Chapter 442:

Chapter 442: To Give and To Receive

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 442: To Give and To Receive

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha continue to fight Poleon and are having a tough time dealing with him.

Poleon: You think Raging Star Mode will be enough to keep up with me? Don’t make me laugh.

Zeth: Don’t take it lightly!

*Zeth launches towards Poleon and tries to punch him. Poleon also tries to punch Zeth. Their fists collide. Poleon’s fist starts to push Zeth’s back but Zeth reacts quickly and hits Poleon at point-blank range with a Raging Star Blast. Poleon responds by gut-punching Zeth, causing Zeth to feel a lot of pain. Poleon tries to do it again*

Zeth: Raging Impact Mode!

*Zeth quickly switches to Raging Impact Mode before being hit again. This time he is damaged far less but is knocked back a bit*

*Sasha returns to the battle*

Sasha: I’m not down yet. We need to find a way to win this soon. The longer this fight goes on, the more our chances of victory decrease. I got something to try so keep him busy until I’m ready.

Zeth: Right.

*Zeth rushes towards Poleon. Poleon tries to punch Zeth as he gets close but he dodges*

Zeth: You’re not the only one capable of avoiding hits!

*Sasha takes a deep breath and moves her arms upwards. She then moves each arm down in a semi-circle motion. After a few seconds, Sasha suddenly vanishes. Zeth then has a shocked expression*

Zeth: What!? No way!

*Something is dripping on the floor between Sasha’s and Poleon’s legs. Sasha has a shocked expression. Sasha attempted to pierce Poleon’s heart with two fingers. Her fingers were stopped just before reaching the skin of his chest by Poleon’s dark matter left arm which her hand did go through so now goop from that is what is dripping on the floor*

Sasha: My Moon Pierce Stance failed?

Poleon: Your attack was instinct-based. I am instinctual myself so the pure instinct coming from your instant attack reached me and activated my own instincts to guard. My dark matter arm ground your attack to a halt before it reached me.

*Poleon kicks Sasha back*

Poleon: Feel another wave of my power.

*Poleon releases another Dark Matter Wave at Sasha*

Zeth: Sasha!!

*Zeth gets in front of Sasha to guard her against the dark matter wave. It leads to Zeth getting pelted by the wave instead of Sasha*

*Sasha looks in fear to see Zeth take all these hits just so that she doesn’t. Despite his Raging Impact Mode, Zeth took a lot of damage to protect Sasha and he falls on one knee*

Zeth: *huff huff* I’m glad I was able to protect you.

*Zeth switches back to Raging Star Mode*

Zeth: I’m ready to—

*Before Zeth finishes his sentence, Sasha angrily rushes towards Poleon*

Zeth: Don’t rush in! Maybe Raging Star Zothena will work on him!

*Zeth slowly stands back up and tries to condense his Raging aura to make it extremely sharp, but he messes up and causes a massive cut on his left leg*

Zeth: Ahh! Damn it! I’m getting too physically exhausted to successfully condense my Raging aura!

*Zeth watches as Sasha tries to fight Poleon with her Dark Spear. Sasha tries to stab Poleon with her Dark Spear but he jumps over and behind her. She tries to thrust her spear backward but Poleon just kicks her into the wall before she can*

*The God of Death watches from within the barrier*

God of Death: They are fighting valiantly and on the level of deities, but they are going to lose. Poleon is simply beyond the level of most of Earth’s deities now.

*Sasha starts fighting with two summoned Hell Apes by her side. She tries to kick Poleon but he jumps to dodge. One of the Hell Apes tries to smash its hands down on Poleon but he just punches it to knock it into the wall*

*Zeth goes to rejoin the fight*

*Poleon smashes the other Hell Ape on the floor but Sasha finally stabs Poleon with her spear while Zeth jump-kicks Poleon on the head*

*Poleon just looks at Zeth like he is just a pest*

Poleon: You are simply too weak.

*Poleon grabs Zeth’s leg and throws him across the room and into a wall*

Sasha: Zeth!

*Poleon raises his arm and Sasha sees he is about to attack her so she tries to jump. Poleon does a diagonal slash with his claws which leaves large cuts from the front of Sasha’s left arm, diagonally down her stomach, and finally, to the front of the upper part of her right leg. A lot of blood flows out from the claw wounds. Sasha falls down in severe pain*

Zeth: No!!

*Poleon then does a very strong gut-punch which makes her cough up a lot of blood. It also knocks her back all the way to the other side of the room near Zeth*

*Zeth looks horrified as he ends his Raging Star Mode and goes over to her*

Zeth: No no no no! No!! Nooo!!!

*Sasha is beginning to lose consciousness*

Sasha: Zeth…

Zeth: You’re not going to die! I won’t let you!

*Zeth has a flashback back to the Mansion of Horrors when Zeth was dying as he lost consciousness but Sasha saved him by filling him with her dark magic* (Author's Note: Chapter 98)

*Zeth cries as he lifts Sasha’s upper body in his hands*

Zeth: (Crying) I’m going to do what you did for me back in that mansion!

*Zeth’s light magic starts to flow out from his body and into Sasha’s body. Poleon just watches*

Poleon: What a touching moment this is. Too bad for you, you will be joining her soon.

*As Zeth’s power flows into Sasha, he notices that dark power starts flowing from her body into his. Zeth is surprised*

Zeth: What? But why?

Poleon: Alright. I’ve had enough of this emotional scene. Time for you to die too.

*Poleon starts rushing over towards Zeth and Sasha. Suddenly, a blinding black and white wave of magic shines from their bodies and Poleon is blown back as he gets close to them*

Poleon: What’s going on!?

*The light ends*

*Zeth and Sasha stand. Poleon is completely shocked at what he is seeing*

Poleon: How is this possible!? You shouldn’t be alive, much less standing!

*Zeth’s and Sasha’s features have changed a bit. Sasha’s hair has thick white glowing stripes throughout it. The outside parts of her eyes have a golden tint to them. The iris color of her eyes has changed from red to green. The rest of her eye coloring remains black. As for Zeth, his hair has thick glowing black stripes throughout it. The outside parts of his eyes have a black tint to them. The iris color of his eyes has changed from green to red. The rest of his eye coloring remains white*

Zeth: Dark Star.

Sasha: Light Hell.

Narrator: Zeth tried to give Sasha his power to save her life but it ended up being an exchange. They both gave and received. Will the powers of Dark Star and Light Hell be enough to defeat Poleon?

Chapter 442 END

To be Continued in Chapter 443: Dark Star and Light Hell