Chapter 443:

Chapter 443: Dark Star and Light Hell

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 443: Dark Star and Light Hell

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha are now infused with the other’s power.

*Zeth and Sasha stand and they look at Poleon, ready to continue fighting him. The God of Death looks at them*

God of Death: This is very intriguing. Never before have I seen a mixing of light and dark powers like this. Will it be enough for them to win, I wonder?

Poleon: So what? You think mixing your powers will be enough to beat me?

Sasha: I guess we will find out, now won’t we?

*Zeth and Sasha start running towards Poleon. Zeth forms a Dark Star Blast in his hand. Poleon prepares to defend himself*

*As Zeth and Sasha get close, Zeth actually passes the Dark Star Blast to Sasha. Poleon is left surprised as Zeth does a damaging punch to his face which is followed by Sasha slamming the Dark Star Blast into him, causing an explosion*

*Zeth and Sasha jump back as Poleon comes rushing out from the smoke. The blast did more damage to him than their previous attacks had done. Poleon and Zeth try to punch each other but their punches collide. Sasha gets close and hits Poleon with an uppercut which knocks him up against the ceiling. He breaks through it and lands on the roof of the palace*

Zeth: We’re not done with you yet!

*Zeth and Sasha then jump onto the roof after him as their auras become more pronounced. Zeth’s is black and Sasha’s is white*

*The God of Death reflects on what just happened*

God of Death: Normally, you can’t just pass a magic attack like that to someone else. That usually just results in it exploding. But thanks to the fact that some of Zeth’s power is in Sasha, she can make direct contact with it while keeping it in its current form.

Poleon: I suppose you are more capable now with this.

*Poleon charges his own magic and forms two balls of silver-colored plasma in his hands*

Poleon: Before I ever used dark matter, my attacks were all plasma-based.

*Sasha jumps towards Poleona and tries to kick him. He blocks with his own kick and then hits Sasha with a ball of plasma which knocks her back*

Poleon: Once I have fully adjusted to your new fighting abilities, you will pose no threat to me at all.

Zeth: How about this!?

*Zeth forms a Dark Super Nova star in his hands and throws it at Poleon. Poleon jumps up to dodge the star which then causes a large explosion just past the roof of the building. Zeth was ready for this dodge and meets Poleon above the explosion that destroyed more of the roof of the palace. Zeth tries to punch Poleon but misses. Poleon takes the opportunity and blasts Zeth in the back with the other ball of Plasma, knocking Zeth all the way down to the ground in the far backyard of the palace*

*Poleon is distracted enough that he doesn’t notice that Sasha gets close and kicks him hard in the back at a downwards diagonal angel, knocking him down towards the same area as Zeth*

Sasha: Unfortunately for you, there are two of us!

*Zeth is standing on the ground, charging up dark magic in his arm*

Zeth: Dark Super Nova Punch!

*Zeth gut-punches Poleon hard as Poleon reaches him which causes a dark-rayed explosion and Poleon to cough up blood*

*Poleon responds by covering his whole right arm in silver plasma and slashing at Zeth. Zeth backs away but his right arm was hit by the attack and now has a large cut with slight burns on it. Poleon kicks Zeth away as Sasha arrives*

Sasha: Light Hell Bombs!

*Sasha does fast repeated flicking with her right hand that launches a barrage of small gold magic balls that rapidly explode on Poleon which damages him. He turns around to face her with anger on his face*

*Poleon makes silver plasma extend from his right arm like a sword*

Poleon: All I have to do is get close and you will be sliced into pieces!

*Poleon launches himself and thrusts his arm forward at the same time which allows him to stab Sasha in the abdomen with his silver plasma arm sword. Sasha is in a lot of pain and blood flows out of her abdomen and her mouth*

*Before Poleon can do anything else, a barrage of Dark Star Shards come up from beneath him and they tear into him. They also sever the plasma sword which allows Sasha to escape*

*Zeth appears behind Poleon while Sasha is in front of Poleon. Sasha rips out the plasma sword that pierced her and then they both start running towards Poleon. Poleon tries to jump away from them but Zeth pulls him back down by using his Dark Chains of Heaven to wrap around his left leg*

Zeth: You’re not going anywhere!

*Zeth punches Poleon hard in the back. The punch knocks him towards Sasha. Sasha kicks Poleon back towards Zeth. They both have a continuous back and forth until Poleon gets sick of it*

Poleon: Enough!

*Poleon rolls into a ball and covers himself in silver plasma on his way back to Zeth*

*Zeth isn’t able to get out of the way in time and takes a direct hit from plasma-covered Poleon. Zeth is knocked back with burns on him but Poleon bounces back towards Sasha at a fast speed and gets a direct hit on her too which leaves her with burns too. Poleon bounces off of her and starts bouncing around all of the structures in the area*

Zeth: Perhaps hitting you physically when you cover yourself in plasma won’t work but that hardly helps you.

*Zeth tries to hit Poleon with a couple of Dark Star Blasts but misses both of them because of the speed at which Poleon bounces around*

Poleon: It looks like you missed… but I won’t!

*Poleon bounces directly into Zeth to damage him more*

Poleon: Just try to stop me now!

Sasha: How annoying. But there are ways of stopping everything.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have become Dark Star and Light Hell and now continue to fight Poleon but this time on a more even level. What will it take to fully overcome Poleon?

Chapter 443 END

To be Continued in Chapter 444: Appearances