Chapter 441:

Chapter 441: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 441: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon

Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha have confronted Poleon who has taken the God of Death hostage in a barrier*

Poleon: I find this so ironic. I spent so much time trying to find and capture you but here you are trying to find me instead. Unfortunately for you, with Zenos being unsealed, I no longer need you alive.

Zeth: What is your goal here?

Poleon: Part of taking down Heaven and Hell also means taking down the God of Death as well. Zenos wants his power. The power to send a dead mortal to Heaven or Hell. Zenos will control everything.

*Zeth is getting visibly angry again*

Zeth: I won’t let that happen.

*Zeth and Sasha prepare to fight*

Poleon: You’re much stronger now than you were when you fought my Fraction back in that mansion so many years ago, but this isn’t my Fraction. It’s the real me at full strength. Prepare for a world of hurt.

*Zeth launches towards Poleon and tries to punch him. The Poleon he hits turns out to be an afterimage. The real one then appears and punches Zeth, knocking him back into the wall*

Poleon: You will have to do more than just direct attacks to even threaten me.

*Sasha tries to kick Poleon but just hits an afterimage*

Sasha: Damn…

*Zeth and Sasha see Poleon moving with great speed and precision around the room, leaving afterimages*

Poleon: Forget trying to hurt me, you may not even hit me.

*Zeth rejoins Sasha and they prepare to attack*

Zeth: If we both attack different targets, we double our chances of hitting the real one.

*They both attack any of the Poleons that get near them but both turn out to be afterimages. Zeth is then slammed down onto the floor. Sasha tries to react but is kicked into a wall*

Poleon: It’s hopeless for you. I may have lost some of my power by returning it to Zenos but what I have left is more than enough to beat you.

*Poleon tries to stab Zeth with his hand but Zeth rolls out of the way in time to avoid it. Sasha tries to attack Poleon from behind but Poleon wraps what remains of his tail around her, brings her to his front, and then gut punches her*

Sasha: Gaaah!!

*Sasha coughs up blood from the punch*

Zeth: No!!

*Zeth tries to save Sasha but Poleon just kicks her into him which knocks them both back*

Poleon: Zeth… Your mother ripped off my left arm and part of my tail… For revenge, I will present her your dead body.

Zeth: Shut up!

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Poleon. However, he just hits an afterimage as Poleon once against starts moving around fast and leaving more afterimages*

Zeth: We have to find a way to deal with those afterimages!

Sasha: I think I know a way.

*Sasha starts to summon a bunch of Hellhounds*

Sasha: They will be able to sense him as he moves. Find the real Poleon, my Hellhounds!

Poleon: You think a bunch of dogs can keep up with me? Don’t make me laugh.

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: You’ll be very surprised then.

*Sasha charges up a lot of magic. The dark aura surrounding her takes the shape of a dragon head. The Hellhounds start sensing where Poleon is and then leap and strike him. Poleon is shocked they were able to accurately tell where he was*

Sasha: Now!

*Sasha releases a powerful beam that lands a direct hit on Poleon. However, it also takes out a few Hellhounds. Poleon took some damage from the attack*

Poleon: I suppose you did surprise me but all that means is that I will shift my strategy from dodging… to absolutely crushing you!

*Poleon focuses on his missing left arm and dark matter starts to form where the arm was. It takes the shape of his arm and solidifies*

Sasha: You can do that with dark matter!?

Zeth: Who knows what you can do with it at this point but all that matters is that we win this fight!

*Poleon starts rushing towards them. Zeth forms Star Shards in his hand and then releases a whole horizontal line of them at Poleon but he just jumps over them. As Poleon gets close to Zeth and Sasha, Sasha jumps in an attempt to kick him high while Zeth goes low to punch low. They fail to attack as Poleon grabs Sasha’s leg with his left hand while he uses his right hand to grab Zeth’s arm. He slams the two of them together and then starts rapidly punching them*

Zeth: Star Light Shield!

*Zeth’s aura glows brightly. The shield blinds Poleon for a few seconds which allows Zeth and Sasha to kick Poleon back. Zeth then releases a Shooting Star at Poleon which directly hits him and pushes him back into the wall before exploding*

Zeth: Hopefully that gave him a good hurting.

*The smoke clears and Poleon took some damage. He has to reform his dark matter left arm*

Sasha: Let’s follow the Hellhounds to do our next attack.

*The remaining Hellhounds get in front of them and start running towards Poleon with Zeth and Sasha behind them*

Poleon: Dark Matter Wave!

*Poleon thrusts both arms forwards and a large wave of dark matter comes out. The wave pelts Zeth, Sasha, and the Hellhounds and knocks them all back*

*The Hellhounds are finished off. Sasha took a decent amount of damage while Zeth took less damage because of his Star Light Shield so he is the only one who immediately stands up*

Poleon: You didn’t seriously think your dogs are enough to overwhelm me with numbers, did you?

*Zeth looks angry*

Zeth: Time to take this up a notch.

*Zeth ends his Star Light Shield and goes into Raging Star Mode*

Zeth: Then, like you, we will just have to change our approach. Raging Star Mode.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have begun fighting Poleon! The early fight hasn’t been going that well, but they aren’t out of options. Zeth’s rage leads the way for them.

Chapter 441 END

To be Continued in Chapter 442: To Give and To Receive