Chapter 0:

Nice Guys Finish Last

Gentleman of the Apocalypse

Nice guys finish last. Chivalry is dead. They’re total suckers.

They will always be in the friendzone.

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before in your life.

It’s something I wholeheartedly believe in.

That’s because the only thing they can offer with their personality is being kind.

You would say, “What?! Is there anything wrong with being kind? Does that mean you want to be treated like trash instead?”

Shut up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but being kind is something most men are capable of anyway.

Guys like that are boring, they have the same patterns and actions. They don’t have anything new to offer. They aren’t unique in any way. To be honest, they’re pretty lame.

Believe me, I've encountered countless males I would consider as so-called nice guys.

They all tried to befriend me with the intention of capturing my heart.

Being the gullible girl that I was, I would always entertain them whenever they would try to approach me.

We would start off as friends, hang out, have some fun, just genuinely having a good time.

At first, they would always treat me like a queen, like holding the door open, treating me to tasty foods, gifting me money and stuffed animals, escorting me back to my home, carrying my bag, giving nice compliments, basically just trying to please me and submit to my will.

Of course, I appreciated their actions and often thanked them for their kindness, but they didn’t have to act like yes-men all the time. Stop being so submissive, I want to be treated as an equal, not a woman on a pedestal.

Despite this, I still thought they were really sweet and caring. I even considered getting into relationships with them. It would be really amazing to have such a good boyfriend like him.

“So what's so bad about them? They seem like the perfect guy for every girl.”

I thought so too, until I realized how disappointing their personalities were.

Some of them were scared ass little pussies.

When faced with a dangerous situation, they would leave me behind unprotected. The amount of times I was assaulted and harassed on the street was due to their inability to stay by my side. They’re pretty much too weak-willed to stand up for others, much less themselves.

I want a strong man, I can’t rely on a push-over to be with me.

Some of them were excessively absorbed in their own self pity.

They’re really good at whining and sulking around.

They would say things like,

“No one would ever want to be with me.”

“I’m such a loser.”

“I can’t live without somebody who can love me.”

“I’ll be alone forever.”

“I’m always being treated like shit.”

I would try to comfort and encourage them as best as I can, but every time, they would always go in a cycle and repeat the same phrases, as if they didn’t acknowledge anything I said.

Stop with the sad-boy bullshit. It’s draining my mental health.

Some of them were overly desperate and needy.

They would send me multiple messages everyday. Good morning, good afternoon, good night, stuff like that. Whenever I tell them I’m too busy to talk or hang out, they would think I’m neglecting them and would constantly try to seek even more attention.

Like bro, give me some space please! I need my alone time.

Some of them were overly possessive and insecure.

Whenever I would talk to another guy, they would ask about our relationship and the contents of our conversation. They would even talk badly about other men and discourage me from hanging out with them.

Some of them were sneaky manipulators.

They’re the ones who seem to be the most friendly, but they only want something from you in return. Either intimacy, sex or both. They don't show it directly, because they're always being passive-aggressive with their words. They like to play the victim and subtly gaslight you as the one being at fault.

Some of them were overly persistent.

They would never give up no matter how many times I've tried to reject them. Even going as far as stalking me, never leaving me alone and disturbing the peace.

The worst part is, every time I muster up the courage to reject their feelings, they all turn on me like I'm their number one enemy. It was like any shred of their kindness had disappeared without a trace.

They would spread lies and rumors about me, saying I was a girl who slept around with all sorts of men, talked badly about women behind their backs and loved to cheat with bad boys.

All those things weren't true, yet people believed everything they said. No one wanted to listen to me.

I was called a girl who belongs to the streets. All for what? Hanging out with guys? Making choices for my own wellbeing?

Why was it that every guy I came across had a dark side? Am I just unlucky, or is it because it's what I deserve? Or maybe, it's because all boys are the same.

Ah, of course.

They're all the same. I hate men.

Call me a misandrist, I don't care.

This is my expression of my despair. My hatred towards everyone born with a Y chromosome.

I had lost all hope in all the men of the world and I will never ever forgive them.

“Men are trash.”

That was my absolute philosophy in life.

But that would all change when I met that idiot.

That frustratingly cute idiot at the end of the world.

The Gentleman of the Apocalypse.

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