Chapter 40:

at all cost

love sick delinquent

Everyone is staring at me as if i was i dirt or a contagious disease

they're from my class

she has some nerves

shut up she can totally hear you

what's up with her?toying with the supreme student president and vice president

yeah spreading rumora about the vp being gay and pres being a criminal

yeah she even make the two fight each other

who does she think she is

i saw claudia clinched her fist and gritted her teeth...this is bad

ah claudia...i got something to do

I have to go now...

what?what's wrong katarina?are you okay?

what's that smell?

thats raw meat

im fine

are you sure about that?

yeah with that i run away from claudia and dash off to thw rooftop making sure she won't find me anywhere

why are you running barefoot

''don't walk shoeless you'll just hurting yourself''

''shall i take care of them for you?''

What do you mean?

''you smell like rotten meat''she said plugging her nose eveb tho shes estimated 3 meters away from me.and i didnt even bring that shoes with me

Are you okay?

i said im.fine

ill lend you some of my shoes

''if you wear one shoe the your other foot will the only one to get hurt''

that will help you lessen your suffer

what?seriously i don't need them

you'll going to give it back not handing it to you for letting you borrow it

i dont need your shoes

go home then throw it away....

saying that she walk away leaving her shoes with ne she?

i took her shoes with me and chase unfortunately she's seen

have you heard?yahiro paxley is criminal delinquent?a thief to be exact


yeah in fact he's.involved with the chaos the school before the first selection of.the music competition

the one who spilled the katarina campbell''

with that i felt someone standing behind me

oh dear...

i heard it was you who spreading rumors against your friends?how can you do such thing

i wonder how he will react to this once he figure it out

what are you talking shannon?that's not true

i don't care whether true or not.the rumor is spreading all throughout the school

thats bot true at all!


shannon come back!i called her put and run after her but now shes seen

didnt i told you to get your ass hine?''she said with no emotion as she stared at me with her lifeless eyes

she was sitting on the side corner of the stares looking down to me

'and now shes getting full of herself having reijamin and gabriel back her up

back her up?

and shes totally using jicol and cecilion

this person seems pretty influential

sue you katariba

that katarina


all of a suddeb the subject of the rumor has competely chabged?

abs by beb ne cieibf reiji

oh yeah do you remember the rumors about katarina?it said that she wasn't supposed to be the participant in the concours as well

did she cheat

and oh the obe that she had gabriel and reiji

its all a.misunderstanding

reiji and gabriel arent backing me up or anythings

shut up already we get it the criminal delinquent and the hwore righ


please take back what yoy said earlier

what?what's this hand fir let go of me you've got it all wrong

what you said isn't true what?did yiu all hear?

gabriel and reiji aren't like that at all you'll hurt their feelings if you say things like that about them

you're not the one to talk i'm surprised you have the guts to say that

arent yiu the ibe who started all the.rumors about gabriel beibg a delinquent abd reijian being a gay whore?


like i said youre the ine whos spreadinf all the bad rimorse about thise two katarina


why would i ever say something bad about them?it's a misunderstanding

there's nothing bad about them.they've only been kind to me

yku see...we don't really care

we want to talk it out with you

well i'm pretty sure

ghose two started handing out with you just for fin

but i think they are bored with you now

the same goes fir you right?

you're using them to get alobg with yahiro

tyou git close to them for pacley didn't yiu?

and thays why you dibt need them anymore huh?

you're such an eyesore why don't you be a good girl and stay away from everyone agaib?


if you di that,we lrinise to leave you aline

thats not it at all

i.dint care wherther you leave me alobe or bot

zo please take back what you said earileir

what is itl


''everthung yiu said is a liea all of you dobt understand anything!

all of you....''dont know anything

gabriel is such a sweet boy. Who cares if he likes martian arts? gabriel a man of his words he always care foe his friends and protect their reputation at all cost

and who cares if reiji likes dressing like a woman and loves fashion!

the obe youre calling names is someone who never treat people differently and cab stay in a fight for lobger than a minute''

even though everyibe else avoided ne

they were so kind to me

you dont know how much i like gabriel reiji

no more than like

how much those two you two

but youre the obe spearding the runor right

we heard a table dragging on the floor a noticed gabriel took the table on the side of the door and immediately hit it on the floor where and broke it

they were all so surprised and the others were syanding blbecaiee if fear

'' qay my princess would do somethinh like that''

what the hell are you

thats what we think so everything fine

now run aling

what the hell?

''you giys have anything to fo with this''gabriel walked close towards me

''i just have something to say to jataina''he whispered loud eniugh for others to hear''im sprry for doubting you''

''you cab beat me in a fight?''

we webt ti rhe same so.uive heard the story right?

im a nice person,just don't hurt my friend or youre dead

ninetynie wins in a row in one fight against the guys

what the hell

if you lay a finger on my princess,i won't let you off with ju! a scratch

fibe whatever

lets get the hell out of here

wait everything you said is just a misubderstabdhbf

youre so anyong

okay we get it