Chapter 26:

first selection

love sick delinquent

Shanon can we do chopin?

Chopin on a violin?

shanon is my tempo okay?

yes its sounds great

''he is nowhere to be seen''i whispered as i looked around the rooftop of music department building

i wonder if he don't want to see me anymore...i bet i went out of the line about what i said to him yesterday whats why he started to avoid me

i wonder if he's upset with me and doesn't want to talk to me anymore

''will my music be able to reach him?''i said as i stood up and looked up the sky

''but can't go to stage informal''cecilion said to me calmly as he looked at me from head to toe ''ill help you figure it out''he said with a wink and took his phone

''please bring some womens clothes we will be waiting for you at the courtyard''ceceilion said to his phone as he.turned at my direction and gently grab my head''lets get you something to wear''saying that, dragged me outside the changing room.of the auditution and went to the courtyard where i noticed a black limo parked where a man in late 50s in suit been waiting there

''ive been waiting for you young master''he said and bow

''get her something to wear ''cecilion said as he dragged me inside the car and locked me up

there are maids and a female butler waiting for me inside and starting talking off my uniform

''hey!''i said trying to get out of their grip but the girl in suit pulled a dress at the back seat and made me wear it

''it was a red dress...very simple yet very elegant

''cecilion never did this to a girl before''she added as she finally opened the door

''you look beautiful katarina''ceceilion smiled as he stared at me as he walked over and wrapped my neck with a white scarf and knot it like a flower

i timidly smiled ''tha-nk you ce-''

''yeah suits you now lets go''reiji said as he dragged me away from cecilion

''hey reiji you left cecillon behind''i said as i turned around to see ceceilion being left there dumbfounded of what reiji did

i saw reiji wearing a suit today...why is she not wearing a dress?i thought to i turned again to see how cecillon doing

he just stood there waving me goodbye''why are you with him?''reiji angrily akeed

i looked at her confusedly and smiled when i finally understood what she meant''i didn't know i have to sear something formal for the competition because of my ignorance but cecillon was kind enough to help me out'' sweetly said with a smile''and i didnt say thank properly because you dragged me ''

reiji stopped walking and glanced at me with an annoyed look on her face''well whatever''she said letting go of my hand and left me behind

''oum whats on with her he thought to myself with someone grabbed my hands from the back and pulled me to its direction

''Thank you for watching out for me''yahiro said with genuine smile as he took something from her pocket and handed me a glass case

It was about as thin as a bookmark and had a hole in its top with a ribbon passing through it

''Its a bookmark I got it long ago,but I don't really read,so I never get use it''he said handing it over to me

''Thanks yahiro!''i said as i stated at it dearly'' love it!that you so much,I'll treasure it forever''

Its just a glass bookmark''he said looking away from me as he gently scratch his cheeks''you look good in that dress''he said and left

yahiro simply give me a glass bookmark but just that one thing makes me really happy''i thought and glanced at the bookmark be hand given to me

did he just compliment me?The level of my heart racing is completely different.

Academy intramural musical concourse

Well the first selection is only the first out of four selections

Now then,I'll announced the order of the performances

The first one is reijimin li,next euphimia fildora,then gabriel roseblade followed by cecilion reze and katarina campbell with last but not the last nicol carlton

I wonder what happen to shannon

"What's wrong katarina"

"Uhmm"i stuttered as nervousness began to run all over my body

"Worry about something?"reji looked at ne very carefuly ad she slightly tilted her head

"About accompanist hasn't arrived yet"

"But that's-"her eyes widened in shock with a concerned look on her face

"St palantine Acadys intra school musical concours has just began"the mc announced which echoed throughout the hallway''Performer no 1,from the music department reijimin li Performing _ddddd''

"Its already starting"reiji whispered as she hesitantly looking at me as she gritted her teeth and walked pass to me''ill be back katarina''

''Well,wish you good luck reiji''i whispered as i watched her walked away fron me with her hair tied in beautiful braid and her white suit until i no libger see her

then,a beautiful music from a cello resonates the place

Man,the concert has already started and shannon is still not here yet?

"accompanist is shannon right?I'm sure she came to school today''claudia said as she glanced at me

" really?"

"Then why"

I guess you really should go look for her'' claudia suggested i nodded and left the backstage

''Katarina?''nicol looked at me wifh a confused look on his face''Katarina please don't run in here''he said at i stopped my track and glance at him

''I'm sorry,but if I don't returned when my turn comes up,play ahead of me''sayibg that i run away

Performer no 2 from music department

shannon Its already started''i said as i finally saw her sitting in the pond where i talked to rindou last time i went here looking for her earing

'' I wasn't planning on accompanying her from the start"i heard shannon talking at someone on the pbon

"Ive thought this out carefully ,so it'll be okay...

" shannon,I came to pick you up!"i said as i walked towards her"Ive been looking all over for you so let's get going"

"I'm not gonna accompany you!!''he said seriously

"Whats the meaning of this?sha...shannon?

"I just don't want you to be a participant!"


Performer no 3....euphemia foldora performing ''we both glanced to the direction of the auditorium

and shannon slightly laughed,"If you don't have an accompanist, you'd have no choice but to withdraw right?"

"why are you doing this?..."

"You don't understand the seriousness of music!"shannon said, looking down to me"Saying that you'll do Chopin on violin and not spending enough time to practice!"

''how dare you did not show up yesterday!i've been waiting for you for the rest of the night but you never showed up''she said in a low voice and looked down on the ground clitching her fist"Because you're a regular student and an amateur"

'well,even if youre day early to our rehearse ill do everything for you to withdraw!you're such eye the very first place''

i covered my mouth and step away from shannon''shan...Shanon I-''

"We music students always study music everyday!We practice it very devotedly!Were serious about it!"she once again yelled angrily cutting me out

"Are you also serious about that?"said familiar voice behind my back and i turned around to see who it was

"Nicol?"i whispered and he looked very serious and didnt even look at ne

"This is how you show your seriousness in music?"he said looking straight at shannon"Your disorderly conduct is an affront to all the other participants in the concurs who are serious about music"nicol glared at shannon and reached out by hand and started to pull me off but i stand firm

i looked down on the ground looking at the beautiful shoes cicilion had given to me then i remembered how much effort he put through for me

"Just like you said, i might not be able to turn in a performance that i can live with but I'm going to play,as long as I have a chance to play!and there's an audience that will listen''i said looking straight at her

nicol looked at me in surprise but he did not let go of my hand

it somehow comfort me

''shannon,im going to play with everything I've got So that the people who've heard me will never forget me"

"So that I can live in their hearts forever

That's my reason for playing!"

"I'm a musician after all... just like you"saying that nicol started to drag me away and i run with him away from shannon

Perfoner 4.cecilion reze


"You don't understand the seriousness of music"shannons voice echoed i. my head

That's right.everyone is serious about giving it their best effort

I can't be the only one who is not serious

No matter what the circumstances ,I was the one who decided to take part in the concurs

Take off shoes

Performer 5 from the regular department katarina Campbell

Why isn't there an accompanist?

''Hey she's barefoot''

Performing a Chopin composition "Chopin's etude no 3 in E major"

Chopin in violin

I accept the offer to be a participant yo get closer to him if i don't know,ill end up far away from yahiro

and that's the last thing i want

that's why i must pass the concours, no matter what because I want yahiro to play piano again

This performance is the most I can do without overdoing it myself

As long as it reached that one person, I'll be fine, I hope it will