Chapter 50:

cheese in trap

love sick delinquent

''whats going on here?''

i turned tp.see who it was and saw cecilion holding a fruit basket and on the other side of him was nicol holding an estimated 1000 boqut of roses 

''stop it gabriel''commanded by a blonde boy who looks like gabriel

gabriel ''you must be dispointed that i wasnt belladona''

have you come to.finish the.job?

am i such a terrible.person to yiu that i would.wish brithers deah?

what a beautiful face...i saw him before...

its beeb a whike since the last time i heard his chilling voice and saw.his face as blank as a brink

good evening,by the way,katarina.thank you for lookinc afte my brother


his presensce was ebough to send chillds down ny spin

''yeab im azazel roseblade.gabriels beloved big brither''he reached out my habd and kiss it and walked towards gabriels direction

''dont touch her ''gabriel glared at him ''and maybe you have come here to take photos of me while im in my most vulnerable moment''

are you thinking of using them to blackmail ms one day so i can be your dig bidding?sorry but that wont work on me''

''i yhiughy of a giod insilt but i fndndbdf that i didnt come here to trade barbs''

azazels voice aas as calm as usual while hisveyes glowered at his brother

your teacher incharfe told me about your predicanebt so i came here to check on you.our parents is out of country so its the duty of your older brither to see how youre doijg

and now..i can see that you are beating your friends to death despite you not being stable from the poison yet

soi you did it ouf of fimakila obligation?you even went out of your way to visit je?am i suppirsted to be touched?

stop it gabriel!

you think youre protecting her?youre just dragging her into your mess as well as reijimin dont you think gabriel?''

how bout you katarina?by noe you should hace a firm hrasp of how dangerous the sititaion?how bout step down as a participant and withdraw the concours?and trasfer to abother schopl

saint palantine academy safety befolongs to a menver of the sipreme student gocernment it is my dity to solve it.if katarina decides to never or keca e the schol alobe.i will do the same

really?how bout luke and lori being drown in water ?you failed as well tp protect them and you katarina?are you ready to be the next lori? 

bt the way beither..''loris name is not sybobym to death ''his left eye was tistchubg and i could sense that hes somehow pussed bt his brother told me

''have some respect will you?''

my apolucues''he said so but his voice didnt soubd sincere nor apolohic

theres no way i could talk to you out of this

gabriel gigged you kniw yiur words would fall on deaf wars bow walk to that car swing it ipen get out of this place feive aqay.i would appreciate it thank you

his brotehr sigh maintaining that exprrssinless look on his face

i.hope i.eony be visiting any of you in the morgue nect tine they tell me something happebed to you or katarina.if that happebed dobt tell me you werent warbed

his last words said in a cold and unemotuonal mannet.left a fellting impressuon in me

without anyword gabriel attack his brother with a kick which is azazel immediately doug 


my heat filled.qith jiy as i saw who it was


but surprse gabriel then attack reiji

all reiji did was defense''what are yiu doing gabriel''

why did yoi left me reiji?

''i cabt cobtrol my self anynore''gabriel whispered''want you to stop me''

all reiji did was offnse until sir glen step betwen them abd threw them into opposite site

without wasteing anysecond .i glide into the sand abd catch gabriel beofre hhis body.fall on ground abd finally i caufht hin in my arms and gently wrped it around him

🎶🎶'' i would hold thid tiny light with me right here dearly in my arms so it wont get blown out my the wind nor will it get paused by the pouring rain🎶🎶🎶🎶

i will be forever holding on to you ''🎶