking) Forget these missiles! He is wide open for attack!

*Dakame starts heading back towards Zenos*

Zenos: Trying to take me out with my own missiles? That’s the oldest trick in the book. You’re going to get them close to me and then jump out of the way. It won’t work.

*However, Dakame never jumps out of the way and punches Zenos hard. The punch causes Zenos to spit blood out of his mouth*

*Dakame quickly gets behind Zenos and then kicks him into the six missiles that were behind her, causing him to take a direct hit. The missiles all explode on contact*

Dakame: I’m not so simple!

*The remaining six missiles that try to cut her off are still heading towards her from the side though. She charges up energy in her mouth and then releases a powerful red beam that destroys the remaining missiles*

*She then turns her focus to where Zenos was hit by the other missiles. The smoke clears and it appears that Zenos took a lot of damage from the direct hit from his own attack*

Zenos: I admit. You surprised me there but that will be the last time. Do you know what your biggest problem is? You’ve landed plenty of damaging blows on me but none did as much damage as being hit with my own attack. You’re in this powered-up form. Let me ask you this? Do you think you could really take me on if I fought all out? If I gave it my all in a fight against you, do you think you would have even the smallest chance of victory? You’re stronger than the current Light Goddess, but you still have a long way to go before you can truly fight me.

*Zenos sheathes the staff and then launches towards Dakame. Dakame tries to punch Zenos but he just grabs her arm and then kicks her on the chin. Zenos starts rapidly punching Dakame and then kicks her which knocks her back towards a mountain*

*Zenos launches himself towards Dakame*

Zenos: Do you see now!? I’ve just been toying with you all this time!

*Dakame charges up energy in her mouth and then launches herself towards Zenos. They are on a collision course. As Zenos punches Dakame, she hits him with a point-blank attack with the powerful red beam from her mouth. They both get blown down to the ground diagonally in opposite directions*

*Dakame lands near many of her demon minions. She starts to stand up but, as she does, golden energy in the shape of a spear pierces her. She falls to her knees in pain. Zenos comes towards her. He has the staff out again*

Zenos: I take it this is as far as you can entertain me. This will be where I finish you off then. You’re such a disappointment.

Dakame: *huff huff* Shut up. You’re not even a true dark divine being. You’re nothing but a half-breed. You have no right to look down upon me. And I haven’t even shown you my full power. Not even close.

*Zenos looks irritated by her comment*

Zenos: Half-breed… You represent the problem that is wrong with Heaven and Hell. Worth is not determined by what percentage of one breed or the other that someone is. In death, you’re about to find that out. I was going to give you the chance to show me your full power but now you don’t deserve that chance.

*Zenos holds the staff up as well as his other hand. An extreme amount of magic comes together to form an enormous meteor*

*Dakame starts feeling some fear*

Dakame: (Thinking) Not good. I don’t have enough time to unleash my full power. I could stop this meteor if I had the time to unleash the power of my final form. The meteor powerful enough to leave significant destruction. I could try avoiding it but I would suffer a significant number of casualties to my troops as well as destruction to my absolutely important facilities. Those losses would be a major setback in my ambition to defeat Harmona and Heaven. I have to make the right choice.

Zenos: This will wipe you out.

*Zenos launches himself high in the sky and looks down at Dakame with a stern expression*

Zenos: Farewell, Dark Goddess.

*Zenos releases the meteor down towards Dakame and all of the demons around her. The Council of Demons members that didn’t go to the Dimension of Dark Matter show up*

Zepto: What is this!?

*All of the demons start panicking. Dakame continues to look up at the meteor as it gets closer with anger on her face*

*The meteor makes contact and creates a massive explosion*

*With the explosion going off in the background, Zenos is back on the ground and heads towards the portal he came through*

Zenos: I am victorious. Once the Light Goddess falls, everything will be under my control.

Narrator: Zenos brought down a super-powerful meteor on the Dark Goddess! Is this the end of Dakame’s reign as the ruler of Hell!?

Chapter 440 END

To be Continued in Chapter 441: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon

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