Chapter 450:

Chapter 450: City of Darkness Fighting Begins

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 450: City of Darkness Fighting Begins

Narrator: The only team so far to enter the City of Darkness is Scythe’s team.

*Scythe’s team is in section R4*

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

Must reach section M1 to be able to enter the lair.


Narrator: Back with the heroes and the other Dark Matter Clan members.

The heroes and the Dark Matter Clan members start running*

Kennedy: I think it’s best if we split into two teams. If need be, it would give us an opportunity to flank the enemy if one of our teams got attacked.

Zeth: Good idea.

*The heroes and the other Dark Matter Clan members split up. Zeth’s team is made up of Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Joe, Emily, and Keith, while the Dark Matter Clan team has Kennedy, Alaina, Gice, Raider, Easia, and the six natives of the Dark Matter Underworld*


Narrator: Back in the Dark Matter Underworld.

*Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy are in their computer room*

Commander Moss: Can we monitor their locations?

Major Smithy: Yes, but it will take time for the system to actually map out the area they are in.

Major Tarres: It hopefully won’t take that long.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Hamura’s team.

*Hamura’s team continues to fight the giant salamander monster. They jump around trying to avoid its attacks*

Gen: This is getting us nowhere.

Korobu: And I’m not willing to waste my higher power attacks on it.

Hamura: Defeating this monster isn’t part of our objective. Let’s just stun it and move on.

Korobu: Good idea.

*Hamura holds her right arm up and a dark red transparent energy scarf is formed and continues to get longer. She does a horizontal motion with her arm, making the long red energy scarf head toward the salamander monster. The scarf completely wraps around all four legs of the salamander*

Hamura: Strangle Blast.

*The scarf releases a lot of energy and blasts the salamander back into the water*

Hamura: Let’s move! Before it comes back out!

*They all start running ahead as the salamander struggles in the water. Hamura pulls out her communicator device*

Hamura: Scythe! Come in Scythe!

*Scythe responds*

Scythe: I’m here. Do you have an update, Hamura?

*The focus now goes over to Scythe’s team. They are standing in the city as Scythe talks to Hamura*

Hamura: I don’t know what your team has encountered but our team encountered some sort of giant salamander monster. We couldn’t kill it with our weaker attacks so we stunned it and then ran ahead. It took up enough of our time that we have probably fallen behind your team.

Scythe: I can confirm that we have reached the city where Zenos’s lair is located in.

Hamura: Noted. We should reach it soon. I can see it off in the distance. Hamura out.

*Hamura hangs up*

*Scythe puts away his communicator device, and they start walking forward farther into the city*

Kogen: You ever get the feeling we’re being watched?

Scythe: That’s because we are being watched.

*The silhouettes of two people looking at them from above are alerted and jump down from a roof and land on the ground*

*The two people that were watching them are revealed. One is a man that has shaggy brown hair, bushy eyebrows, a wolfish smile, and a gray gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a side view of a wolf head*

Narrator: Deity of Wolves – Chaw.

*The other person is a man that is highly muscular looking, including having a large head. He is bald and doesn’t even have eyebrows. He has an orange gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a sideways view of a rhino head*

Narrator: Deity of Rhinos – Rykin.

Sherra: Oh look here. A couple of deities looking to pick a fight.

Chaw: I am Chaw, the Deity of Wolves.

Rykin: And I am Rykin, the Deity of Rhinos.

*Sherra looks unimpressed*

Sherra: We can tell.

*Sherra looks at the others*

Sherra: Let me take care of these two. The rest of you go on ahead.

Kopmon: I will fight them too.

Scythe: Very well. Let’s go, Kogen.

*Scythe and Kogen go on ahead*

Chaw: Ha! They will die soon enough. Splitting the lot of you up is part of the strategy.

Sherra: Just shut up and get ready to fight.

*A ghostly aura starts to surround Sherra*

Kopmon: It’s been so long since I’ve been able to take part in a true fight.

*(Author’s Note: Reminder – Kopmon technically has no head or arms despite having a humanoid shape) Red demonic energy comes from Kopmon’s arm sockets and takes shape. The right side becomes like a normal arm fist. The left becomes an arm with a precision gun as the hand*

Chaw: Trying to scare us? You can’t!

Rykin: Prepare for pain.

Sherra: You may be deities but we are members of the Dark Goddess’s Council of Demons. We won’t be able to show our faces back in Hell if we actually lose to you. The reality is that you two are nothing compared to us

*Ghostly hands form around Sherra’s aura. The ghostly hands go after Chaw but he jumps to dodge the hands. However, he takes a punch to the face from Sherra herself*

*Rykin tries to punch Sherra but is shot by Kopmon’s precision gunshot that is made out of magic energy. He then has to block Kopmon’s punch and he just barely succeeds*

Kopmon: I’m impressed that you could take a shot from my gun ability and still be able to block my next attack.

Rykin: Maybe you two are just cocky and not actually all that great!

*Chaw gets back up on his feet and howls*

Chaw: You’ll have to do better than that!

*Chaw starts running like a wolf. Sherra sends more ghostly hands toward him but he dodges all of them. Sherra gets ready for a physical attack but Chaw uses his quick agility to maneuver behind her and swipes at her with his claw hands to do damage as well as knocking her back*

Chaw: To me, it looks like you are just overrated garbage!

*Rykin grabs Kopmon’s arm and then hits him on the chest with the palm of his hand. The palm has so much force that it knocks Kopmon back at a high speed into the wall of a building*

Chaw: See! You’ve been mocking us, but we are the stronger ones! Not you! Go back to Hell, you council trash!

*Sherra looks annoyed. Kopmon doesn’t have a head so he doesn’t have an expression, but he is still knocked against the wall*

Sherra: Very well. If you want us to take you seriously, then we’ll show you our power.

Narrator: Hamura’s team decided to stop fighting the salamander! Scythe and Kogen have gone ahead of the rest of their team while Sherra and Kopmon fight Chaw and Rykin.

Chapter 450 END

To be Continued in Chapter 451: The Second Battle Begins