Chapter 1:

Doomsday Graduation

Gentleman of the Apocalypse

My last day of school.

How time flies so fast. I'm already 18 and graduating from high school.

On my way to the school grounds, I was walking down the road, all alone.

Everyone else had friends they could talk to, happily chatting away and cherishing their last moments together.

It would be sad to see the people close to you go their separate ways, so now was the best time to live in the moment.

Unfortunately for me, I have no such friends. Just silently walking forwards with my head down and no one to talk to.

But at this point, I'm used to it.

"Hey, hey…it's that girl Ori. Look at her ponytail, it really fits in with her long crimson hair. Isn't she pretty?"

I overheard one of the conversations of the girls behind me.

"Don't even bother. She may be a beautiful girl on the outside, but she has a terrible personality on the inside. It's best to keep your distance."

That 'Ori' the girl was referring to is me, Oriane.

I'm not proud to say it, but I'm pretty much the most hated girl in the entire school.

I looked around and saw eyes staring at me, as if they were looking at some sort of vile, disgusting creature.

I'm already used to this sort of treatment. It doesn't faze me any more. Right?

A tear dropped from my eye, then another, but I quickly wiped it off.

It doesn't affect me at all. I wasn't crying! The water simply dropped from my eye, that's all!

I slapped my cheeks and continued to walk towards the school.

I took a peek from the window of the classroom and saw that the atmosphere was lively.

They were all having a great time during their last day together, huh?

As soon as I opened the doors of the classroom, everyone had their eyes set on me and everything fell silent.

I hated it when they looked at me that way. I wished it would stop.

I slowly walked over to my desk at the corner by the window with my head down.

"If it isn't that lying b****."


"I wish she would just d**."

"Dirty c***."

I censored all the words in my head and tried to think of happy thoughts. Ignore everything, never acknowledge it.

Looking over to my desk, I saw scribbles written all over and thumbtacks were placed on my chair.

I removed all the thumbtacks, but one of them poked my finger in the process.


I put my finger inside my mouth to soothe the pain with my saliva.

I sat on the chair and looked at the window.

This is the worst….

The teacher had finally arrived and everyone else took their seats. He looked at me for a moment in pity.

"Ori, do you want another desk?" he asked.

"No need," I shook my head.

There was nothing much he could do for me anyway.

He then averted his eyes from me and started to speak.

"My students, I am all proud of you. For the duration of this entire school year, you have all done well to………."

I didn't bother listening to him, it just seemed like the cliche farewell speech teachers tell their students every time.

I still felt their piercing gazes pointed towards me, so I looked to the window and sighed.

Why am I still struggling to live?

What did I do to deserve this?

If this world is ok with an innocent young girl being treated like garbage……

Then I wish this world would just come to an end……

Suddenly, the sound of sirens could be heard from outside.

"What the…" I muttered.

The teacher was interrupted from his speech.

The sound of murmurs can be heard as everyone wondered what was going on.

The ringing of a microphone came from speakers of the room, then a voice spoke out.

"RED ALERT! I repeat, RED ALERT! Everyone! Evacuate immediately! Vacate the school as soon as possible! They've already entered the building! The zo-GAAHAAHHHHHH!"

Strange monster noises could be heard from the microphone and there was no longer any sign of the voice that warned us.

"W-what's going on?" a student said.

Everyone stood up and began to panic. I stuck to my seat with goosebumps on my skin.

This feeling…..I'm getting the chills..

"Everyone, please calm down," the teacher said.


Loads of students came running down the hallway outside screaming in fear.

This caused our class to panic even more.

“Hey! W-What’s going on?”

A person opened the classroom door and closed it behind him.

“Z-zombies! There are zombies outside!”

“Ha? Seriously?” a guy asked.

“Don’t those things just happen in the movies?!” a girl cried.

“Just like that series, Everyone of Us is Dead!”

“Hey! There’s a bite mark on your shoulder!” someone pointed out.

We looked in horror and noticed the blood leaking out from his shoulder.

Is this really real?

“N-no! I’m not infected! It’s just a scra-aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!”

The boy held his head and fell to the floor. Then, he started having seizures and started shaking rapidly. The sound of bones cracking could be heard as his body seemed to reform itself into a distorted form. Everyone started moving away from him and kept their distance.

The body stopped moving.

“H-he’s dead!”

What are they doing? Shouldn’t they be finishing him off already? He’s obviously going to become a zombie!

I carried my chair and decided to run towards him.

“Move out of the way!” I said, moving around the crowd.

The student slowly rose up with his chest expanded like an arc before finally standing in an upright position. It opened its eyes to reveal that its sclera had turned completely black.

A zombie.

I charged at the zombie screaming and slammed the chair toward its head, causing both of us to fall in the process.

“Now’s our chance!” a student said. “Run!”

Everyone started running and went through the back door. The front door next to me burst open and more zombies came rushing in.

One zombie jumped over me and tried to bite my face, but I held its shoulders in retaliation.

“N-no…help!” I screamed.

I looked over to the students who were running and some of them looked at me.

“Leave her behind! There’s no point in saving that woman!”

They all ignored me and went ahead, while I was here struggling to get this thing off me.

Those bastards…….

Of course, why did I expect any of them to save me?

Why did I expect anyone to save me?

They’re all scum. No, it’s not that. Maybe it’s me who’s scum. Maybe I really don’t deserve to live.

I’ve denied it all this time, but this world seems to want the cessation of my existence.

Maybe I should just give up.

Suddenly, my teacher threw a desk towards the invading zombies and kicked the zombie on top of me away.

“Ori! Take my hand!”

“My teacher…..”

Someone wanted to save me……..

The teacher grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the zombies.

We started running along the hallway and saw most of my classmates getting killed off in a bloody spree.



These zombies were everywhere!

We followed some students to the stairs and tried going downstairs. However, the zombies had blocked the route and tackled the students in front of us.

“Let’s go upstairs!” the teacher said.

I followed my teacher upstairs and held on to the railings to balance myself. We reached the fourth floor and saw that it was also filled with zombies.

This is too much!

The zombies there took notice and started to chase after us.

“We have to get to the rooftop!” the teacher said.


I tripped on one of the stairs and fell on the halfway point, then a zombie took hold of my foot.

“Get away!”


It tried to bite my foot, but I kicked its face away and my shoe flew along with it.

Another zombie tried to lunge at me, but I rolled just in time and got up to climb the last flight of stairs.

“Hurry!” The teacher waved by the door to the rooftop.

“I’ll make it!!!!!”

The zombies were just right behind me, but I pushed myself to reach the last step and entered the door. The teacher closed and locked the door at the very last second, causing the zombie to slam its face and bang on the door.

We stepped back from the door and sat on the floor.

“Hahhh….thank you, teacher,” I said. “I’m glad you saved me.”

“No problem,” he smiled back at me. “I’m always glad to help some of my students.”

I can’t believe it. This place has gone into chaos. We’re stuck on the rooftop with no way out…..maybe we should wait for a helicopter or something to show up?

Wait a minute.

“Um, is it ok if it’s just the two of us here? Shouldn’t we be saving more people?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t save anyone else. I’m too powerless,” the teacher kneeled down and cried.

I patted his shoulder and smiled warmly.

“It’s ok, teacher. I’m already thankful enough that you saved me.”

I hugged him tightly and cried as well.

“Thank you so much! If it weren’t for you, I would be dead by now!”


“You’re my hero!” I said.

The teacher fell silent. Then he started to laugh.

“Pfft. Heh. Hahahahahahahaha!”

The teacher started laughing maniacally and held a wicked smile.

“W-what’s wrong?” I said, letting go and stepping back.

“Now that we’re all alone, I can finally confess my feelings to you!” the teacher said.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“For a long time, I’ve always dreamed of being able to have sex with a student like you.”


What is happening to my teacher?

“Everyday, every time I see you, it makes my heart beat fast. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I could not help but be ensnared by a cute girl with such a sinful body. You are the apple of my eye. I always took the time to look at you just to admire your beauty. Every night, I would go shoot myself across the stars just imagining all the things I could do to play with you!”

The hell is this weirdo saying?!

The teacher walked closer to me and I took a few steps back.

“This isn’t real, is it? There’s no way that could be true! Are you being serious?”

“I’m not joking around. I really do love you, oh so much! That's why I decided to save you in the first place.”

“Please stop this, teacher!” I looked in angst.

The realization that my hero who even bothered to save me was simply a disgusting freak caused a big scar in my heart.

“I’m not planning to die a virgin. I’m glad I get to have my first and last time with you, O-R-I-A-N-E!”

The teacher moved closer to me but I pushed him away.


The teacher tilted his head.

“Eh? Aren’t you just a girl who likes to sleep around? What’s the problem with you doing it with me?”

“You also believe those rumors? You’re just like all of them. I thought you might be someone who genuinely cares about me, but you have the same view of me as everyone else. I hate you.”

“Is that something you can say to your savior? If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead. Dead!”

“We’re going to die anyway! That door won’t last much longer!”

“That’s all the more reason for me to do it, why should I pass up this chance? At least I’m going to die having a good time, hahahahahahaha!”

I tried to move back even further, but I realized I was already on the edge of the roof. I looked down and saw how far the ground was from up here.


The teacher ripped off some parts of my school uniform, which revealed my bra and tackled me to the ground.

“Are you ready, Ori? I know I am!”

His disgusting smile reached closer to my face and he licked my cheek.

This is disappointing. I really thought he was a decent guy.

My teacher had completely destroyed my views on men.

There really is no hope for them.

I bit my lip and punched him in the face with all my power.


I kicked his manhood with my knee and he rolled to the floor.


I went on top of him and tried to choke on his neck.


He tried to struggle by grabbing my waist with his claws, but I continued to choke him and endured the pain.

“AAAAGH! Just go die a virgin already!” I screamed.

His grasp on me had weakened and he finally passed out.

I stood up and took a moment to breathe, then sat by the edge and started to cry.

Why is the world like this?

The zombies slammed through the door and were about to break through at any moment.

I truly, absolutely, greatly hate men.

I stood by the edge of the rooftop.

I hope I won’t be born as a male in my next life.

The door flew out of the way and the zombies entered the rooftop.


They decided to chew on my teacher’s body first, so I had some spare time to think about my life decisions.

I don’t want to be a zombie, that’s just gross.

I opened my arms, closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

Goodbye, world.

I leaned backwards and proceeded to fall down.

This is the end of my life.

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Other Slater
Taylor Victoria
T.K. 月狐