Chapter 49:

other side of the same coin

love sick delinquent

wake up princess

i eyes and saw gabriels bpred face geeeted me

he was.holding my phone and pointed at me closed to my.face and heard a shytterd sound

hs qas taking a.picture of me?

gabriel''i jumped feim my seat and higged tight as i.coyld

''thank.gid hes syill alave'' the classrom i.thougth.he was already a gonner afged drinking fhat te

''Awhats wiyh that overraction princess?''he asked trying to scape from my grip''i cant breath''

i let go of him and tuend back from my seat

how did i get here?dobt tell me you carried ne on your back from hell all the way here?

i asked help outside

fortunalety i ran into sir glenn so i aksed him to help you and hes the one who carry you to his car

''sir glen?'hgabriel flashed a cobfused look''what would sir hlen do in such area?

i dobt know but atleast you got here at the hispital safe

winthin a secin sir glen. barge into.the room with a bag of produce on his hand.and a boquet of flowers and signal me to take the flowers so i reached out my hand to take it and started putting it on the vase beside gabriels.table

hbhwhat happened gabriel?

''the last time.i could remember..i eas with reiji and katarina at the ssg office.a lowlife delibquent challenge ne to a drinkinv gane who ever surbive will get to live abd nske the ithdt suffe''

did you know tat katstind btnn worrirued about yiy?

'sir ''i said as i blushed out of embarashment

belladona is no joke after all..i thoight to myslef

''my sibconcioisness,told me that yoy also crief.eas that true?''gabriel inncocentyl galced at me

i shook my head frantically eveb if thats true

then a minute of silence until sir geln decided to speak''you should be careful next time gabriel''

a sslightly confusef look flashec across his fave''what do you meab sir?''

you see?ever since the appreacnce of rindou of pur achopl things odd things had happened

not to mebtioned yesterday before the second selection.nicol has been abducted

the school is tying to get to thw bottim of this but for some reasob it was gska that these incidents were done by a a student


yeah bu dont worry about it.prioritize your heath gabriel

and katarina...its getting late please take a rest

i glaced at the clock

7:48 PM

ill be fine sir glen.i already talked to mom about this''i said with a smile

sir glenn stared at me with his ''are you sure?''look and sigh

''well,then i better get hoing as qell''

i peeled the orange briught by sir glen for gabriel but he just took one slice of it

''you hould get some rest gabriel''i told him and fixed his pillow for him

surpseinhsly he obediately ibed me and close his to sleep

i qas glad he was an ivsdient child so i went on the sofa.near his bed and topk an extra blanket broihht by sir glen again fron a was cozy tho and i.closed my eyes to sleep

i felt comfortable but somehow reiji disape couldbt get out of my head

i wonder if hes okay

i suddenly hear the door squek open''did you forgot somethibg sir?''i asled a

but i. surpiaed i saw gabriel walked out from his room

'''gabriel wait!''i called him out and grabbed my phone from his bed and immediately run to the hallqay it was too dark here in the hospital around hoping to see gabriel but i lost sight of him

i should i do.....i

hate me yahiro''abriel aaid coldy to he stared at him on the ground

i gasped as i saw yahiro had cut.on his lips.did the had a fight?

i stayes firmy waitinf what ymhoibg to happebed next

i broight you jere because i have fabor to ask you

i came her to remember

when i was younh,i foughy with many people i learned few stuff laugh and cry too

thats how i grew

i would ofteb go to beach and watch the wave feom the sea side

just by standing here it makes me nostalgic

whats gotten into you habriel''yahiro said as he teied to get up

why did reiji leave me?i wanted us to stay totether

what ate you talking about gabriel''

with that habriel raised his leg and kick him good rhingk

now hate me''gabreil once again said as he kicked yahiro hard enough to make him fall on the ground

stop it gabriel''the guy with the brown hir called him out''you too ?''he asked as he kciked him miscleing

i wanted him to stay like a big brother would

i tried to stop him frrom leavinh but theyre using princess so i cant do anything eiyher reiji

why gebairl tuening against his friend?isnt friend?

whays going on

''reiji did this for your own sake!respecr his decision atleast''

why are you ardeing me around?

i agree with

and qhy qoyld.i do that?i want reiji.backi

theyre fighting agaisng each other

he longer part of this

you chose yhe path pf violence?

i did doing this to get his attentio

i cabt let gabriel hurt yahro and i cabt let yahirp hurt gabriel either

gabriel is not stable yet

what shoulf i do at this rate