Chapter 439:

Chapter 439: Staff of the Heavens

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 439: Staff of the Heavens

Narrator: Zenos has just revealed that there is a secret weapon within Hell.

Dakame: There is no way that a weapon with that name would be in Hell.

Zenos: Then watch and be amazed.

*Zenos jumps to a different spot on the ground and points his hand at the ground. The ground starts to rumble*

Dakame: What are you doing?

Zenos: Bringing up the weapon of course.

*The ground crumbles in front of Zenos and a large black cube comes up from the ground*

Zenos: The weapon is inside this box.

*Zenos thrusts his right arm forward and a wave of magic comes out of it that makes the cube start to crack and then shatter. Inside the cube is a red royal-looking chest. Zenos smiles with delight*

Dakame: If there really is a weapon in there, I’m not going to let you have it.

*Dakame forms a large black ball of energy and then it splits into many smaller ones. She sends them towards the chest. The barrage causes many small explosions upon impact*

Dakame: Whatever that weapon really is, it won’t come out in one piece.

*The smoke clears. Zenos and the chest are gone. Dakame turns around and finds Zenos holding the chest a small distance behind her. She is shocked to see that Zenos had taken the chest and gotten behind her without her noticing*

Zenos: That just won’t do. You didn’t even let me get to the backstory. First, let’s pull out the weapon.

*Zenos starts opening the chest. He smiles with delight again*

Zenos: At last!

*The weapon Zenos pulls out of the chest is a 3-foot-long gold staff. The top of the staff has a ruby-colored orb on the top with two white angel wings arching out from the sides of the top*

Zenos: This is the Staff of the Heavens.

*Dakame is angry*

Dakame: How did a weapon of Heaven end up here!?

Zenos: Oh, so now you are ready for story time? This staff belonged to my mother, the very first Light Goddess of Earth. How did it end up here, you ask? When she and the very first Dark God, my father, got married, they exchanged their most loved weapons. It wasn’t put in the ground until after my father’s time as Dark God ended. The staff can only be used by those with light divine blood so it was considered useless and put in the ground so Heaven couldn’t have it back. Now with this staff in my possession, whatever small chance you may have had at defeating me is now gone.

Dakame: I’ve had enough!

*Dakame launches towards Zenos and tries to hit him with a hard punch. Zenos blocks the punch but it does push him back*

*Dakame does a downwards vertical kick and hits Zenos on the head. She then immediately punches him to knock him back. She thrusts her right hand forward and a barrage of black rain droplets pelt Zenos, causing him to take damage*

*Zenos smiles and activates the staff. A ring of golden energy spins around Zenos*

Zenos: Let’s see if you can handle this.

*Dakame rushes towards Zenos. As she is about to attack him, he spins like a top, creating a complete swirl of gold energy. Dakame tries to pierce the energy with her punch. Trying to do so ends up doing a lot of damage to her hand. Zenos suddenly stops spinning and does a high momentum punch, landing a direct hit and sending Dakame flying back as well as dealing massive damage to her. Zenos immediately launches after Dakame*

Zenos: You are out of your league.

*Zenos activates the staff again. The golden energy that comes out causes a long line of explosions at a fast speed. Dakame has to dodge but that allows Zenos to kick her in the gut, dealing even more damage*

*Dakame then fades into darkness and vanishes*

*Zenos lands back on the ground and readies himself for what Dakame has next*

Zenos: You can try anything you like. There is no attack, no trick, or anything else that you can do to actually defeat me.

*The whole ground becomes darkness. Hands come up from the ground and grab ahold of Zenos’s legs. Multiple Dakames come out of the ground and walk on all fours towards Zenos like he is their prey*

Zenos: Interesting.

*Zenos finds it difficult to break free from the hands holding him down so he starts trying to punch the Dakames away but they overwhelm him and start landing damaging blows on him*

*Zenos charges his whole body with magic. He then releases a wave of magic in all directions that blow away the Dakames. The fake ones start to disappear. The real Dakame rushes towards Zenos again and tries to slash him but he ducks to dodge. Zenos then uppercuts Dakame to send her upward. He jumps up after her with the intent to attack her again. However, Dakame starts spinning like a ball. She then thrust kicks Zenos to knock him away. He steadies himself as lands on the ground and then so does Dakame*

Dakame: That staff has left a lot to be desired so far. It’s not the game-changer that you were saying it was.

Zenos: What you don’t seem to know about the staff is that it becomes an extension of my abilities.

Narrator: Zenos and Dakame have continued fighting after Zenos acquires the Staff of the Heavens! Just how much of an extension does it provide?

Chapter 439 END

To be Continued in Chapter 440: Farewell, Dark Goddess