Chapter 444:

Chapter 444: Appearances

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 444: Appearances

Narrator: Poleon has covered in himself in plasma and now Zeth and Sasha must find a way to deal with it.

*Poleon continues to bounce around*

Sasha: I know a way we can stop him. I have a new technique I want to try on him.

*Poleon comes bouncing towards Zeth and Sasha again and they dodge*

Sasha: First, I want you to form a Super Nova star.

*Zeth forms a Dark Super Nova star in his hand. They have to dodge Poleon again and successfully do so*

Sasha: Now, hold it out.

*Zeth holds out the Dark Super Nova star while Sasha puts her hands together. Her hands become on fire. The fire is a mix of orange and white*

Sasha: This will be a combination attack. Get back as soon as I release it. Now, Light Hell Flames!

*Sasha pushes her hands forward and the fire releases and engulfs the Dark Super Nova star*

*Zeth and Sasha jump back as the fire moves forward towards the area where Poleon is bouncing around*

Poleon: You don’t think that is actually going to hit me, do you?

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: Forget about aiming. The best option is to just attack the whole area at once.

Poleon: What!?

*The fire gets to the middle of the area and starts to burst. The fire explodes like a supernova and has flames going everywhere too. Poleon is engulfed by it all*

Zeth: That’s pretty awesome! You came up with a great combination attack.

*Sasha smiles*

Sasha: Ever since we became a couple, I have been thinking about ideas for new combination attacks.

*Eventually, the explosive fire all clears*

*Poleon pushes some rubble off of him. He took a lot of damage and his body is no longer covered in plasma. He reforms his dark matter left arm*

Poleon: You stop me from doing one thing, I will just switch to a different tactic.

Zeth: And we will adapt to it just like we did just now.

*Poleon starts to deeply inhale and then starts spitting plasma from his mouth. The plasma moves fast so Zeth and Sasha barely dodge in time. Poleon keeps spitting more plasma and he eventually hits Sasha on her left leg*

*It causes her to fall to the ground in pain with her left eye closed*

Sasha: Damn it! That burns!

*Poleon starts running towards her to attack*

Zeth: Sasha!

*Sasha is concerned and when she opens her left eye again, it looks more savage*

*Zeth jumps in front of her and tries to punch Poleon but he blocks it. Zeth then kicks Poleon to knock him back*

Zeth: Are you alright?

Sasha: Yes. That plasma just got me for a moment.

*Sasha stands back up but her left eye is still savage-looking*

Zeth: Alright, let’s get back to it!

*Zeth rushes towards Poleon while Sasha starts to summon a Hell Vulture that has light features to it. Sasha hops on it and it flies upward*

*Zeth and Poleon start to trade punching blows. Zeth then tries a Dark Super Nova Punch*

Poleon: Not this time!

*Poleon ducks and slashes at Zeth with his claws which cuts Zeth pretty badly. Poleon then spits plasma on the wounds which makes Zeth fall on his knees in pain*

Zeth: Aaahhh!!

*Suddenly, Poleon is pierced by a Light Dark Spear. It was thrown by Sasha riding on her Hell Vulture*

*Poleon looks annoyed*

Poleon: Here, you can have it back!

*Poleon rips it out and throws it back at Sasha. The spear is too fast and pierces the vulture, causing Sasha to have to jump off of it*

*Zeth uses the distraction and does a Dark Super Nova Punch on Poleon’s back and it does a lot of damage*

Poleon: Gaaerrrr!

*Poleon is blown forward into some rubble*

*Zeth is still feeling a lot of pain but, like Sasha, his left eye is starting to look savage*

Zeth: *huff huff* You think you can keep us down but you can’t. We will keep coming back until we take you down.

*Sasha summons a Hell Serpent which has light features on it. She then hops on top of the massive snake*

Sasha: Let’s go, my Hell Serpent!

*Poleon gets up and then starts spitting out plasma at the Hell Serpent. The Hell Serpent has its mouth open as it slithers towards Poleon. The Hell Serpent gulps down the plasma and seems unaffected by it*

Poleon: No effect!?

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: Something like plasma would never damage a Hell Serpent’s insides. Rather, it will be your insides that get carved out and fed to my Hellhounds! Or my Hell Serpent. That works too.

*The Hell Serpent spits out its own substance at Poleon. He jumps over it to dodge but that gives the Hell Serpent the opportunity to wrap the end of its body around him*

*Sasha sadistically smiles again*

Sasha: This is going to hurt.

*The Hell Serpent slams Poleon down on the ground hard*

Poleon: Gah!

Sasha: The Hell Serpent is the strongest Hell Beast I can summon. Don’t underestimate it.

*The Hell Serpent slams Poleon down on the ground again*

*As Sasha watches Poleon getting slammed against the ground, her right eye also starts to become savage-looking*

Sasha: I have decided that by the time we are done, you will be torn limb from limb and fed to my Hell Serpent for dinner.

Narrator: Sasha uses her Hell Serpent to fight Poleon. But is something happening?

Chapter 444 END

To be Continued in Chapter 445: Something Is Different About Them…