Chapter 449:

Chapter 449: A Father’s Concern

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 449: A Father’s Concern

Narrator: In the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Zenos holds the Staff of the Heavens. He uses a speaker system to communicate to his followers in his lair*

Zenos: To all my followers. Be prepared for an invasion of this dimension. Hell already has troops in this dimension. Expect Heaven to do the same. Stop them in their tracks at the City of Darkness. Prove your strength to me.

*In front of the lair is the City of Darkness. The city is labeled with 12 different areas (Author’s Note: For ease of telling where everyone is in the city. The square grid below represents that)*

L1 M1 R1

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

^Grid layout of City of Darkness

*The lair is in front of M1 and invaders must get to it to be able to enter the lair*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona is in the Dimension of Deities. She walks up to a very large tree that has a house-like structure built around it. She goes up to the door and knocks. The door opens and a man answers. The man has shoulder-length wavy brown hair and also has a goatee. He has a green gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a head with a droplet above it. He is 6 feet, 10 inches tall*

Man: Hello.

*The man looks surprised when he sees Harmona*

Man: Harmona? What are you doing here?

Harmona: Hello, Apollo. May I come in?

Apollo: Sure.

*Harmona enters the house. The house has a very nature-like feel to it*

Harmona: I’m surprised even after all this time that you still live here.

Apollo: The nature aesthetic really calms me. It helps with my healing abilities.

*Apollo sits on a couch*

Apollo: So, what brings you here?

Harmona: I’m sure at this point that you are aware of the Deity of The End, Zenos.

Apollo: Yeah. He has been recruiting anyone that believes in his cause to join him.

Harmona: I have planned an invasion of the Dimension of Dark Matter.

Apollo: So, you have come to ask me to join in on this invasion?

Harmona: Yes, but not for that reason.

*Apollo looks curious*

Apollo: So what is the reason?

Harmona: Our son is in trouble.

*Apollo has a highly concerned look on his face*

Apollo: Zenfaro is in trouble?

Harmona: Yes. He was used as a sacrifice to unseal Zenos’s dimension and is now in that dimension. Supposedly, he is still alive there but who knows what has happened during his time there. You are the Deity of Healing and his father. I felt it would only be right for you to be there.

*Apollo stands up*

Apollo: I agree with that. I must come with you. Whatever damage he has taken. I will heal it.

Harmona: We will be stopping by Heaven first. We’re going to need portable barriers, otherwise, the dark matter will weaken us.

Apollo: Alright, let’s go.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Hamura’s team.

*Hamura’s team is fighting the giant salamander monster. The salamander starts swiping at them but they are able to dodge. Gen goes in to attack it by kicking it on the head but the salamander doesn’t even flinch. Gen is shocked*

Gen: What!?

*The salamander swats him away with its claw, knocking Gen hard into the ground. Gen sits up, looking a bit frustrated*

Gen: That wasn’t one of my strongest kicks but that should have been more than enough to damage this monster.

*Hamura charges dark magic into her right arm*

Hamura: I agree with you. Let’s see how it does against this.

*Hamura dodges a slash from the salamander then launches up towards its head. She punches the salamander and releases all of the magic from her arm. The salamander feels pain and is pushed back some. However, it is not too damaged and it roars at her*

Hamura: Just how strong is this creature? That wasn’t a pushover attack. That should have killed it.

*The salamander starts moving quickly back to them and starts another attack. As it gets close to them, it turns its body so that it can hit them with its tail. The speed of the attack is great and knocks all four of them to the side and into the lake water*

Korobu: (Thinking) To think that we are going to be given a real challenge by a simple monster…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Scythe’s team.

*Scythe’s team makes it to the entrance of the City of Darkness*

Scythe: The lair is through this city.

Kopmon: Which means we should expect the strength of enemy forces to increase.

*They enter the city and are now in the R4 section of the City of Darkness (Author’s Note: See grid above.)*

Sherra: I’m ready for anything they could throw at us.

*As they enter, there is a silhouette of someone that is looking down at them*


Narrator: Meanwhile with the heroes.

*The heroes and the Dark Matter Clan members with them arrive in the Dimension of Dark Matter via a portal*

Kennedy: This is it… The Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Zeth puts his left fist and right hand together*

Zeth: It’s time to kick ass!

Narrator: Zenfaro’s father has been revealed! His father is Apollo, the Deity of Healing. Why is the monster that Hamura’s team is fighting so strong? And who is waiting for Scythe’s team?

Chapter 449 END

To be Continued in Chapter 450: City of Darkness Fighting Begins